Photo ID # G09.30.10_044_COZ_PAU_0070U_2
Car #: #44
Driver (s) : Frank Cozze
Location: Paulsboro, NJ?
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Rob Anderson
Comments: Comment from Rob:  Attached are two pics of Frank Cozze's Mustang II modified built at the shop of Budd Olsen located on the same property of his house.

The top photo is of the car in its late stages of completion,  The man standing behind it is my dad Dave Andersen.  He worked with Bud and Doug building cars from the early to mid seventies. Notice the hood scope has yet to be installed.

I believe my dad did the glass work on these early cars laying fiberglass strips over chicken wire to form the shapes. I remember him coming home many times complaining about itching from the materials used. He was also responsible for a lot of the custom machined parts used on the car.  He was a highly skilled self taught machinist.

The bottom photo is the car in finished paint with my dad and a young Doug Olsen standing alongside.

My dad took a lot of pride in the cars he helped Bud and Doug build.  I was lucky enough to be taken along on some of the trips to Budd's garage and spent my days and nights there watching modifieds being built. Cool stuff for a 9 year old kid.

Ironically my son Corey now races against Frank at New Egypt in the modified division.

Photographer is unknown, prints were given to me by Doug Olsen
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    Dave Andersen Sr was one hell of a craftsman! I first met Dave in 1989 at his garage.  He had been retired from racing for quite a few years.  His last adventure was with Davey Jones in the mid 70's at Bridgeport Speedway and East Windsor.  Dave made a lot of noise in the racing world with his creations in the 50's on up to his grandson's quarter midget racing program.

Many years ago Dave had built a few different racers.  One was sold to Lucky Jordan.  Jackie Mclaughlin went on to win many features in this car.  I could go on and on. 

I'll stay with this picture of Dave with Frank Cozze's car.  In talking with Dave, he told me about the long hours of prepping and constructing this racer at Budd Olsen's for Cozze Racing.  To be honest, Dave became apart of this car as his heart was with his creation.  When it came time for the car to be picked up, a part of Dave's soul, to speak, left with the car.  What Dave realized was that he had enough of being a perfectionist with a race car.I 

Guess he felt the appreciation wasn't there for his handy work to a great extent.  So in later years, Dave turned his focus into customizing cars and trucks for his personal use along with helping his son's with their race cars and projects.

Dave was a great man of character and is missed by many who knew him!  His son's and grandson, Corey, keep the racing flame alive for Andersen Racing.