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Driver's Name Year / Track Raced Name and Date of Inquiry Recent Info, Date and Provided By
"The Three Minute Clock"

Three minute clock that was above the announcers stand at the Reading Fairgrounds race track. What happened to it when they demolished the the buildings at the track in preparation to build the Mall?

Dennis Biehl  03.16.24  
Tom Sellberg / Curly Rahn Tom was a California driver that ran in the 60ís. He drove in the Midwest for Curly RahnÖ T. S   1/7/2024  
George Thompson (Photographer for Tampa Tribune 1958-1959)

There were George Thompson was a photographer for The Tampa Tribune Tampa Tribune 1958-59.  A car lost control during the 12 hours of Sebring on a hairpin curve and killed (driver?), and the photographer George Thompson who was working on his day off for the Tribune.   He was my brother-in-law and I would like to know more about him. I was only 12 or 13 at the time

S Newton  07.27.20  
Crash Baer

Anyone know whatever happened to him; he raced at Dorney Park during the Ď60ís.

Todd Larmer  04.16.20  
Gib Orr and/or Bob Webster Late 1940ís.  Dave Ponting  2/29/20.  Both of these guys drove roadsters for my father in the late 1940ís.  Gib later had a good career driving sprint cars in PA with Lou Blaney.  Bob Webster went on do drive midgets in Toledo.  Would like to have more info on these two.  I have some pictures of both during that period.  Thanks,  Dave Ponting  

Clarence 'Pete' 'Fireball' Lester

He was from Atlanta Ga. Sandy Arnold  05.14.19  
Bob Hare

Watched Bob Hare in the Fort Wayne Coliseum drive the #8 Candu Special midget.  Any information or him, or the where abouts of the car would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Scott Page 04.29.19  
"Haupt" Riverhead Raceway in the years 1945 to 1969'ish. Rich 04.05.19:  My uncles owe drivers at Riverhead Raceway in the years 1945 to 1969'ish. The last name was Haupt.   They lived on Factory Ave. Mattituck long Island 11952  

If you have any info please send to Rich at richardfazio@me.com

Johnny Parsons, Van May, Paul Pitzer Whatever happened to The Smith Special 16 silver crown car, and who all drove it other than Johnny Parsons Van May Paul Pitzer? Rob Mayberry 09.25.18  
Gary Snyder

Gary Snyder  drove the # 60 at Dorney Park & Harmany in the late 60s and early 70s


Brian Synder  
Frannie Stimetz

Whatever happened to Frannie Stimetz who drove for Pappy Smith in the early 60's at New Egypt speedway?

John Maher  02.19.18

Steve C    04.15.18

In response to John Maher's 2/19/18 inquiry, Frannie Steinmetz passed away in 2002.

Rocky Ewing

Raced at Sanatoga, Hatfield, and Municipal Stadium (JFK).    Rocky drove for my dad from 1951 to 55 in a gray and blue car #57.  He never won but was very popular.  My parents always said he was a showman, if he had an accident he always made like he was hurt but never was. 

Rick  Brinckman    04.11.17

3Wide:  01.01.18:  Rick - we realized that information on Rocky Ewing had already been posted back in 2010.  Scroll down and you'll find the listing.
Ron Tuna Fischer Flemington 1975-85 Allison   10.28.16  
Tom Rooney

What happened to Tom Rooney. I believe he was badly injured at a race at Nazareth Raceway in 1963.

Richard Hetherington  06.10.16  
Shorty Kirschner

#97X - Does anyone know what ever happened to the above driver? He used to race with us at Alcyon

Jim Conley  04.26.16

Mike Shaub -  04.28.16

Shorty Kerschner passed away last year.

Ron McCann

#34 mod driver at Thompson, Stafford, Westboro Chris P    03.06.16  
Jim Baker #56 and others - Reading Patti  05.30.15

Craig Ray RFRHS   8/17/2016 

Jim Baker currently attends RFRHS events and competes in Vintage car racing at Grandview.

Bunky Robbins

Car #63 use to race at Hightstown paved track.

Dale Overton  03.11.15  
JR Vettuchio Modified driver at Riverhead Speedway Doug Taddeo  
Jim Fagan #90 dirt modified. The year was 1972 or about. Tracks run at, Middletown, Nazareth, Flemington Chief13kf  08.25.14  
John Kety

Raced freeport 1956 -1958 ran sedan 717 won several mains  always in top ten in those years.

John   04.18.14  
Marty Acker

Hi, I'd like to know whatever happened to the drive Marty Acker, he used to drive my fathers racecar at Grandview in the early to mid 60's.

Timothy S. Stoudt    01.01.14  
Dave Pace

Retired, lived in Port Murray NJ with wife Pat and moved to Maine about 3-4 years ago.  I used to see him every day at the Anderson Hotel for lunch with Sammy Beavers and Sandy Rochelle.

Ed Johnson    12.18.13


Billy Cramer #22c

Raced mainly at Flemington in the 60's Won the feature at Flemington fair driving Billy Osmun's sportsman "Barnyard special" .  He was operating a dairy farm in Vermont. then PA.

Tom Chichon    06.14.13  
Lee McBride and Pat McBride

Does anyone know whatever happen to Lee McBride and Pat McBride. Lee drove # 11 but can't remember what Pat drove.

AOD15    03.05.13

Rick   03.06.13

Lee McBride Passed away But Pat is still around and a great friend of mine living in Hightstown NJ Thanks Rick Levenduski.

Warren Mutter Nazareth Nicole Martin  10.05.12  
Johnny Owen

Whatever happened to Johnny Owen who used to drive a ďsportsman modifiedĒ sponsored by Gordonís TínT at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, NY back in the 70ís???

Gary De Michele DryRicha  10.03.12

Sadly, Johnny Owen was killed while racing at OCFS in I believe 1985.
Ray Snow Ray Snow of Fresno, California took over the "Tiny-Mite Sprint Car" design from its originator, Bud Gregory, who owned a muffler shop in the Los Angeles area. Ray carried on making the car, re-naming it the "Hornet Tiny-Mite" after his Hornet Motors machine shop business in Fresno, which also made the .604 cu. in. Hornet model gas engine used in model tether car racing. Any info out there on what became of Ray? Adrian Duncan    01.06.12  
 Jerry Wall Looking to contact Jerry Wall. Have Sonny Smith's car he drove in ATQMRA, 1966 first outing at Atlantic City.  Would like to hear more about the car and its history. Originally from Little Falls. Jay Young  Dillsburg, Pa.   Jay@exhibitstudios.com  
Ray Liss Ray Liss, a Flemington hot shoe whose battles with Joe Hall are legendary.  Ray retired from his Hillside NJ body shop years ago and was last known to reside at the Jersey Shore, possible Toms River, Ray was and may still be active in the Antique stock car club. Mike Bavaro 02/10/10 (Bodymotion - Ocean, NJ) 3-Wide  02.15.10

Ray is still very active in vintage car circles and can always be counted on to be the first to the first to pass the hat when it comes time to help out for a good cause.  Ray's also been involved in some kind of a land speed car... I don't know the details, but if Ray's involved, it'll be fast!
Gary Roemer Gary was also a regular at Flemington in the # 79 in a Ford powered machine. Gary was last seen at the Jersey Shore, has also retired but still dabbles in used cars. Mike Bavaro 02/10/10 (Bodymotion - Ocean, NJ) 3-Wide  02.15.10
I think Gary is the father of Brian Roemer who won the had a real good Rookie debut at New Egypt Speedway in 2009, winning the first few features.
Vic Novelli My nephew recently purchased a TQ Roadster that was owned and apparently driven by Vic Novelli in the New Jersey area in the late 1970s. He ran Atlantic City, Islip, Fort Dix, and Pinebrook raceways. Had a regular upright TQ #22, and apparently changed to the offset roadster in the late 1970s which he ran at Atlantic City, Perry, and Islip in early 1978. We are looking for any possible information about this car, and would especially like to obtain some photos of it from that time period. Ken Smith -  12.20.09 smithautogrp@sbcglobal.net  
Mike Rubino Weissglass Stadium Speedway in the early 60's.  I lost contact with Mike years ago.  Mike lived in Hoboken, NJ.  He drove one of my cars at Weissglass Stadium in the early 60's.  Anyone have any idea how to contact him?  Thanks - Joe Joe McKinney 09.01.09  
Joe Scamardella (owner) Acella Chrysler / King Chevrolet 121 owner
East Windsor /Acella Speedway Promoter
Greg Force  06.12.09  
Rocky Ewing Drove at Hatfield, Philadelphia Stadium and Dorney Park in the Mid 50's. Lived in Spring City Judi    09/10/08 Merit O'Neal    05.12.10
Have a picture of Rocky being presented with a trophy at Sanatoga Speedway by George Marshman. I took this picture and track photographer Lester Monks is also in the photo.   (His family did not own Hatfield Speedway). 

Harry Neiman    10/27/08

Rocky Ewing passed away a few years ago. I don't know the date. His son Allan, 52, just passed away this summer. He had just retired from the Pottstown police force. Rocky Ewing was also a popular front runner at Sanatoga Speedway.......
Dave Pace Raced at Flemington and East Windsor, I know he was active with Steve Krinicikker who had the Beautiful X05. Rich Golding    10/09/08  
Tommy McAndrews Raced the #59a with a fuel injected flathead.  I only seen it run one time - I think he won the race.  Wish somebody had some pictures of the race cars from Hatfield - Thank you larrymo17    10/09/08

Craig Ray RFRHS    8/17/2016

Tommy passed away in 2011. He was the last point champion at Hatfield Speedway in the 3A. He won in stock cars , midgets and sprints.

