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Photo ID # c08.25.06_078_125_FLM_0074W_1
Car #: #78, #03 & #125
Driver (s) : We have a few ideas, but we'll see what you guys come up with...
Location: Flemington
Date: 1974
Photographer: George Gordon
Photo provided by: J. Teresa / R. Tobias
Comments: The 3 'C's" of racing...  A Corvair, a Coupe and a Camaro I think...
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09/01/06 Paul Madsen I don't know the #03 but the #78 is Dale Puff. He ran sportsman around the same time as Pete. Paul Madsen (brother).
09/02/06 Rick Shive Car #78 is Dale Puff,  No idea who the other 2 are.  
09/03/06 Steve Whitney The 03 is Jim Ramm from Vail, NJ. He ran this car at Flemington and Nazareth. Jim's dad drove the blue 01 coupe limited sportsman coupe with the 'checkerboard" roof and his brother Billy drove hobby cars numbered "Mr. X" at Harmony and Nazareth.

Steve Whitney
Miamisburg, OH  (Formerly Belvidere, NJ)
09/22/06 John McCaughey The pic of the 3 cars....I think, but I won't swear on it...that the 125 is Earl Elzer from Staten Island....Whitey Kidd may have been involved in it also, maybe when he was 1st involved. I'm not sure, but I think it is....
09/27/06 Walter Onora The 125 was driven first by Whitey Kidd, Sr and then Earl Elzer. Both Whitey and Earl co-owned this particular car. I remember this particular car was housed at a Mobil station on Staten Island.
02/20/07 Dale Puff Yes, that #78 was (me) driving (in this photo). The #78 was owned by Pat Rissi and myself.  We did not have money but we had a lot fun.  The second year, I changed the body to a Falcon.  The one Pat Rissi had on his car.    I sold the car to Andy Belmont and he changed the body to a Vega.    Pat used the Falcon on his car.  I never had the chance to thank Frank Cervino for all the help he gave me.

Dale Puff - Myrtle Beach, SC
09/14/08 Frank Cervino I worked with Pat Rissi and Dale on the #78. We had great fun. The good old days.
Frank Cervino-Orlando, FL