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Photo ID # c06.25.06_033_UNK_FLM_0070W_1
Car #: #33
Driver (s) : Joe ?
Location: Flemington
Date: 1970?
Photographer: Ace Lane
Photo provided by: Ace Lane
Comments: Looks like the name on the roof say's "Joe R_ _ _", so maybe somebody out there can help fill in the blanks.
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06/27/06 Mike Schaub It looks like the name on the roof is Joe Hahn. Does that name ring a bell with anyone?
07/20/06 Fred Voorhees I don't know about the #33, but I can tell you that that #10c in the background is one of the Covert brothers, I think Wayne.
07/20/06 3-Wide Now that's not fair Fred...  No points for you!  (Actually, I saw Wayne's #10C in the background with what looks like a real cool matching hauler too.) 

I'm still holding out hope that someone will know who drove the #33....  It may actually be JoE RaY_ _  (It looks like the lettering had some kind of a funky thing going on where he capitalized every other letter.)

On another note, check out the mirrors inside of this thing..  Looks like he's got a good size one around 2:00 and I'm not sure, but is that another one just in front of the steering wheel?
10/24/06 Steve Kresge That looks like plexi-glas in front of the steering wheel. A lot of drivers of that era used plexi-glass there. thanks
02.17.09 Brian Keiper I believe it is Joe Inglin, from Flemington NJ.  He was good friends with my dad Jim Keiper who also raced and drove the yellow #83 coupe.
    The driver of car 33 was Joe Rake, pictured on the left.