Len Duncan Won the very last race held at the Sanatoga Speedway on June 8, 1958. The race consisted of Three Quarter Midgets for a 25 lap feature. Watching29   10/26/08  
Lou Mood Used to run at the old Delmar, Md and Georgetown, De tracks. Robert Bloodsworth  10/03/08  
J.R. Jones Used to run at the old Delmar, Md and Georgetown, De tracks. Robert Bloodsworth  10/03/08  
J.D. Jones Used to run at the old Delmar, Md and Georgetown, De tracks. Robert Bloodsworth  10/03/08  
Billy Mann Does anyone know whatever happened to Billy Mann, former ARDC racer. Bill McG  09/06/08 Russ Clock    01.14.18
Billy Mann passed June 23,2001 in Greenville, NC. at the age of 45 from complications of MS. Billy's Parents Johnny & Dottie still live in Ronkonkoma,LI. Johnny is 90+ years young. attached is a photo of Johnny and George Tet taken in 2012 at The annual Old Timers Day At The Himes Museum. George Tet has since passed.


Russel (Tom) Seedyk I am his grandson and was looking for any information pictures or even stories. I remember him telling me a few. He showed me a lot of pictures, I wish I would have took and made copies of. They had a water leak and most of his NASCAR items got destroyed. I know one of his drivers was Frankie Schnieder - don't know any others.. TJ    03/21/08 Tom Berry    04/01/08

This is for T.J in response to info on the Tom Seedak t-52. If you look on the Vault Message board pg.6 about 1/2 way down after the Tanzosh/Andretti question you will see Question for Frank Schneider. There is a great picture of the t-52. I remember Frankie driving this car on occasion. Also further down his daughter talks more about it. I believe one season at Middletown Frank won ten features in that car.
Clem Lemaster My dad used to take my brothers and I to St.Thomas Speedway outside of Chambersburg PA.  My brother was especially fond of Clem Lemaster, and myself, Pete Mitten.  This would have been in the early 1960's.  I do know that Pete is the dad of Sportsman driver Russ Mitten, and I was blessed to meet Pete at the track.  Was wondering if Clem is still with us.  I know when he raced the # 12, he lived in Winchester VA.  Any help is appreciated. Larry S.    01/08/08

Rick1Keyser    02.02.13
Pete Mitten is still alive and well living in Newville Pa. His son is still racing the # 77 his father put on the map. I have some great pictures from the St. Thomas Speedway if any one is interested.  Richard E. Keyser  Mercersburg, Pa.

Rick1Keyser    01.31.13
Larry,Clem Lemaster recently passed away, I think just last year.  For years he ran Winchester Speedway.

Ray Underwood Ray "the fly face" Underwood he drove the upside down 151 with the open face helmet thus the fly face Eric Lindahl  12/13/07
Dick Fowler He ran a modified at Albany-Saratoga, Airbourne, and Utica Rome in the early 70's Dick B 11/21/07
Cookie Visconti Freeport Speedway Driver
"Electrifying" Elvin Felty Some of my best memories from Penn National come from "The Electrifying One". Jere Quallio
Joe Infante Jenn
Frank "Skeets" Yentorno I always liked drivers with cool names. This driver came to Middletown from I think Conn.. He had a white coupe modified # 5 and later the same car with a pinto body. Guy Vogt  05/17/07 from North Jersey.
Lucky Jordan (owner) Lucky Jordan, famous car owner in the 50's and 60's. Richard Conley  03/04/07 Mary L. (Jordan) Hewish, (daughter) 4/30/09

Lucky Jordan, owner of the deuce (2), passed away in 1991. He had retired from racing in the late 60's, selling his cars and staying on as a mechanic for the Cozy (spelling?) Bros. for a few years.

Lucky and his 2 were remembered most for holding the dirt track record for the most features won consecutively at Flemington (26) and introducing the "wing" to the modified/sportsman stock cars, which was banned.

Lucky had many drivers over the years including Jackie McLaughlin, Rags Carter, Al Tasnady, Will Cagle & Bobbie Pickle
Howie Finch What ever happened to Howie Finch?? He ran at O.C.F.S. and always had a neon color green/yellow 25. He won a championship in the 90's and then dissapeared. Wonder what happened to this promising driver. Jason Kosch
Karl Pittenger What ever happened to Karl Pittenger? He ran O.C.F.S. in a circle k car and was always a fan favorite.. He stopped racing in the 90's and does anyone know what happened to him?? Jason Kosch Ted Schmidt    04/04/07

As of a couple of years ago, Carl was still racing. He ran as a teammate to Dom Roselli at Moc-A-Tek right up until the track closed in 2004. Haven'tseen him run since, I think he might have made a few starts at Accord afterword, but I'm not 100% sure.
Wayne Burkart What ever happened to Wayne Burkart? He used to run at O.C.F.S. in a yellow 51 sponsored by Fisher Chevrolet in Bergenfield N.J. I used to go over to his house daily then he moved and never heard from him again? Jason Kosch Tom Berry 2/23/07

Wayne Burkhart was from Bergenfield, N.J.  I knew him pretty well.  Wayne moved to south Jersey but sadly passed away several years ago from cancer. He was a longtime employee of Bell telephone.
Joe Messina Joe drove the Hudson #13 from Lebanon Valley in NY back in the 60's Billy     02/07/07
Don Stives 60's & 70's (EWS, Flemington, Syracuse, etc) Tom Higgins MIKE SERDEN  3/5/2007

3-Wide     01/28/07
Don is living in Florida and from what we hear is racing his red #3 coupe on the vintage circuit.  Don checks in with us from time to time.  A real favorite of the Vault!
Grant King Cars... What ever happened to the real "Grant King Modifieds" from the mid to late 70's (Flemington, EWS, Naz, Syracuse, etc...) C Piette 3 Wide  12/16/07
I hear that they are restoring the blue and red #2 King car driven by Frankie Schneider.  Not sure what happened to the others.
Leon Manchester
Whatever happened to Leon Manchester, modified driver at Nazareth. Steve   10/04/06 Jim Murrow    05/29/07
Leon retired a number of years ago. He stll lives in South Jersey, in a beautiful mansion like home, with lots of land on which he breeds a rare breed of horse. (I can't remember what kind they are) He shows and sells the horses, and even rode one in competition a couple years ago, although I think he's in his 70s. As far as I know he's still in very good health, and still loves horses as he did back in his rodeo days before he raced cars.
Jack Zeiner Jr. Whatever happened to Jack Zeiner Jr?  He raced an orange #8 street stock at Nazereth,
Penn National, and Big Diamond
James Neidlinger  09/29/06 Ted Schmidt    04/04/07

Jack and his famous #8 Moore Tire Machine were active up until last year.
Jack owned the car with a fellow known as "The Great OZ" driving (I think
his name was Buchannon). They ran Moc-A-Tek until it closed then became
regulars at Five Mile Point. Jack still goes to the races as a fan, saw him
at Eastern States last year.
CD Coville Whatever happened to Super CD Coville? Mark Coville  08/02/06 Tommy Kosch  10/28/06

If memory serves me correct. CD ahd to retire due to a heart condition. I think it was around 1999 or 2000, might have been later.
Ken Johnson 1970's - Flemington, EWS, Syracuse Bryant Brown 3Wide   08/01/06

Ken is quite an accomplished pilot.  He built his own plane and then proceeded to fly it around the world I think!  He takes in the action on occassion at New Egypt Speedway.
Eddie O' Neal.
Does anyone know what happen to Eddie O' Neal. He ran the #63 at East Windsor and OCFS during the mid 80's. I crewed the car and have lost track of Eddie. Pete Farkas
Carl "Fuzzy" VanHorn
60's & 70's at Reading, Harmony, Nazareth, Flemington, EWS, etc Hrrbrr   07/05/06 3Wide     07/05/06
I had an opportunity to speak to Carl last fall regarding attending the Legends event at New Egypt Speedway.  Had a nice conversation with him, and unfortunately, he had other plans for that same day. 

I think he and his daughter were doing their best to try to save a speedway from closing in PA that was under pressure from local residents and politicians.   Unfortunately, the last I heard the speedway had to close despite their efforts.
Sandy Riddle 70's? 80's?  (Except for possibly Vinny Green, he had the wildest wreck at Wall.  It was the 1st time my dad took me to the track.  Remember gettin home like 2 am.   Did he ever race again? Jerry Hart  06/24/06 Andrea Riddle  09/22/06

Jimmy Reed He was the owner/driver of the #17X modified that ran at Riverhead (NY) Raceway in the late 80's and 90's. He operated a repair shop and lived in Central Islip NY...as I recall the car was red..

Robert Drake  06/20/06 k6cem    07/15/08

Mr Reed sponsored my street stock "Stock Car 56" in the early 80's.He was a good friend and sponsor.

Russ Clock:  01.11.18

Jim Reed is still racing at 78 years young. Jim races at Riverhead Raceway with The Long Island Vintage Auto Racing Series in his 17x Vintage Modified. Jim still has his auto repair business in Central Islip, NY. (See photo from 2017 posted to the left.)
Chaplain Brother Bill Frazier Whatever happened to Chaplain Brother Bill Frazier, who was the unofficial Chaplain of NASCAR in th 70's. (I also could use some pictures of him.) Rich Guy    06/16/06
Len Duncan Bob Buis TQ64  04/03/06 Tom Berry    04/04/06

Len who was one of the best shoes in open wheel racing ( multi time ARDC champ ) and multi T.Q. winner also ran at indy 1954. I'll never forget that nasty flip that Len took at Flemington in the Darrell 83 sesco, it made all the papers, I think he set an altitude record! Sadly Len passed on several years ago at a nursing home in Landsdale, Pa.
Billy Deskovich Bob Buis TQ64  04/03/06 Mike Shaub    04/04/06

As far as I know, Bill is living in California and comes East on occasions to visit friends.
Gerry Chamberlain I haven't heard much about Gerry since he was racing Late Models in the mid to late '80s. Is he still living in the Everett/Bedford Pa area and what's he been doing? I'm also interested in the whereabouts of any of Gerry's modifieds from the '70s. Jan Games    03/21/06 3-Wide     03/31/06

Had an opportunity to speak to Gerry last fall in hopes of having him attend the Legends of the Fall event at New Egypt Speedway.  Gerry still can be found at his repair shop and from what I hear enjoys relaxing on a house boat on a lake during the summer weekends. 

