Photo ID # e12.07.08_092_PAT_CRO_2008O_1
Car #: #92
Driver (s) : Craig Paterson
Location: Crosswicks, NJ
Date: 2008
Photographer: Craig Paterson
Photo provided by: Craig Paterson
Comments: ....It's all in a number...

Many of you who visit this site know that my all time favorite driver is Al Michalchuk, and many of you will also know that his cars usually carried the #292.  Back in the early 70's, Al drove a blue coupe with a white roof in the sportsman division with the #292.  Good friend Craig Paterson decided he wanted to go racing too so in 1973 he had a white coupe with a blue roof and made it the #92 (written the same way).

Craig drove briefly in the sportsman division at East Windsor and at Flemington, but eventually moved on to other things.  Well quite a few years ago, he picked up the car you see above... only it was in need of a total restoration.  He turned to long time friend Al Michalchuk who as you can see, did an amazing job on the restoration.  (That's Al on the left and car owner Craig Paterson on the right in the bottom photo.)

The car was recently sent out for paint, and when it came to choosing a number, what else, but "92" which get's it's roots from Al's "292". 

Craig and Al got it fired up in time for Craig to take it down to Darlington to put a few laps on this beautiful, newly restored open wheeler.
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12/10/08 Bob Many years ago I owned the tq 64 and i believe that the owner of the 92 bought it and I would like to talk to him.  My phone number is 973-691-0102 or
Thank you very much, Bob
12/12/08 Charlie Miller It's good to see "Big Al" looking good and still hanging in there.  After following his many exploits here in the Vault I feel like were old friends.