Photo ID # G09.19.10_089_UNK_BPT_0070W_1
Car #: #89
Driver (s) : ? (see comments below)
Location: Bridgeport Speedway
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: Ace Lane Jr.
Comments: Don't know who it is, but it's one cool looking Mustang and the driver looks like he's having a blast!
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09.20.10 Kevin E Jackie Carroll from Maryland?
09.24.10 George Gwynn This is indeed Jack Carroll, a Carroll County, MD resident who raced at Reading and Bridgeport on a semi-regular schedule.

I spent a great deal of time working on this car along with John Madar and Jack. Hal Browning raced this car on occasion as well.

Jack had his race shop in the basement of his house and I remember a night when we were rebuilding the big block chevy and the power went out. The engine rebuild was finished using Jack's camping lanterns and candles......and the motor was stout.

Drag rubber on the right rear became the hot set-up during this period of time.  I remember the first night we bolted a new drag tire on the right rear at Bridgeport.  We started in the second or third row and Jack took off like a "scalded dog" early in the feature taking the front spot and running away from the pack. The feature was on its way to a caution free conclusion until lap 20 or so. With Kenny Weld a distant second and having a hard time gaining on the #89 it looked like a feature win was in the cards....until Jack slowed with an overheated engine. We lost a head gasket that night and Kenny went on to win.

It's amazing how clearly you remember those races that "got away" even all these years later.
09.28.10 Kevin Eckert I remember Carroll's silver coupe 89 that Kenny Weld raced once or twice at Reading in 1973, stoking his imagination to build his own landmark machine by '74.
10.25.10 Charlie Miller Yes this is indeed Jackie Carroll from down my way in Carroll County Maryland. Jackie also ran a #10 Sprint car for awhile at our local tracks before going modified racing. I remember one night at Penn National , Kenny Weld was driving Jackie's #89 coupe. Kenny didn't qualify until the consi, so he started in the rear. Somewhere around half-way he broke the left front shock. This didn't slow him down one bit, he kept that left front up like a sprinter and kept on going. Kenny brought it home in 4th place passing Dizzy Dean on the last lap , coming off the 4th turn.