Not sure what happened to his cars, but maybe Mark Bullock could help.  I recentely found out that one of the old #76 coupes ended up as a white #24.
(Click Here)

Is Bobby Marshman's wife still in the area? (Bobby Marshman was a promising driver in the 60's whos family owned the Hatfield Speedway.) My mom & dad were trying to remember her name. CLMack1512   03/16/06 Matt     07/07/06

Bobby Marshman's wife, Janet, lives in Lancaster but spends a considerable amount of time in the Collegeville area to see her son and his family, as well as her sister Kay who still lives in Gilbertsville.
Drew Dalva,
Late 60's, early 70's, purple & white #74 -  Ran Wall Stadium, Modified Division.   The car was from the Toms River area.  It was a (37-38 chevy I think) 5 window coupe & it had a purple (more of a mopar plum crazy purple) body with a white roof, rims, bars, & headers,,, The 74# were chrome/engine turned decals that were pin striped & shadowed in. The builders name I believe was Warner, "Paul" I think. He had a farm. Car had the "right" stance & was always in good repair. Doug     03/07/06
Joe Hall EWS, Flemington... #06 Sportsman.  Also became a track official at Flemington KLV     03/07/06 Dave Exner    03/23/08

Visited your website tonight and was looking over your "Whatever happened to......" section and I noticed Joe Hall's name.? Near the end of Joe's driving career, Myself, Freddie Menschner and my cousin Ray Neary crewed for Joe.  Man what a character. Strong as a bull and the nerve of an astronaut.

In Ernie Saxton's column a few months back he mentioned that Joe was now living in Florida, in the Daytona area.? Driving a truck I believe.

Ernie can fill you in on him if you contact him at: Esaxton144@aol.com

Really enjoyed your website.

Dave Exner, known to Joe Hall as "Cousin Dave"
Billy Deskovic Whatever happened to Billy Deskovic (Billy D.), modified racer at Victory Speedway early 60's.   Great competitor - think he drove the '8B". Steve    02/27/06
Billy Beasley I was wondering if anyone knows about Billy Beasley. He drove car number 115 for my company when I was a kid.  I know he had a good career from then on. It was for Earls Auto Sales in Fairless Hills, Pa. Tom Kelly    02/12/06 3-Wide     02/13/06

Billy stopped by the Ace Lane booth at this year's Motorsports Event held in Fort Washington, PA.  I didn't get a chance to talk to him this year, but maybe somebody else can fill us in.

John "Jack" Chalmers We were wondering if you have any information on John "Jack" Chalmers who drove a red #27 in the mid 1960's to the early 1970's. He belonged to the ARDC club but they do not have a roster from that time frame. He was also photographed by Ace Lane and Walt Chernokal. He also ran 3/4 midgets in Atlantic City's Convention Hall in 1968 or 1969. Unfortunately, all of the pictures and articles were lost. Thank you for your time and efforts. Stephanie & Andrew  02/12/06
Earle Canavan, Dean Dalton and Joe Frasson I am wondering whatever happened to some of the old Grand National drivers: Earle Canavan, Dean Dalton and Joe Frasson are the main ones. Bob Bloodsworth  02/10/06 Linda Seabrook  08/01/06

Joe lives in Spartanburg SC and no longer races but he ran a nascar all pro
team for a few years with george ingole as his driver for 3 years
JR Crouse Ran #8jr at Flemington and East Windsor in the 70's and early 80's. Guy Lindabery  02/01/06 Tom Berry    02/02/06

Saw Jr Crouse this week. He brought a TEO chassis into the shop I'm working at to be powder coated. He's been running at 5 mile Point on Sat. nite woth some good success. He's planning on running there again this season.

Todd Lewis    02/02/06

JR Crouse had a car at Motorsports 2006 he runs on the Race Of Champions Tour not sure what his hometrack is. The car was gray

Steve Ay He drove his dad's Earthwork 966 dirt modified at US 13,Georgetown, Bridgeport, and maybe even EWS from 1988 89 to 1992 93. He shared the ride with the late great Bob Torkey when he started at US 13 at 16 years old.
Ed Gillece    01/04/05
Jim Rooney What happened to Jim Rooney? Raced at Wall in 51,52,53,54.Ran A 47 ford flathead coup sportsman Silfox23   12/30/05
Zonker Glotzbach I was wondering where Zonker Glotzbach is who used to race in the Modern Stock division at Wall and New Egypt? I remember him being sponsored by CRAP (Charlie Robert Advertising Promotions) and his Modified skunk (the one with the racing stripes). David Reynolds    12/29/05 Donna     01/18/06

Zonker was our neighbor when we lived in Jackson. He's still there and still goes to Wall Stadium once in a while. I believe he's involved in the vintage club too.
Ray Brown What ever became of Ray Brown. Brown raced at Old Bridge, Nazareth, Middletown and others. Appreciate all info possible on Ray Brown.
Otto Graham    12/23/05 Bill    04/22/08

A post from Otto Graham dated 12/23/05 seeks information regarding former racer Ray Brown. Although Ray raced at many tracks on the East coast he had most of his success at Middletown, NY at Victory Speedway now known as Orange County Fair Speedway.

He drove the $ car, the 46 owned by the Daubert brothers of Florida, NY and the 356 owned by the North Broadway Garage in White Plains, NY.

He later campaigned his own 356. In the early '60s Ray switched to midgets and drove for several owners in the ARDC as well as campaigning his own mount.

He was equally successful with the midgets, although I don't know if he ever won the ARDC championship. Ray was also a successful service station owner. He retired from driving in the mid to late '60s. He retired to Florida in the mid seventies.

Sadly he passed away about 15 years ago. Hope this helps.

Raymond Brown    03/28/07

My Dad and my Mom unfortunately split up and for some reason my Dad lost interest in his racing career. He passed away in 1986 at a very young 65 years old. Sadly, he and I drifted apart and I never found out why quit when he did.

I am now in the middle of doing research on his racing careers. I am amazed at how much he accomplished during his stock car and very short midget career. I had no idea he was such an accomplished driver.

The Darrell-Villa #83 midget he raced is owned by Doug post who runs it on the vintage circuit. His #98 Offy is now in the process of being restored. The driver who purchased his #356 stock car was killed racing it and the father buried the car on his property so it could not be used again.

He also ran sprints (Jake Vargo Offy). Victory Speedway in Middletown, NY and Old Bridge, NJ were his favorite tracks. I, Ray Jr, miss my Dad terribly and especially the thrill of watching him race "dirt".
Monk Keller Whatever happened to Monk Keller?  He was a Pottstown, Pa. modified driver.   I remember Monk well from running against him at Yellowjacket in late 40's

I remember him driving a black and white car with the number 95 on it. Can't find anything on him, a few pictures but no added comments about his life.

Dave Marsh  4/5/03



James W. Seydell

Merit O'Neal  04/01/08

Monk was a member of the Pottstown Stock Car Racing Club. He raced at Sanatoga, Philadelphia Municipal Stadium Speedway, and Hatfield in the 50s. Monk passed away several years ago. The 69X was owned and maintained by John Horosky. A full size replica of the 69X was at the 2005 Sanatoga Reunion in Pottstown. Here is a picture of the car. 

The 69X (above) is owned by Guy Rodgers.

Watching 29  03/01/07

Monk Keller passed away on 3-3-1993 - he was 67. He raced from 1949 - 1965. Tracks he raced at include Sanatoga , Hatfield , Philadelphia Municipal , Reading, Yellow Jacket , Vineland and Mason-Dixon

Rick Brinckman    03/10/05
Monk died a few years back (I'm guessing around 8-10 years) after being in a wheel chair.    I was fortunate to vist him at his Pottstown home and made copies of his racing pictures.

Fred Dealaman He used to race at East Windsor and Flemington in the 70's.  (#337 Sportsman) 
Was based out of Warren NJ
David Chemidlin  11/28/05 George Dealaman    12/01/05

Fred still lives in Warren and runs Fred Dealaman Bus Company with his
brother, Scott. Fred and his wife, Linda have 3 children, Fred IV, Beth, and
Doc Norton #40, or Ray Cook #87 Any one remember a couple of Limited Sportsman who raced at Victory Speedway (O.C.F.S.) late 50's, early 60's, Doc Norton #40 (believe it was a Rambler), or Ray Cook #87 (logo was Ray Cook's Racing Wheels).

Steve 11/05/05 Cathy Fox (McVay)   02/08/06

Talked to my dad (Larry McVay) who was one of "Doc's" best friends. He tells me that Johnny (Doc) Norton's car # was actually #48..  He died on the entrance ramp to 17 South, after leaving the track (Middletown).

He is survived by a daughter. Jerry Hechter , his mechanic, has pictures & video of Doc's races. He had his best success while running a flat-head 6cyl. GMC.   He was called "Doc" because of the white surgeons cap he wore while racing. He towed his car with a Rambler wagon. His first racecar was a 1932 flathead ford he raced at Beach Lake Pa.


Rich Kuiken  12/02/05

Thank You for thinking of my Dad, Ray Cook. He died on 11/3/96 at the age of 69. He was a wonderful man & great racer. Cook was his racing name, his real name was Ray Kuiken. My name is Rich Kuiken, Sr., I raced under the name Rich Cook.

There is no Ray Cook Jr. Ray has two grandsons that carry on the family racing tradition. My son, Rich Kuiken Jr., races 600cc Micro Sprints and had 2 wins this year at Kutztown. My brother Bob's son, Bobby Kuiken, races Slingshots and had 1 win at Greenwood Valley this year. Both boys will be racing Slingshots in the Atlantic City Indoor Show in January (Rich Jr. is too young to race his 600 Micro in NJ). Grandpa Ray would have been proud!


