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Photo ID # d11.04.07__Z8_PAV_UNK_2007V_1
Car #: #Z8
Driver (s) : George Pavlisko
Location: Unknown
Date: 2007
Photographer: George Pavlisko
Photo provided by: George Pavlisko
Comments: Here's a photo of George's new toy...  Neat looking car that is lettered up to remind us all of Eddie Mumford's "Orange Krate!"
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11/05/07 George Pavlisko Picture was taken in Aiken S.C. the day I got home from getting the car in
Pa from Scott Wagner. Doing research on the car to get more history. I heard from a Mid State vintage member that he thought that the body may be one of the Turner cars from back when Lee Osborne ran.

What I would like is some good pictures of the Z-8 as a coach.
Gee thanks for posting the picture!!!

Take Care
George Pavlisko
11/09/07 ANDY HORNE If I'm not mistaken, isn't that the car he got caught using NO2 in at East Windsor?
11/10/07 3Wide Here's a few links of Eddie Mumford's Orange Krate George:

Eddie's car sat real low, and the rear wheels were located farther back on the body.   He also had the front opened up and had a lot of sheet metal around the sides of the engine.

The car pictured above really reminds me a lot of how the #292 sedan driven by Al Michalchuk in 1974 looked at the beginning of the season.  The car (pictured below) was built by Al, and sported the sedan body that had previously been painted lavender and was driven by Craig McCaughey as the Matt McMann owned #4a (body only - chassis was built by Michalchuk.)
a11.26.04_292_MIC_FLM_0074_1.jpg (14543 bytes)
Al began driving it around May of 1974 after leaving the McMann #4a Gremlin ride.  He had the back up a little higher, and the sides of the body behind the rear wheels tailed down just a little rather than being totally straight, leaving just enough to put his # on the back.
b02.06.05_292_MIC_EWS_0074_1.jpg (42182 bytes)
The front of the #292 had a kickup to it because Al thought that in 1974 the rules called for the front of the chassis needed to be from a real "stock" car, so he built it that way.  The car did not work well as pictured above - kept breaking drive shafts - so Al moved the engine way forward and lowered it and it really came around. (see below)
07.23.03_292_MIC_EWS_0074_1.jpg (57203 bytes)
It didn't look as cool, but it definitely was fast!

Unfortunately, the original #292 sedan as pictured below was sent to the scrape yard after a flip down the front stretch of East Windsor in July or Aug of 1974.