Photo ID # e09.06.08_006_HAM_UNK_0070U_1
Car #: #6?
Driver (s) : Possibly a future Jackie Hamilton car?
Location: Unknown
Date: Late 60's or very early 70's
Photographer: Bob Zellers
Photo provided by: Ralph Richards
Comments: Thought we had posted this one earlier, but I couldn't find it in The Vault... Figured it'd be a great addition to our "Under Construction" section.  Great photo!
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09/23/08 jas351 This photo, takes me back to the late 60's early 70's when you went to all the garages of the area racers to look at their new creations. AARN use to even have one week dedicated to photos of all the new cars.

Today they all look the same but that is not the way it was back then. The setup of the body and sheet metal reminds me of one of Herbie Vail's great looking coupes out of Pitman. I am pretty sure it isn't because this is not the same make body of his (I believe this is a Plymounth, Herb I think used Chevys).

Anyway it reminds me of what went on after the last race of the year and before Reading opened up in early March. If only they still did this every year instead of going to the speed shop and buying what they want.  Today's racers still put many hours in preparing the cars each week, there still is many late nights and long days getting them ready but it is much different then what it was back then.

We use to go to the shops and look over the cars and try to see if anything was changed from the previous one they had. And it was also thrilling to see what kind of body they would use and what they would do to make it fit on the chassis. I remember where most of the coupes and coaches in South Jersey were hiding (at least the ones you could see from a road) and when a new car came out you almost could tell where they got the body from.

Although I learned to love the gremlins, I remember the time when, if someone said their car had a gremlin on it, something was wrong and they couldn't figure out what it was!

Last I believe this car has a picture in 3wide in the 70's section from East Windsor.  (Link Below)
11/18/08 fltlnjok Maybe, but these 70 year old eyes see a different shape to the rear window.
08.20.09 George Gwynn I don't think that's the same car, either.

Look at the back end of the car on the race track. Look at the tubular upper frame rails and location of the fuel tank. The hoop rear of the tubular chassis differs from the rear upper chassis tubing in the shop pictures. Also, I agree. That body looks different to me too.

George Gwynn
Frederick, MD
11.21.09 3wide Here's a photo that came through via the Message Vault that looks like the finished car:

Photo by:  Terry Shaub  -  Provided By:  Kevin Budden
06.06.17 Glenn

A number of us are avid plastic modellers and consider these photos vital for recreating the cars and keeping the memory alive. it would be great if we could copy these photos for reference.

Regards, Glenn

06.06.17 3Wide

I understand Glenn, and for that reason, when a particular photo is requested, we always reach out to the photographer (if still alive) or the provider of the photo (the person who actually holds the original photo and has it as part of their collection) and only provide it if permission is given. This site could not exist if it wasn’t for the respect that I have for the original photographers, and to those who collected the photos, and those who protected them for years so that they exist for us to see and enjoy in many cases some 50 years later.  If it wasn’t for the photographers and collectors, there would not be a “3 Wide’s Picture Vault.”  The site never would have attracted so many amazing photographers and collectors to if we did not have that respect for them, and I would never run a site that allowed for the posting on images, without trying my best to include proper photographer credit for every image, and/or where lifting of their work/collections was encouraged.  This is why all images in The Vault have been scaled down prior to posting, and why they are embedded with the photographer and provider’s name.

If there is a particular model that you are working on, as mentioned above, let us know and we'll try to put you in touch with the photographer/collector of the original, or if preferred, post a request on our Message Vault, and hopefully an original photographer or collector will see it.

Thanks for visiting Glenn.  Here’s the link to our Message Vault:  

06.07.17 Mike Shaub

Here's a better view of the Hamilton car that's under construction.