Greg C    11/06/05
Doc Norton was killed in a highway accident I believe on route 94 between Goshen and Florida New York Many, Many, years ago! 30 + years

As for Ray Cook? The Son or Ray SR? The old man owned the racing wheel company and the son was an on again and off again small block driver never with much of any success..Don't believe he ever won a feature?

Which are you talking about .....if Doc Nortons driving era it would have been Ray Sr.

Greg C!

Steve Springsteel Steve was a champ in the old modern stocks at Wall Stadium during the late 70's, same time Ray Evernham was running the class. Steve was also known as the Wizard due to his innovative sheet metal work, and custom modified bodies he built. Cliff R.  10/13/05 Patio737     11/23/05

Steve Springsteel's son, John, races a Microstock. Steve often attends races wherever his son competes. I am sure he will be at Atlantic City for the indoor races this coming January.
Ron Schwendenmann From the late 60's till the early 80's Ron Schwendenmann ran the # 1 cars and the more famous X Modified machines both cars were painted black and white with red numbers on occasions! Ron known as "Soupy" [Soups On] Ran Islip in his early days and switched to OCFS upon a move north from the Island.

He won one feature and once in the top ten in points at Middletown during the Tri State Harmony years. Never took anything from anybody, rode Carl Van Horn at times in the 70's Last I heard his health was failing and moved to Wisconsin or MI.?

Raced and worked on race cars together for years in Goshen, New York and Middletown, NY - Haven't heard from him in years [18] Any help from any body!
Greg     09/05/05 Frank Carrello  1/25/2007

I am pleased to tell you that Ron "Soupy" Schwendenmann and his wife Barbara are alive and well and have been living in the state of Florida for several years now. He sold his logtime business "Ron's Auto Body" in Goshen NY after many years of running the dirt track at Middletown NY. His stepson Benny Rizzo aka BK Rizzo still competes in the 358 small block division at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown NY in his TEO Built Number "X" This big Dutchman ran with the best of them at Middletown and Nazarth and was always a crowd favorite. I had the pleasure to see Ron about a year and a half ago when he came back to Middletown to attend to some business. He has had some health problems as most of us do when the years roll by, but he is doing fine. I bet that not many people know that Ron's wife Barbara was an accomplished driver years ago at the now defunct Islip Speedway in Long Island, NY. Submitted by Frank Carrello, Middletown, NY
Jerry Morese Jerry ran Newark, Morristown, Jersey City mostly in his own #10 but also ran the #27 owned and wrenched by George Blatherwick from Irvington earlier in his career.
b12.24.05_10X_MOR_PIN_0080O_1.jpg (125230 bytes)
Dave Schostkewitz  08/28/05
Earl Krause - Area Auto Racing News 02/02/06

I'm pleased to report that Jerry Morese will be honored by the New Jersey-based Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club members at their banquet in Long Branch on March 18. Jerry will receive the organization's prestigious Pioneer Award, saluting his success and participation in the early years of New Jersey stock car racing. Keep up the great work with the site!


Mike T    09/09/05

Jerry lives in Newark and has a used car lot in Springfield NJ that he owns and runs. Has been involved in TQ racing the last 20 years or so. Drove up until the late 80s with the TQs at Pinebrook NJ and other tracks.

Al Kliedenoffer Nazareth & East Windsor......might have been Flemington also?  Al Kliedenoffer drove an Orange Pinto #705 (very large number display on car) Modified racer, part time guy - had a huge Kiss-Off on back of racer

Raced 70's and late seventies! What's he up to?
Chelek Brothers  07/31/05 Eric Dyer   06/13/06
My father worked with Al on his race car in the early and mid 70's. Unfortunately Al passed away after a motorcycle accident in I believe the early 80's. Al was one of the hard workers who loved racing but never could quite find the right combination. It was drivers like Al who helped make Modified racing as great as it was in the 70's.
George Sleight #666, Harry Moore #4, Tommy McAndrews (Can't remember the car #) All raced in the early to mid 60's at Hatfield Ron R.  07/15/05 Bobby Joos    02/26/07

Harry Moore passed away on August 15,1999. He was 75. He raced at Reading,
Hatfield , Philadelphia Municipal Stadium , Langhorne , Nazareth , Flemington and Sanatoga - he was the 1956 track champion at Sanatoga. He started his
racing career in 1950.

Mike Shaub    09/10/05

On 7/15, Ron R. had in inquiry about Tommy McAndrew. The last I heard, Tommy is alive and well and living in Allentown Pa. He attended the 2005 Motorsport show this past January.

Mike Shaub - Historian
Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society

Jim B    08/31/05

On 7/15,  Ron R. has asked about driver Harry Moore. If this is the same Harry Moore that went on to drive at the Reading Fairgrounds and drove the Larry Gilbert #40 and ended his career in the #007 car, he has passed away a few years ago. I am not exactly sure when he died. Jim B.

Jimmy Ryan also drove the #510 for Glenn Froniser from Gilbertsville PA.

John D.    06/20/05

L Kolb 9/20/ 07

Ken Christman    07/14/05

Jimmy Ryan was my father. The name was an alias so that his mother would not know that he was racing. His real name was Ken Christman. He lived in Pottstown all of his life. He died in 1992 at the age of 74. When he finally stopped driving, he still enjoyed attending races. He became ill in February 1992 after returning from Speed Week in Daytona. He drove at Hatfield, Sanatoga, Philadelphia Municipal Stadium, Reading, Nazareth, Dorney Park and Grandview. Racing was his first love!
Wally Weaver Wally Weaver...the racing postman. ran the brown/bronzed colored #2 sedan and a coupe at Wall.   Heard he had been ill a few years back from someone who I worked with that knew Wally. Remember seeing Wally at a lot of shows selling diecast.
Don Worth    06/18/05
Billy Cramer Driver Billy Cramer, drove the neat 22c at Flemington and I believe competed at Harmony. Craig     06/13/05
Bub Hall Bub Hall from Hopewell Junction New York.  He campaigned Two identical White and Brown # 15 five window coupes in the late 60's and early 70's. Peak Racing    06/13/05 Banks Racing  11/13/05

I bought old flat head stock car from him in 67 when he lived in Hopewell.  He had plumbing business.  Last saw him mid 70s at OCFS.  He had moved to Florida and was driving his own tractor trailer.  Still have bill of sale for car 
Newt Hartman He was a class act and really nice person to
speak with.
Steven     06/13/05 Earl Krause    10/06/05

I noticed that a visitor to the site was looking for information on Newt Hartman. He's as active as ever in racing, on the Micro-Sprints driven with winning success by his sons Jeff and Jay. They run Micros No. 24 and No.026, which are numbers that Newt was well-identified with in HIS career as a driver.

This season, they ran regularly in the 270cc class on Wednesdays at Kutztown, Pa. and on Fridays at Bridgeport, N.J., and are always contenders for top honors. The team also races in special events on the Micro circuit.

As the person asking about Newt mentioned, he is indeed a very-classy person and great representative of racing in our area. His sons are the exact same way. I see, and talk with Newt often at the Micro-Sprint events and plan to do a column on him and his sons in the future.  Keep up the great work!
Earl Krause

3-Wide    06/13/05

I saw him in the stands during the Micro Stock Feature at Bridgeport Speedway a few week's back.  I think he has a son who competes now.

Jack Hipper (drove under the name of Jack Duffy) Jack Hipper drove midgets in the 1940's under the name of Jack Duffy. He was a NY motorcycle policeman. ... (I don't think this is the same Jack Duffy who drove the Dover Brake car in the 70's...) Kenny   05/30/05 Tommy Cochrane    08/28/05

Jack Hipper, "Flipper Hipper," was the first driver to use the name Jack Duffy. He was a stepbrother to Al Duffy. The parents owned the Tamaqua Yacht Club in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, N.Y. Jack now lives in Florida and is retired. The other Jack Duffy who runs the TQ's in Florida is not the same Jack Duffy NYC. Cop ..... and I do know his real name also.

Ed Duncan    07/16/05
It is the same person -Jack still drives TQs in Florida.
Al Duffy Does anyone remember 1940's midget race driver Al Duffy? Kenny     05/29/05 Tommy Cochrane    08/28/05

Al Duffy died from an accident at Freeport Stadium in Long Island in the late 40's. He passed away from the injuries on the way to the hospital or just after he arrived to the hospital.
Eddie Pratt He drove the #7 Herb Vail car at Reading in the early 70's. Eddie Pratt has a son John Pratt who races the #9 sportsman at Bridgeport on Saturdays Sam     05/12/05 Frank Degnan   05/18/05

I introduced myself to Ed in the pits at Bridgeport on 5-14-05. He was crewing for John/Richie and had plenty of great stories about the old days.
Alain LeBrecque Whatever happened to a Canadian dirt modified racer by the name of Alain LeBrecque? I remember seeing him at the half-mile Nazareth Speedway in the late 70's or early 80's, and if memory serves me correctly, I believe the Nazareth announcer said LaBrecque had just picked up the absolutely gorgeous new John Burnett modified and wanted to try it out for the first time while Burnett was at the track to help. Any info about his regular track, history or pics would be great. BLC     05/07/05 Ted     06/03/05

I do remember Alan and that beautiful #78 Burnett car. I'm pretty sure Alan got hurt pretty bad in an Eastern States race in the late 70's or early 80's that basically ended his career. Don't know where he is today.
Lee DeVault What ever happened to Lee?He ran BP and some Del. tracks regulary in the 70's and early 80's I remember those yellow and black cars # 22 Thanks,  Bruce Bruce Thomas  05/06/05
Greg Piechota What happened to Greg Piechota in the #16 or #18 Modified gremlin?  He raced at Dorney Park and Nazareth. Jim     04/30/05 Jeff Oswald    12/31/05

Greg Pichota runs Piechota Collision Center in Northampton County, PA. He allways had great looking cars.
Frank Mangone Now there was a car builder that was a head of the car building curve. He was one of the first guys that started hanging big bodies on cars and he was about the only guy really understood sway bars. Now look at all the big bodied sway bared cars running today. And who could forget "GIZMO" the first real 1900 Lbs. modified that was so nimble and went like hell. DM     04/27/05 Mark Yaple    12/11/06

Frank is living in Hamilton, NJ and is a computer technician.
J.D. Stacy (car owner) Car Owner (mostly super speedway cars) - He was a very controversial figure who owned several NASCAR cars in the late 70s and early 80s?
Duke     03/29/05
Bobby Bruckner & John Penning Whatever happened to both Bobby Bruckner driver of the blue number 3 modified at OCFS early 70's and John Penning driver of the blue number 3 Sportsman at OCFS also early 70's? Bob Wilson  03/28/05 BanksRacing   11/14/05

Bobby raced at Accord for years also think he was highway super in town of Marbletown,  Now retired still living in area. I think John Penning ran machine shop in Woodstock I will find out for sure.
King Miller Whatever happened to KING MILLER?  He raced at Reading 1971-72 #44 red coupe with gold numbers and was never a weekly competiter. He also ran some at Nazareth and Flemington. WALTER ADAM  03/25/05
Joe Coverdale a.k.a. "The Ad Man" 1980's thru 1990's - Flemington Speedway Cliff R.    3/15/05 Mulligan     03/25/05
Greg Coverdale is Joe's cousin. I believe Greg ran mostly down in Delaware.

