Photo ID # L11.09.15__W2_WAL_KOZ_0073U_1
Car #: #w2
Driver (s) : Don Walsh
Location: 1st picture Kozimore Garage.  Pictures 2 - 4 and other off track pictures Hackettstown.  On track pictures Flemington Speedway.
Date: Top photo 1973.  Car built in 1974.  First time on track July 1975.  Wrecked in August 1975.  Car rebuit and back on track in May 1976.
Photographer: Walsh Family Photo (all) except bottom photo:  Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: Don Walsh
Comments: Comment:  Here's a photo essay of building a racecar... racing a racecar.... wrecking a racecar... and then rebuilding and racing it once again!  Thank you Don Walsh for the sequence of photos.
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11.10.15 3Wide When you get a chance Don, please leave a comment as I'm sure the guys would like to know a little bit about the car, especially that unique front suspension, and also, what happened to the car...
11.17.15 Don Walsh I finally got your e-mail on my work machine, I don't check it on weekends and I spent most of Monday at the VA.

The front end of the w2 was something my twisted mind put together from looking at the Ken Bren coupe w/ inboard Konies and a front end on a Grant King sprinter. Sandy took what I said and made it work, he said it was the only independent front that was an improvement over a solid axle. Ron Vreeland rebuilt the power steering components and jetted the carb for me.

I copied the pulleys from Ron Zuckerman's Profile set up and made the lines at Dover Brake. The rear suspension we bought from Tobias and Toby gave me the spring rates. The front end needed work and I took the chassis to Sandy's farm and somehow the work never got done. We then moved to Tucson AZ. and the car got left at Sandy's. He never would say what happened to it, I think he was afraid I would ask for money. I really just hope someone got some use out of it. It was an awesome car and motor if I do say so myself.
11.17.15 3Wide About what year was it left at the farm?  After the '76 season?  Maybe somebody reading this can pick up the story from there....

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