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Photo ID # d11.13.07_065_BAN_GLN_2006V_1
Car #: #58
Driver (s) : Camel Banghart
Location: Glen Gardner, NJ
Date: 2006
Photographer: Jesse Macfarlan
Photo provided by: Jesse Macfarlan
Comments: "One slightly used modified..." 

Probably one of the best examples of an actual race car that competed in the 70's and somehow survived the last 3 decades.  The car was built and driven by Camel Banghart and I don't know all the details, but Camel only ran it a couple of times and I'm not sure, but I guess the car was put in storage.  The result is one really cool looking racecar that looks fast even sittin' still!

This photo was taken in Sept, 2006 at the Glen Gardner Racing and Memorabilia show put on each year by Wyatt Jacobus and Clint Bush.
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04/22/08 Diz That's a great picture of a great old racer. I was a member of Camel's crew and helped build and tune the engines. The car was fast alright but like so many diehard racers we suffered from being low budget and it was hard to make a lot of races. The car never looked or ran low budget because everything we did we tried to do the best. There where some great guys with a lot of talent on that crew including Chuck Alleger, Gary Rush and Ron Mayberry.

I just spoke to Camel about building a motor to run in nostalgia. Hopefully, this veteran racer will see the glory once again.