3 Wide    03/15/05
I remember seeing him in the stands at New Egypt a few seasons back during on a night when they had the URC's on the card when Greg Coverdale was running the #56 Sprinter.   (not sure of the relation)

Buck Buckley Flemington Sprint Cars and other - Driver and Car Builder Gary Pino  03/13/05 Bandit     07/10/05
Buck is alive and well and living in Phoenix, Az., where he operates Buckley Racing Products. He builds many of the most successful sprint cars raced in the SW US. One of the nicest and most helpful racers I have ever met. I own one of his cars, a 38 inch double-offset non-wing chassis, which has been quite successful around here on extreme dry-slick conditions. The car came with a steel-block Don Ott 410 probably obtained from one of Buck's friends back in Pa.

Kevin Mc    04/04/05
He is in fact living in Arizona. Phoenix I believe. He still sells sprint cars out there. Actually theres still some being used in the URC. The Hogue #39 for one is a Buckley car.  He is out here on the East Coast from time to time still.  Dont know him personally but friends of mine do.

Todd Lewis    03/25/05
I think Buck Buckley is living in AZ? I believe he sold the business to Shaw
or Bob Fisher. Ernie Saxton may me able to answer this.

Dennis Ammerman Drove the #44A at Flemington in the late 70's.  I knew Dennis way back when. Probably the driver responsible for my passion of racing today. My dad was friends with his dad. Creeping up on 30 years later, wonder what Dennis is up to? Rich Pearson  03/05/05 Provided By: Dave Derkacz  8/27/06

Dennis "Denny" Ammerman and I grew up together. I've known and been friends with his family for almost 45 years (his dad was my first Little League coach many years ago). We all grew up in the Hillsborough / Neshanic area, and spent many summer days hanging out at the Ammerman farm.

Denny still lives in the Western section of Hillsborough. He has two sons who have graduated high school and are pursuing their own careers. He has worked many years for an escalator company, installing and servicing them in the tri-state area. His parents still own the farm, and split their time between NJ and Florida.

Dave Derkacz
Bob Schultz Drove the #9? Vega in the mods a cpl yrs at Wall - heard he got sick/also heard yrs ago this car was still around - poss became Tom
Mauser's first ride at Wall (sportsman div) remember the alum wheels!
Jerry H  03/02/05
Hank Dudley Remember started goin to Wall/he owned a bike shop in Brick - very innovative guy/drove the #15? Vega-early 70/s Jerry H  03/02/05 Hank Dudley    09/28/05

After I stopped racing cars in the mid 70's I went moto-crossing with my Son for a couple of years.  The motorcycle shop I had in the 70's closed in 1982.

Since then I have been working with microwave electronic equipment, buying, selling, rebuilding.  My company is Dudley Lab on the Web at:

Thanks for the info, Best Regards,
Hank Dudley
Terry Ebersole Who worked on the R10 ... he was originally from Bedford or Altoona PA, lived next door to Sonny Dornberger, when he moved from Pa.  I just wondered what he was doing these days... Sherrie Dornberger  02/24/05 Terry - 09/28/05

Terry Ebersole is retired and living in Florida. Gave up racing seems like ages ago.
(Anthony's Furniture #1 Mustang!) Anthony's Furniture #1 Mustang Bodied Mustang.  It was a Tobias chassis with a small block Chevy. Toby ran it in 1973 or 74. It was sold to Ronnie Paulson ( #PB ).  What happend to it? Thanks Bob
Bob     02/04/05 Chuck Hassler  01/28/06

The 1973 car was not a Tobias frame but a look alike built by mechanic Davie Brown. It also used a 400 CU. small block chevy taking advantage of the small block weight rule. It became the red ball 33 driven by Curt Weller. The car was badly crashed and the last I herd it was in a garage in a Reading suburban town. Chuck Hassler


Mike Shaub    03/02/05
This is in regards to the question that BOB had about the Anthony's Furniture #1 Mustang. I recently talked to Ron Paulson's son about the car, and what Barry Miller commented was what happened.  I did find out that the car was wrecked so bad at Bridgeport, that they sent it to the junkyard for scrap. (see note from Barry Miller below)
Mike Shaub

Barry Miller    02/26/05
I am writing regarding Whatever Happened To. This is in regard to Bob who wanted to know what happened to the Anthony's Furniture # 1. The Anthony's Furniture #1 from the '73 season showed up early in the '74 season at Reading as a #33 Red Ball Express, I do not remember the driver. The Anthony's Furniture # 1 from the '74 season is the one that became Ronnie Paulson's PB. Ronnie raced it up until the '82 season and then he quit driving. It sat in his garage for a long time after that and the last that I heard he sold it to some young guys from West Chester, PA who ran it at Bridgeport in the early '90's. I heard that they wrecked it bad one night and I do not know anything about it afetr that. I hope that this helps Bob.
Your Friend in Morocco,
Barry Miller

Ted Alt He ran sportsman for quite a few yrs at Wall/remember he would run a while... then disappear for a yr or two/then come out w/a different car.  Remember the early-mid 80s when he came out w/a low slung baby-blue coupe and was a strong runner-won a few features I believe/pretty cool considering it was all cavaliers with a few pintos and gremlin or two!    Is the car still around?  If not/anybody know what became of it? Jerry H    02/03/05 Greg     02/04/05

Ted sold his shop about three years ago he moved to VA .He also remarried.

John Sine(Crew Chief) Anybody know where is John?  Pauch`s crew chief at Flemington during the Pauch ruling years. Mike.     01/29/05 Mark Yaple    12/11/06
John is working at Lawrence Engineering and is the crew chief for Richie Pratt Jr.

Todd Jenkins    1/31/05   

I believe John Sine is keeping tabs on Rapid Rob and the crew of Speed Palace!

Jack Buck He drove one of the last coupes in the mod division at wall (x-2) - clean equipment, strong runner - almost won a feature/heard he was building a new car in the late 70s-never re-appeared Jerry     01/27/05

Steve Buck   5/20/23

I am Jackís son, Steve. With help from this site I was able to get in touch with Doug Quinley & buy back his coupe July of 2022. It is being fully restored with the help of my Dad & my Uncle Gary that was his partner in the car. Also helping are their brothers Jeff & Rick.

A correction to Gregís post: The Vega my dad was building was not a copy of Charlieís car but may have had a few similarities. My Dad would talk with Charlie when he would come down & race at Wall. Iím sure those conversations inspired some of my Dadís designs. 

Greg sold the Vega to El Herbert. He restored it to look like it did when Joe Hurley raced it in the late 80ís. He then sold it to a guy in Florida who raced it in the vintage class at New Smyrna Speedway as a Charlie J tribute car. It was also displayed at Daytona USA twice a year until he sold it to a guy that runs the SMART Modified tour.

My Dad is 76 years old now. He is still racing & winning frequently but in dirt oval go karts. 



Doug Quinley  09.20.15: 
The Jack Buck #12 sits in my barn in south jersey still waiting total restoration. I have owned the car since 1997.Hopefully more done this winter.


Greg     01/31/05

Jack Buck was building a new car in the mid to late 70s, the car was a copy  of a Charlie Jarzombek vega.  I think he may have used the vega John Blewett jr. had bought off of Charlie.

The car is a very good copy of that car. The car was never finshed by Jack and was bought by Mike and Dean Textor and ran as a mad car 9T in 1987.  The car was then sold to Joe Hurley and it ran also as a mad car as the 01. It had the Charlie J number 1 with a small 0. Jack drove the car for Joe a couple of times. Joe had one feature with the car and told me if he was a better driver he would of had more.

I bought the car in 2001 and have almost completed it to show and race as a vintage car. Our mad car was painted with the colors of the Dick Kirby Owen 16.

I spoke to Jack in 2002 he is retired and living in PA and he gave me all the info on his building of the car. Greg

Ken Coons #302 Modified He ran at Rolling Wheels, Fonda and Lebanon Valley in the mid 70's, ran along with Jack Johnson Stanley Whetmore, Win Slavin. Tommy Correllis, Chuck Ely - from that crowd Lauri Hoyle    01/24/05
Dusty Malsbury Late 60's - Early 70's East Windsor - A Fan of the "Triple 7's"   01/24/05 Bob Hoffman    02/25/0

I ran into Dusty's son Doug the other day who had just found out about this site. Doug said his dad is living in Florida and was doing good. Doug had a late model stock car he raced at East Windsor for a couple of years.


3-Wide     01/24/05 

Dusty stopped by one of the get together's that we had in the picnic area at New Egypt Speedway during intermission last year (2004).  (Dusty drove the white and maroon #777 and won a bunch of Sportsman Features in the early 70's!)  I remember the car was keep near at the Gulf by Jim's Country Diner on Rt 130 in Windsor...  Here it is 35 years later and it's hard not to still look for it as I pass by the station every night on my way home from work!

