Photo ID # f02.22.09_016_WIL_NEW_0072U_1
Car #: #16
Driver (s) : Jack Wilson
Location: Joe Lawrence's garage in Newburgh N Y
Date: Winter of 1972 into 1973
Photographer: Chas Hertica
Photo provided by: Pete Jackson
Comments: Comments from Pete:   I think Chas Hertica took all these pictures because he is not in any of them and he worked with us forever.  They were taken in the winter of 1972 - 1973 in Joe Lawrence's garage in Newburgh N Y. 

I think the guy with the beard is named Ricky,  and Jack and Joe are at the rear wheel. 
(Pete Jackson) the building headers.  The car had a Tobias frame, with Twin I Beem suspension .  I believe it had trailer bars in front and leaf springs in rear.

Changed the paint after this photo. (too dull)
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