Photo ID # G07.10.10_ALL_ENT_0062S_1
Car #: #6Jr
Driver (s) : Whip Mulligan & Otto Harwi
Location: Allentown, PA
Date: 1962
Photographer: Bob Farlee
Photo provided by: Bob Burd - Russ Dodge
Comments: Senior Moment From Russ Dodge:

Allentown On My Mind

This Senior Moment continues with some more "Great Stuff" from Bob Farlee and his 1962 visit to Allentown Fairgrounds for an "afternooner"!

The previous photo by the way was heat on May 30, 1962, won by Jackie McLaughlin in the Jordan 2, followed by Ken Wismer in the 6jr., Elton Hildreth 16-J, Sonny Strupp 24 and Al Tasnady 44. Thank you Bill Skinner for the results.

The first new photo shows what many of us "old guys" feel was an important part of the period of racing we love. Yes, it did take up some time but no one cared. Here was a chance to see two of the sports best, Whip Mulligan with the shades and Otto Harwi, passing time in front of the grandstand. Oh yes, who are the two guys you can see over the windshield of the 6 Jr.?

I've got an educated guess. How about you?

The second photo is just a great shot of the Allentown facility. It looks like the Eisenhower 59 parked in the infield . Once again I have to thank Bob Farlee and Bob Burd for these great photos. There are still many to be seen from his "Photo Bible"

Senior Moment By: Russ Dodge

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07.11.10 Rob Renninger Two great photos!!! Take away the vehicles in the infield in the first photo and that shot could have been taken today... the place still looks the same. As for the second photo, so many great memories. The white sedan directly behind the 6Jr. is the same Ensenhower 59 that is in the infield on the first photo and the car directly in front of the 6jr. is the Harold Cope #1 coupe. The top of the head of the guy directly behind the 6jr., guessing from the white t-shirt, the hair and the crossed arms, it has to be Jackie McLaughlin. In the background, the second vehicle from the left, is the 6jr. Mushroom Special Car Hauler.
07.13.10 Jack Kromer Allentown does almost look the same today.  I never saw a race there, but walked around it taking pictures after spotting it from my father's hospital window (you can see it in background). You could feel the history there, especially on the backstretch where we lost Johnny Thomson and Bill Schindler (ironically in the same car).

Nice relaxed shot of Otto Harwi. I was a big fan of Whip Mulligan since 1970, but didn't know that was him in this shot with Otto. Whip is looking cool in those sunglasses !
07.14.10 Rob Renninger Odd that Jack Kromer should mention loosing both Bill Schindler and Johnny Thomson at Allentown. Whenever I go to Allentown and see the track, which is usually once a year for the fair, before I ever think of all of the great Modified memories, I think of both of those guys. I was at Allentown and saw both of their accidents, almost at the identical spots.

The track is basically a carbon copy of the old Reading Fairgrounds. It was a converted horse track. Big wide front straight and sweeping turns, than poof. The backstretch got very narrow causing many wrecks at both tracks, the cars just ran out of room. That is where both those sprint legends lost their life, exiting the second turn.

I can remember many wrecks happening at Allentown because there was only one caution/red light at the end of the main straight and one at the end of the backstretch, even when Jerry ran the place, still only two lights.