Frankie Schneider #2 60's and 70's at Flemington Donna Agulis 3-Wide     01/21/05

Frankie still lives near Lambertville, NJ
I was fortunate to see Frankie run a few laps last August (2003) at Flemington Speedway in the #3N1 Champ Car.  Always the competitor after hot lapping with the racer Frankie told the crew pretty feverently that the car had a terrible shake/bounce going down the backstretch as they tried to figure out how to remedy the situation. 
I got a chance to say hello to Frankie who told me that the greatest days of racing were ruined by the introduction of specialty parts and fabricated racecars.  He told me that when they started allowing all that stuff, it went downhill pretty fast...

I couldn't agree more -

Charlie Shire #29 60's and 70's at Flemington Donna Agulis Bob Stives:    12/21/05

When I was in high school, around 1970, my dad, my uncle and I went
hunting on a farm next door to Charlie's farm in
Hunterdon County, NJ. I got bored and asked permission to walk up the
big hill on the power line behind both places. Permission was granted
with a "you won't see anything up there" added.

I wandered into the woods behind Charlie's place. There he had several
old stockcars he either used for parts and/or drove. It was a thrill to
look at those "old" cars that would be 30 years older now. It was also a
thrill to go back out onto the power line right-of-way and shoot a buck
to take back to the same guys who said I wouldn't see anything!

Dad said he ran into Charlie at the Flemington Reunion this past summer.
Charlie told him he is still living and farming on the same farm he was
back then.

Bob Stives 12/21/2005
Don Crouse #888, 60's and 70's at Flemington Donna Agulis Don Baloug    01/07/06

Don is retired from his trucking business and still lives in Little York NJ. Don is interested in antique tractors and you can find him and his wife Nancy at some of the shows in the NJ, Pa and NY areas. I know he always attends the summer and fall show at Jacktown Grove near Bangor PA. Next time I see him I'll ask about the fate of the 888. I usually see him 2 or 3 times a year.

Charlie Balogh
Bloomsbury NJ
Gary Winters 75 - 76 - ran mostly Long Island tracks in the #380.  I remember him in the "Monzilla" (Chevy Monza) - always had nice lookin cars Jerry Hart     01/13/04 Mark Southcott  11/5/07

He now lives in Kentucky after all those years of racing on Long Island.
I'm trying to find out more too......
Chip Creger Chip Creger #31 used to have great looking equipment at Nazareth
MOD27NY     01/11/05 Mike Calla    01/09/05 

Answer to question of whatever happened to Chip Creger. Chip runs a used car dealership in Lawrenceville NJ that he ran with his late father Charlie Creger.
Mike Calla
Wheels of Speed

Pepper Cunningham Does anyone know anything about him? He drove cars for Tommy Grbac in the late forties and early fifties at Langhorne and at one time had some track records, I think. Also does anyone have any pictures of Grbac's early cars? Bill Robb    01/02/05
Russ Dodge    01/07/05

Dear Bill,
I hope I can help you out a little bit at least. I have attached a copy of a Frank Smith photo taken of Ken "Bones" Marriott with Tom Grbac's Circle7 car. The date I believe is July 4, 1948, at Flemington. Ken, from Baltimore, went on to be quite an accomplished driver taking the NASCAR title in 1957. Many remember Tom for promoting races at New Egypt (Fort Dix) Speedway. He did however promote at Flemington and Old Bridge also earlier on.
Pepper Cunningham attended the Langhorne reunion I held in 1977 and looked exactly the same at that time, as he does on the 1951 video from Langhorne. I believe he passed away several years ago. I hope that you may share with me some of the info you may receive about him. It would be greatly appreciated. I will try to find a picture of him. Hope this helps a little. Thanks, Russ Dodge

Ted Banasky Do you have any idea whatever happened to Ted Banasky? His name is on your web site. I am a friend of his family. Thank you. Diane Kent    12/24/04
Todd Cray Seemed destined for greatness but then just disappeared from the face of the Earth. What's he doing? Leonard Swider  12/10/04 Black    03.20.09
Todd Cray and his dad ran a place called Hamilton Hauntins on Rt 33 for over 5 years.  His father Barry Cray passed away Oct. 26, 2008
and Todd still races at New Egypt Speedway.  He won his 1st super stock title last year

3-Wide     09/23/07
Todd returned to competition driving the Pop's Racing white and aqua colored #13 Super Stock at New Egypt Speedway.  Most recently he is running a "Cray Electric sponsored #99 and has already returned to his winning ways, winning a couple of features (2007) and cleaning house in a special Super Stock match race.  Asphalt or dirt... doesn't matter!  Todd Cray is a natural talent behind the wheel of a racecar.

Todd Lewis    03/07/05
Last I heard Todd had taken to racing Jet Ski's His Dad Barry still has the carb business (AIRFLOW) and that's all I have heard.
Dennis Giroux He ran Stafford/Thompson etc in early-mid 70s in a #50 coupe etc. Heard he was being groomed for a grand natl career when he was badly injured.  Anybody have info on him or pics?   Drove the #50 coupe and others. Jerry   11/04/04 Richard Chartrand    01/15/05
Bonjour! After the Stafford crash in 1974, that had left him in a coma for 3 months,Denis never fully recovered,the last we seen him was in the early 80's,he was in good shape,but after talking to him for a while, you realized that the 3 months of coma had taken its toll on him... 
I think that encounter and the death of good racing body Jim Shampine helped my uncle Guy Chartrand to hang his helmet after he took a heavy hit himself in a dirt modified at Autodrome Drummond in 83 here in Quebec.

3-Wide   11/04/04 
I remember reading about his crash at Stafford I think back in the early 70's. 

Pee Wee Griffin (again) I'm trying to find out what happened to Pee Wee Griffin.  I was friends with his wife, Bernice Connie Mazzaro From:   A fan of the man that built the "Magic Chariot"     01/28/05

Regarding the comment in your web site about "Pee-Wee" doing time, or having to take a plea bargain, or some other assuming thing is really nothing more than just that. Look, there are a lot of people out there that think they know something because of here say, or some type of silly supporting document that someone thinks they have, such as a news paper clipping or some other thing. Really no one really knows what happened or if anything really happened at all.

The real fact of the matter here is, we and I mean all of us, including all of the thousands of new bee racers out there that think they really know the sport today, really need to be focusing on, talking about and remembering what and how "Griff" and all of the other "real racers of old" really did to shape and forge the sport into what it is today and why we truly love this sport.

Carol Hullfish      10/20/04 

PeeWee is living in Texas with a 3rd wife and never served jail time at all. Benice passed away a few years back.  (info provided by Carol Hullfish PeeWee Griffen Fan Club president)  (By way of Wendy Agin)

Pee Wee Griffin Whatever happenned to Pee Wee Griffin... I've heard stories... Richard Kelleher 3-Wide     03/10/04   
I think I read about 20 years ago that Pee Wee was caught up in that whole Florida drug thing and I think he ended up serving time. (Thanks for the corrected info above!)  Don't know much more than that...
Bruce Jones He ran a sprint car (might have been URC) in the 80's at Flemington.  He was from the Trenton area .  Another driver that ran with Bruce was Jimmy Semler from Trenton (Hamilton Twp) Lew    08/22/04 Mike Calla    01/09/05
Answer to question of whatever happened to Bruce Jones. Bruce for years was a Partner in a company called "Public Strategies Impact" located in Trenton NJ along the river next to the Trenton Thunder ballpark.According to Dick Ivins who talked to him recently, Bruce has just moved to Florida. (Jan 05)
Jack Duffy I remember him driving one of the last coupes at paved New Egypt/ (also Billy Greco) in the late 70?s - (former Reutiman?)

duffy_brennshow.jpg (61004 bytes)
Jerry Steve Percario  10/01/08

Kenny Bush has some of his facts wrong. Dave Percario does not own Jacks old Reutimann dirt car #3 - I do.

I am Dave's son Steve Percario.  I hate to make a mountain out of a mole hill but my dad did not restore this car - I did. I would just like for people to get the facts straight. It is a great car that is about 98% original engine and all (that would be a 454 w/fuel injection) every time I take the car some where and my dad attends people assume that it is his and he did the work.

Old guy old car, I am 41 and people don't expect someone my age to have the interest or ability to take on such an undertaking. but this is my story and I am sticking to it. Just get the facts right.

Kenny Busch    09/22/07

About Jack Duffy - not the cop - his real name is John Seib. Jack is a personal friend of mine for quite a few years and we race together here in Florida. He is still in his winning ways and yes he did win the championship at age 70 in his 6th decade of racing in the year 2000 which made it in 2 centuries and his 50th year of racing and won it in a 40 year old race car, a Trevis built 10in wheel up right, which has been completely restored and still races today, a magnificent car.

Also one of his Dover coupes is being completely restored by his life long friend Dave Percario, who restored his TQ by the way. And doing a magnificent job.

The night he won the championship you could only be there to realize the race, it was a literaly side by side racing with Joie McKinney in the Mike Elder 52car, 15 laps till turn 4 on the final lap and the little Trevis and Jack did their thing. I'm telling you there wasn't a dry eye in the pits. The greatest show I ever saw.

Good luck to all, Kenny Busch past pres. Florida Midget Racing Assoc.

Guy Vogt   05/13/05 

I saw him while we were on vacation in Fla. about a year ago. He was driving a midget with the Florida Midget Club at Auburndale Speedway. He ran pretty well for his age. I always loved his Ex-Buzzie coupes. As a vintage guy, I would like to see one of his old cars come back to life. Does anyone out there know were they are?

Tom Berry    08/24/04

Jack lives in Florida where he still races T.Q.'s.  In fact he won a championship down there not too many years ago.   Jack is in his 70's I'm told..  I saw him  at the indoor race in Atlantic City this past January, looking  very fit! 

