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Photo ID # c06.25.06_42A_UNK_FLM_0070W_1
Car #: #42A
Driver (s) : Unsure...
Location: Flemington
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: Ace Lane Jr.
Comments: Cool looking long nosed Falcon... sitting next to Bob Turlip's #8...  If you know who drove this neat looking car (Ford Powered?), click below!
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06/26/06 Rick Shive #42A is Billy Carver,  Bob Banghart also drove this car.
06/26/06 John McCaughey In the "Who is it?" category, I'm surprised at you! That's Billy Carver and the car was owned by a guy named Doug from Long Valley (I can't remember his last name), the same guy that owned the #66 that Fred Orchard drove.
06/26/06 3Wide Honestly, I never seen him out of a car, and I always associate him with the #1Jr beige sedan that had a real familiar shape to it if you know what i mean...

I really don't remember this car at all, but it's funny that you mention Orchard above.    I do remember sitting between turns 1 and 2 (Flemington) when he and Fred Orchard were battling it out for the Rookie Championship and remember the #406 Valiant getting the worst of it!
06/29/06 Mike I could be wrong but I don't think that's a Falcon, it's a Chevy II isn't it?
06/29/06 3-Wide Now that you mentioned it, the back does kind of come to a point... and I don't know what's going on with the roof either.  I owned about 6 Chevy II's (1962's -1965's) and I guess if someone really wanted to, they could make one look like this...
07/12/06 John Mc For what it's worth, the guy that owned that car was into Fords, hence the 351 engine. It is the later style Falcon or maybe the Futura, I'm not sure of the difference, but it's definitely one or the other.
08/27/06 Ricky Rutt This is a "64" Ford Falcon body. One of my first race cars had this same body.