and here's a few from 30+ years ago of the original:

Photo ID # K08.22.14_014_TOR_SRI_2014V_1
Car #: #14
Driver (s) : Original driver:  Bob Toreky - Builder of above recreation:  Dave Deerson
Location: Whitehead Road - (formerly T&Z Auto Service) South River, NJ
Date: August 2014
Photographer: Dave Deerson (top 4 photos)  Unknown (bottom 2 photos of the original car)
Photo provided by: Dave Deerson
Comments: Comment:  Anyone who has ever met Dave knows that everything... everything has to be done exactly as it should - perfectly!  And what better car to do it on than the Bob Toreky driven #14 Chevette.

When Dave was just a kid in the early 80's, a big thrill for him was to stop by the T&Z Garage on Whitehead Ave in South River NJ and see the beautiful #14, and see those he most admired like Bob and the crew.

Fast forward 33 years and Dave runs the auto repair shop out of the same location, and I'm not sure how he did it with the demands of work and family, but he recreated the #14, as close as anyone possibly could - bolt by bolt... panel by panel... including making the hood out of fiberglass using a mold he created.  Of course, to finish it off just right, Dave called on Bob "Cos" Cosgrove to letter the beautiful #14 exactly as he had originally done back in the day.

The car is a masterpiece.  It was the right combination... The history of Dave working on the car when he was a kid - the recreation being built in the same T&Z garage - and the fabrication skills of Dave and the lettering skills of Cos.

Dave would like to thank those who helped him complete the project, so here's a note from Dave:

"After 2 years, countless hours, numerous swap meets and rummaging through barns and garages, my recreation of Bob Toreky's race car from 1981 is done!!  I have many people to thank for their help, advice and answering my endless barrage of questions.

Foremost I would like to thank Tom Noonan, as he got me into this mess by encouraging me to follow my idea of creating this car from just a box full a slides and pictures. Sadly, he was not able to see or hear the car completed as he passed away recently.

In addition I could not have finished the car without help from Stan Hawk, Carmen DeLorenzo, Gary Walsh, Charlie Willever, Jesse and Dominick Buffalino, Ken Dix, Doug Magil, Doug Olsen,Paul Fuchs, Aaron Bromer, Larry Sullivan, Jack Helget and a HUGE Thank You goes out to Cos (Bob Cosgrove) who just knocked it out of the park with the lettering job!!

I hope it brings back many memories of a fun period of time as it has for me, remembering how exciting it was for an eleven year old to hang out down here, helping out washing this car and being involved with a real race car.

The following venders were used and I highly recommend them :

The Mod Shop powdercoat (numerous parts) and GSD coatings (powdercoat chassis and ceramic coating on headers), Doug Magil for the period correct wheels, Paul Weisel of Weisel Racing Equipment for the awesome period correct hand cut drag rubber, Dalton-Grey of Asbury Park for the great chrome work, Dynamic Testing for the Steering box/pump service, and Nick's Machine for the bad-ass sounding 427!!!!""

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    Here's a few pics that Dave had sent along during the build:

Thanks for doing this Dave.  I knew Bob from many visits to T&Z Garage in the late 80's & early 90's.  He was a successful race driver, and a real gentleman.  I can't think of a better way to always keep him in our thoughts than through your amazing recreation of one of the most beautiful modifieds stock cars to ever roll out onto the clay.