Joe Kelly 1960's - 1979, EWS, Flemington, Old Bridge, Wall, etc   Whatever happened to Joe Kelly from Quakertown, PA?  I heard he was paralyzed in a race somewhere but lost track of him after that. Ed Johnson    08/05/04 Ruth Brinckman

For those who don't know "Joe Kelly" was his racing name. He raced in two different sanctioned racing in New Jersey he ran as Joe Kelly and in Penna. he ran as Donny Allison. His real name was Dave Houpt and when he died, he lived just outside Quakertown, Pa.

3-Wide    08/05/04

Joe was paralyzed in a crash at Flemington around 70 or 71.  In the years that followed, Joe made a few visits to the speedway, but I believe he suffered other related health problems.  Joe passed away roughly 20 years ago.   I was looking through an old racing news and found the story of his passing.
Larry Acker Drove the #02 Schaeffer's family restaurant modified, who was a top competitor in PA shennan20 07/29/04 NMarie  11/12/05
Larry is living in Betchelsville, Pa. is still working at D" Electric Motor Service with my husband Harry Neiman who also use to race with Larry at Grandview Speedway. Harry and Larry are close friends. He bought a camper and goes to Nascar races now instead of racing himself he says it is cheaper.
Mose Moore As a child I saw "The Desperado" race at Municipal Stadium (now the site of the Wachovia Center in Philly), Sanatoga, Hatfield, and the Fairgrounds in Reading.   He never won a lot of races but he was always exciting!  His cars were usually primered or looked like they might not make a lap, but when the green fell, LOOK OUT!  If he finished, it was a top five.  I meet him once at Hatfield where my Dad and I found him sitting in a stuffed chair in the back of dump truck that had towed the car to the track. Dick Millar Merit O'Neal    08/16/10
Norman "Mose" Moore passed away June 28th, 2010.  I had the opportunity to talk with him at the 2008 Sanatoga reunion, and had some pictures taken of us there. Had not seen Mose since he raced for us at Sanatoga and Hatfield in the 1950s,when i worked for George Marshman. Mose was 82 years old.

Bobby Joos    02/24/07
Mose is now 80 yrs. old and lives in the western part of Boyertown. He raced
at Sanatoga, Hatfield, Philadelphia Municipal and Reading.

Craig Ray 1/10/05
Mose recover nicely from bypass surgery and still lives in the Pottstown Pa. area.   Looking a little like Willie Nelson, Mose made an appearence at the Sanatoge Historical Society this past summer celebrating the history of Sanatoga and the Speedway where he onced raced at.

Lee Roy Yarborough Early 70's (Grand National Stock Cars) Curt Feeley  07/11/04 07/16/04    Ed Duncan

He died from complications from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.


07/11/04    3-Wide

I read where Lee Roy died about 20 years ago after spending time in a psychiatric hospital.  I don't know if the problems that Lee Roy experienced that ended his career early were related to injuries sustained while racing, or developed independent of his involvement in the sport.  I remember him racing at Trenton when the stockers used to head north.  I think Lee Roy drove the #98 and then spent time wheeling the famous Wood Brother's #21.

Red Coffin 70's Reading, Flemington #44, #TwentyTwo" Cportzline    06/06/04

Craig Ray  RFRHS  Historian   8/17/2016

Red Coffin passed March of 2015. In his honor Action Track USA has named a section of the Grandstand after Red. Also , the RFRHS has named it's annual car show in Lyons after Red.

06/06/04    3-Wide

I got to meet Red at the 2004 Reading Mall Show.  Red was still as fired up as ever as he told us a story about how he did win a few at Reading... and would have won a few more if it wasn't for guys like Tobias and Brightbill just to name a few! 

He told us about the time that he went into the last lap of a Reading feature knowing that Toby was going to put the move on him and how he knew that he wasn't going to lift no matter what.   (You would have thought the race was last weekend the way Red told the story! - It was great.)

He also told us about the time he drove the last car owned by Wally Marks (#1) and how he was afraid to wreck it because he thought the seatbelts were attached to the sheet metal....  I don't know that to be the case, but even if it's not, sure sounds like a great way to trick you're driver into bringing the car back in 1 piece.  Ends up that I think Red got a top 5 in the feature in that car.

Jeff Adams Ran the #35 Sportsman at Flemington during the 1980's....  Heard he moved south and may be working with a Nascar team... Don    06/05/04 Rolfe Schnur    01/30/06

Jeff is now at the NASCAR Technical Institute teaching in Mooresville, NC.
He worked for Petty Enterprises and Bill Davis racing as a chief engine tuner
for their Winston Cup teams. A few years ago he took a bad spill on an ATV
and had to wear a neck halo for a long time. He is now fully recoveredthe same
happy go lucky guy who knew how to win Rookie races and flip at Flemington.


06/21/04    Todd Lewis:

Jeff Adams raced a # 9 and after he hung up his helmet went to work with Billy Pauch, after that I have no clue. He may have gone South but I have no way to verify that.

Sal  Franzese Year:1955 -  Track Last Raced: Freeport Stadum Speedway Dennis    5/1/2004
Tommy Commerford? I rememeber him winning a feature in 73/74? in Fred Burdge's Firebird #57 - riding on the fence (beat Gil Hearne!) Jerry    04/12/04 jerry hart   03/19/07

sorry to say we lost tommy this weekend (3/15/07z) /my 1st hero at wall-72/73? beat gil hearne crushin the fence at the finish line in the #57 fred burge firebird/he was a good guy/lotta laughs/and a character-not many like him left/god!!!!/i miss the old days
Billy Taylor (Owner of the # 99 Valiant and the Crew Chief on the Phil's Chevrolet # 1 that was driven on the DIRT series by Doug Hoffman, Jack Johnson and others) Todd     04/11/04 04/11/04:   Todd Lewis: 

Billy is currently working for Phoenix Racing as a Shop Mechanic on the # 1 Busch Series entry driven by Johnny Benson. Prior to joining Phoenix Racing Taylor was a mechanic for GEB Racing (Geoffrey Bodine # 7). The Phoenix shops are located in Spartanburg SC

Tony Siscone Where is Tony Siscone now?  Is he still racing? iamKellyD     04/05/04 11/14/04    AC Speedway TOM FLANIGAN
I was just with Tony and he is retired from racing and is enjoying spending time with his family. he has built a (camaro) dragster that his son drives. and has a used car business in hammonton that he enjoys doing.  www.atlanticcityspeedway.com

07/02/04    Dawn Cornelius
Hello, just to let you know, Tony Siscone, sold his simpson safety equiptment buisness, about 2 years ago. He is restoring cars, and pretty much retired.

04/11/04     Joe Lehman
I believe Tony is selling safety gear as part of the Speed Palace operation

04/09/04    3-Wide   
I think Tony is still very involved in Safety within our sport.  As far as I know, he retired after winning a Race of Champions event at Flemington in the mid 90's, but I'm hoping you asphalt guys can tell us more.

Bob Herbert aka "ACE" Whatever happened to Bob Herbert aka "ACE"  who drove Modifieds, late models, sprints, late model modifieds, supers and I even saw him in a mini stock too.  He ran in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and the Carolinas from the 50's to way up into the late 80's.  His cars were numbered 01 or 7T (or a variation).  The paint was usually black, red, and yellow gold.  He was one of the few drivers who would rim ride the cushion all night long.  I remember him as a real nice guy.    He was usually one of the first to arrive and the last to leave.  Patti Finkenbiner    04/05/04
Vern Chevalier #04 Gremlin (and others).  Won what I believe was his only modified feature win at Wall in 76? .  He seemed to disappear shortly thereafter/related to Bill Chevalier
Jerry     04/04/04 Mike Bavaro   02/10/10
"Bodymotion" - Ocean, NJ
Vern actually won five modified races at Wall in car numbers 04 and 51. They were Pinto,Gremlin and later Mustang bodied.Vern ran his families demolision business for years. He is currently living in Rumson and has been racing sports cars. he has a Porsche GT3 and has several wins at the new track in Millville N.J., Watkins Glen and most recently (last month) Sebring Florida.
Joe Apgar What ever happen to Joe Apgar who drove the 2A Modified at Bridgeport and/or Nazareth? Janet Apgar    04/04/04
Billy Harvey Just wondering what happened to Billy Harvey of the Fast Lane Ltd. #31 Grant King Gremlins which Gary Balough drove during 1979 Syracuse Super Dirt Week and at Middletown Eastern States 200 and which Billy Harvey tried to qualify at Syracuse in 1980.  Last I had heard he had skipped the Country after his indictment for his involvement in the Interstate Drug arrests in Florida which included Herbie Tillman, Pee Wee Griffin, Gary Balough and many others in 1980-1981. Wondering what happened to all the Race Equipment also which was featured in Stock Car Racing Magazine in a Centerfold. John Slaski Jr.    04/03/04 Dave Bemiss    03/01/08
Edison NJ

According to the Legends of Nascar website, Billie Harvey passed away on September 13, 2007
Joe Severage Whatever happened to Joe Severage?/1975 Wall Champ.  After winning the title in 75, Ray Shea drove the title winning car  in 76.  I remember him driving the Frey Bros car later and getting hurt at New Egypt (believe that was an old Richie Massing car - the old white lighting?) Jerry     02/17/04 Frank G.   10/10/10
Joe and his wife were in my eatery in Middletown the other day. I believe he is now retired and lives in Jackson/Howell.
Mike Follweiler (Jack's brother) Early to mid 80's.  (Big Diamond and  Penn National) Brian Shilly  02/16/04 EW12E    02/25/06

Mike and his brother run Follweiler's Garage in Slatington, PA
Barry Von Dohren (Craig's brother) Early to mid 80's.  (Big Diamond and  Penn National) Brian Shilly  02/16/04
Joe Baum (Photographer) 1960's - (Photographer)  I used to talk to him at Flemington back in the late 60's Dave Nichols    02/15/04
Karl Freyer Would like to know what happened to # 4 Karl Freyer He could really get sidways at Flemington.    Skip McPherson    02/06/04 Todd Lewis    05/02/04
Karl Freyer sold his URC operation to Scott Pursell about 4 or 5 years ago and since then Scott Pursell has been running quite well in a sprinter

