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Photo ID # c07.18.06_29H_UNK_FLM_0080W_1
Car #: #29H
Driver (s) : ?
Location: Flemington
Date: 1980
Photographer: M&M Photo
Photo provided by: Matt Mahoney
Comments: I'm sure the mid 60's Mustang Collectors out there are wrinkling up their noses at this one, but I think its a great use for a 65 'Stang body!  One problem... I can't remember who drove this car!
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07/19/07 Rick Shive The 29H is Frank Lorenzi.I'm almost certain that it used to be Bill Matthews #57 found on P.51A in the 70's section.
07/19/06 John McCaughey The driver in the 29H is Mike Lorenzi.
07/19/07 3-Wide Now that you mentioned it Rick, I think I met some of the guys that were on the crew of this car at this years (2006) Flemington Reunion event.  I think they mentioned that it was a former Matthews #57.
09/10/06 Tom Gray This was definitely Mike Lorenzi's car which was painted to match the 29A driven by Mike's older brother Frank. Note the name "Butch" on the C pillar under the crew list. Butch was Frank's nick name used by his family. Mike's car was actually the 29B (when I lettered it) so I suspect that it suffered some damage in that area of the door.

This is not the former Billy Mathews #57 car. Totally different chassis but the body is cut simlar to Mathews Mustang. Subtle differences such as the side scope chrome trim that was not on Mathews car.

The #29A car Frank was driving when this pic was taken was
the Billy Mathews #57. Mike reskinned this car with an old coupe body
painted white with the gold number 129. Flemington fans might recall this
white car getting totally destroyed when Mike flipped right out of the speedway in turn three. I think that was the end of Mike's stock car racing

Frank had the Mathews car updated by Jay Aten and went on to won a non-feature winners race at East Windsor. This car sported a white Burnett style Mustang body with the familiar 29A numbers. Frank still has his hand in racing with the Mike Hughes #4 team.