Photo ID # G10.24.10_008_UNK_NMK_0030S
Car #: #8
Driver (s) : Unknown
Location: New Market Speedway (Near Piscataway, NJ)
Date: 1930 (approx)
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Brochard Collection (Ralph and Rick) Provided to Russ Dodge
Comments: Senior Moment From Russ Dodge:

Strong Armed!

A couple weekends ago I had the good fortune to visit Harry Flemings, location of the "PUMKIN RUN", the 15th event coming up on November 6th, with a rain date for the 13th. Luck was with me as I found the "gang" working that day, preparing the grounds for the upcoming event.

Ralph Brochard, former stock car driver, race car fabricator and dedicated member of the "gang" preserving history, opened the racing museum, so I could see the new addition of photos and racing program covers recently added to the memorabilia displays. The photo above was shared with me for my this Senior Moment.

Seat Belt? Maybe, maybe not! What was he going to do? He had to use his arms in an attempt to keep the car from rolling over! Seriously, the natural reaction was to do what this driver was doing, trying to save his "back side."

New Jersey's INDY driver Mike Magill who started his career in the era pictured, pre-roll bars, once said he had an owner of a midget racer he drove say to him," I like having you in my car. Your body really sits up out of the car, so if it rolls it won't bend my tail tank!" Mike responded "What about my head?" To which he responded," You'll heal up!!"

This photo generates the reality of the safety evaluation in racing since the time this was taken. New Market Speedway had a pretty good looking fence surrounding the track, at least in this section. However, a long as there are limbs to perch on, the promoter's battle with the "freebies" in the trees never changes!

This photo offers a great view into the early history of open wheel racing. Hope you enjoy it and the thoughts it creates.

As a side note, check out Flemings on line and see what the "Pumpkin Run" is all about!

Senior Moment by Russ Dodge

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10.25.10 Ed Duncan A great picture Russ.  The New Market Speedway in Dunellen ran from 1928 to 1934 and the speedway site is now the Princeton Gardens & Roosevelt Mall.
10.25.10 Warren W. Russ, the photo was shot by Bill Pursell at New Market during 1934. The driver was Joe Dominick. John Reilly gave me a copy of the same shot many years ago and mentioned that the chubby fellow in the tree was none other the himself. Thanks for posting.