Photo ID # e09.06.08_044_PIC_DAY_0060U_1
Car #: #NA
Driver (s) : Bob Pickell
Location: Jutland, NJ
Date: 1967
Photographer: Bob Partak
Photo provided by: Tina Burachynski
Comments: Comment from Tina:  This is the 66 Impala that Bob Pickell ran in the 67 Daytona 500. The pictures show the car loaded on a trailer (open of course), ready to be transported to Daytona. There is no engine in it yet, as that was to be installed in NC. It still has junkyard tires and wheels, and of course no number, as that hadn't been assigned by NASCAR yet.

The car left Jutland at night as the picture shows, and the crew encountered such severe snowstorm on the way down that they doubted at one point that they'd ever get to Daytona in time to race. Pickell did qualify the car, but the transmission (probably a junkyard trans) blew up and ended the day.

The car ran a few more NASCAR races and even appeared briefly in the background in an Elvis Presley movie. I believe Dad had roughly $6000 invested in the project.
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10/20/08 Charlie Miller It looks like this is the Cozze #80 that Bob Picell ran in the Daytona 500 in 1967. He ran in the 125 and finished 24th, and the 500 he started 49th (out of 50),ran 22laps and finished 41st. I also believe he ran Bristol with this car. He started 31st. ran 432laps and finished 11th. Good to see the local boys do good once in a while.
12/05/08 Jeff Young While looking through the vault I found a picture of Bob Pickells car,
submitted by a Tina Burachynski. This car is being restored in Lebanon, Tn

If possible I would like to contact Tina to talk about her picture of this car . I have the car and in process of restoring it (or give her my name and number. Thanks Jeff Young  615-533-2439
01.30.20 Hank Winecker

Joe, found out some more info on the Cozze built #80 Daytona car 1968?   Tom Preckwinkle replied to me that his dad had done many machining jobs for Bob Pickell thru the years. And in particular had done machine work for Cozze's for the Daytona bound car.  The Preckwinkle shop was near Quakertown N J .