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Photo ID # b01.29.05_016_LAU_FLM_0080W_1
Car #: #16
Driver (s) : Roger Laureno or Richie Smith?
Location: Flemington
Date: 1980's
Photographer: Bruce Thomas
Photo provided by: Bruce Thomas
Comments: We're thinking this is a Sessely car driven by Roger Laureno. 
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06/25/06 Ted Schmidt I know Richie Smith drove the car at Nazareth a few times. Since this photo is at Flemington, I'm not sure if he was the driver on this particular day or not. It is a Sessley car, I'm sure of that.
07/02/06 Todd Lewis Its Roger.
10/13/06 Mike Cangro 71 That's Larry Freedman, or better known as frog. I don't know why, but he was from Staten Island and drove the 21B.  And yes that is Tony Sessly's car. I should know I drove the 71 with Larry in Staten Island, N.Y. and on the dirt tracks of New Jersey in the 70 's

Mike Cangro 71
10/13/06 3-Wide Was Larry Freedman the driver of this #16 or is he the guy pictured above working on the car?  Or both?
09.29.09 jjm66 Is that Bob Perran the photographer on the right? If so I thought he was at Orange County on Saturdays. Was this a special event?
09.29.09 3-Wide This is gonna sound kinda strange, but based on the direction of the shadow off of the right front tire, and the fact that the 3rd turn stands are in the background, it would mean that the sun was pretty high in the sky, and was kinda toward the first turn, which means that this photo was taking pretty early in the day (no where near sundown)... Pretty sure the sun went down behind the 4th turn...

Add to it that 2 outta the 3 guys in the photo are wearing jackets and my guess is that its a September or later day show...  (One tree in the background has no leaves, and the others are still green???)

Maybe somebody out there was there on this day, and will be able to verify some of the above schlocky detective work!
02.17.11 Jay I was at Flemington when Roger ran this car under an alias. Know one new who this guy was driving during the race. then news spread around the speedway it was roger. I believe he finished 2nd or 3rd. I believe he could have won that day, but then everyone would have known it was him.
02.17.11 3Wide It was Roger on that day at Flemington, but it was a different car.  Here's more info:  http://www.3widespicturevault.com/80spisc&vitals/c02.11.06_016_McK_FLM_0086_1.htm