Todd Lewis    04/06/04
For a time Karl Freyer tried URC sprints I dont know what he is up to now but he did run with URC some years ago

Ronnie Paulson (70's?) U.S. 13 Speedway - Delmar, Delaware - Ronnie ran a Mustang bodied modified and is number was PB.   Always was an exciting driver to watch with his full bore driving style. At the time his car carrier was a garbage truck that was modified to haul the modified.  Allan Quillen    02/05/04 03/28/04     Barry Miller
Hello 3wide, I became a fan of Ronnie's when he started racing 6-cylinder late models at Grandview in 1973. When he started racing Modifieds at Reading in 1975 I became a member of his pitcrew.  I was a member of his pitcrew when he won the Point Title at U.S. 13 in 1977. He won 16 features that year and in some of his wins he beat the likes of Kenny Brightbill and Dave Kelly. He stopped racing in 1983 and ran a go-kart track near his home in Honeybrook, PA until his death two years ago from a massive heart attack.  I do not have any pictures of his modified but I am
attaching a picture of his first race car. It was the former Bill Stief # 61 and Ronnie won 5 features out of 8 with it in his rookie year at Brigeport in 1973. I live in Morocco now and would you know of anyone that would have any pictures from Grandview Speedway from the 60's and 70's that I could view online?  I grew up at the track and I would love to see some old photos from there.  Keep up the good work.


02/06/04:   The Vault is sorry to hear from visitor Dave Daniels that Ronnie Paulson passed away a little while ago.  I remember the uniquely numbered #PB car at Bridgeport I think on occassion.  We'll try to come up with a picture for the Vault so that we can all remember Ronnie.

George Kaufmann? Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to George Kaufmann?  He raced, and won often, at Weisglass Stadium in Staten island, NY in the late sixties and early seventies...Thanks..                                                               Robert     02/05/04 George LeBlanc    02/06/04
George Kaufman is semi-retired working at a Golf Course in Florida. I'm in touch with him quite often. He bowls weekly with Dick Hirsch, another old Weissglass driver. George is the all time Weissglass feature winner with 45 mains to his credit. He was the only driver to equal Frankie Schneider's 9 mains in one season record. For more info go to my website at www.weissglassspeedway.com.
Thanks, George LeBlanc
Art Tappen I remember a guy by the name of Art Tappen who ran at Riverhead Raceway in New York back in the late 1980's and early 1990's.   He was a hard charger, but very smooth behind the wheel.  Is he still racing or involved with racing in anyway?  ...A driver with great potential... Ted    01/23/04 Mike Siraco    12.06.10

Art Tappen unfortunately passed away on March 01, 2010 in his home. In the early days he called me Midget. He was my uncle, idol and mentor and I miss him dearly.

Provided By:  Robert Hubbs    12.06.10
Passed away in 2010

Provided By:  Slotcar 660    12/04/08

There were two Art Tappens. art Tappan Sr & Art Tappan Jr. senior ran at Islip & Freeport and finished up with the legends at Riverhead.  He now builds street rods.  Art Jr started off with the charger division than moved on to the street stock division (now late models) both cars were black with the # 14.

Art Jr is now a tool sales man with Matco after previously having a Snap On route. he now resides in ridge on long island.

Provided by:  George LeBlanc    01/27/04
In regards to the Art Tappen inquiry, He started in the figure eight division in the late sixties at Islip, worked up to modifieds for many years at Islip, moved over to Freeport Late Models in the seventies and eighties,and finished up in Legends cars at Riverhead. I raced with him in the Legends Cars. He always had super sharp cars, red  # 14. He runs a street rod building shop in Long Island last I heard. Thanks, George LeBlanc.

Gus Frear (Gerald Chamberlain's mechanic and partner in C & F Race team) He owns and operates his own machine shop- "Frear Machine" at 233 North Street, Bedford , PA. 15522 phone (814) 623-8831
Howie Cronce He drove those sharp looking #9C cars at Flemington (and later the Scheer 1A, Rio Bros R-10, etc) Glenn Grafton    12/24/03 hbfd78    03/13/05
Howie Cronce: Howie lives in Tampa Bay. He upgrades street motor electronics, for fuel efficiency purposes. He also works with specialty cars fabricating exact replica's of 1956 Ferraris. They are superb cars.


Provided by Kevin B...    01/04/04
I was at the Englishtown swamp meet last spring and I ran into a guy that was selling items, to make a long story short, he mentioned he used to work on Howies mods. He went on to say that the last he heard was he's living in Florida working on custom corvettes or something to that effect. 

Matt Slowinski He drove a late model and then a modified at Flemington and Delaware International.   He had success in the late models & then moved to the modifieds.  His late model was way ahead of its' time.  Does anyone know what he's doing now? Dick Millar    11/25/03 Kevin Ritchie    02/22/05
I just wanted to add to his wifes email that I was a big fan of Matt's at Delaware International (Then US 13). He was a very nice fellow, who was very approachable, as was the rest of his family. I remember him taking a bad flip one night and his dad telling me he would be back the next week, if they could get a car built in time. He had home built cars that looked a little different, but he was still very quick...and from the way the frame held up in the flip, very strong. I had heard he and his wife were in an auto accident but that was the last I heard of him. Its too bad he is no longer racing, but as we all know, sometimes we find things more important in life than strapping on a helmet and goin' racing. If any one has any pics of Matts cars, esp the 1988-90 seasons at DIS, please pass them along. Id be interested in seeing his 358 as well. Thanks 3 Wide for all the great photos and for the info!

Provided By Janice Slowinski     07/31/04
Hi! This is Janice Slowinski, Matt's wife.  Just to let you know, Matt raced Modifieds and had a lot of success in Delaware from 1988 to 1990.   We were married in December 1990 and were in a bad accident in October 1991.   After recovering we bought a sprint in 1998 and went 358 racing at Williams Grove until 1998.  We have two children ages 2 and 4.  The 4 year old's first word was cam.
Matt still has Matt's Custom Automotive building race as well as muscle car engines.   He also works preload and drives part-time for UPS.
I can't tell you how much it means to Matt that people remember him.
P.S. Matt says hello to Dick Millar and Brian Rozycki

Provided by Brian Rozycki:  12/20/03
He operates Matt's Custom Automotive, in Long valley NJ. He and his father Matt Sr. build racing engines. They used to build motors for me and several other drivers at Flemington in the early 90's.  We had several wins with his motors as did John Bokros and Joey McCarthy.

(Side note, Brian himself was a strong competitor in the sportsman class at Flemington during the 80's in a yellow #33 if I remember correctly... - 3Wide)

Bill Smith I am trying to find out about Wiilliam Smith.. Billy ?? or Bill.  He raced at Flemington in the early 70's.  I think it was modified or sprint (not sure ...)

I knew he lived in Washington  orAsbury.  He has 3 brothers  -  Mitch , Paul ( Butch), Wayne and his father was Bud Groover (step dad).  I was wondering if anyone knew the years  and car # he drove   and what happen'd to him..  I heard he married a girl Patti ?  Any info would be great.       

Amy     10/09/03 Ricky Rutt     02/06/04

Bill raced sportsman then modifieds off and on at Flemington from 1976 to the early 80's. The car was a metallic blue number 24x.  He's still married to Patti and still lives in Phillipsburg NJ.  He lives on the same street as Gary Butler - just three doors away.

Doug Olsen Whatever happened to Doug Olsen, from Budd Olsen Racing, son of Budd Olsen? Kat DC  09/02/03
Mark Fusco (late 70's, 80's, etc - driver of the Ma 4 and class act caterer at Flemington) Todd Lewis  08/23/03 Todd Lewis    04/27/04
Mark Fusco is still catering and he also assists his brother Michael in the operation of Fusco's Machinery which was seen as a billboard sponsor at Flemington
Danny Mitchell He was a very exciting driver, he ran at Orange County and Nazereth but I do remember him racing East Windsor in an ex Will Cagle car, his cars were # 1 and ranks up there with CD Coville and Al Michalchuk for excitement. I believe his car was set on fire one night after a race at East Windsor in a Dinner parking lot, I guess a fan or some other driver must not have thought very much of his driving that night. Does anyone have any info on him? Jeff McClung    07/30/03 Frank Carrello    01/25/07

I am new to this excellent website and live in Middletown, NY. I knew Danny very well and was with him and Jake Rassiga the night the cars were set on fire in the parking lot at a diner near East Windsor Speedway. This dirty deed was done in the middle of a dispute between 2 rival racing organizations that were trying to organize against the speedway owners (I forgot the name of the organization) and it was well thought to have been done by someone from the rival organization but this was never proven. I am proud to have been able to call Danny Mitchell my friend for over 30 years but I am heartbroken to tell you that Danny passed away the 2nd week of this January, 2007. With his passing, I lost a wonderful friend and the racing community lost one of their own who throughout his life contributed so much to our sport. Respectfully submitted, Frank Carrello, Middletown, New York.

Melinda Mitchell
Danny is alive and well still has the auto parts store spends winters in Florida and summers in new york

3-Wide    07/30/03:
I remember reading about 5 or 6 years ago that someone had broken into Danny's home in a robbery attempt or something and Danny was injured, but I think made a full recovery. 
I remember his white and black #1 coupe at EWS and remember him going over the first turn fence one night, but I also remember him winning Modified features in that same car.

Al Graeber I wonder if any of the vault visitors know anything about the current or recent whereabouts of Midget, and stock car driver Al Graeber. Al is from Springfield, Pa, and In the late 50s, drove stock cars at Alcyon Speedway in Pitman. Among others, he drove the 1 Sr, and the gold and white # 10A. At the same time, he also drove midgets. In 1957, and 1958 he was driving the black Raymer Ford #10 midget on the NASCAR midget circuit, running from NY to Delaware including Islip Long Island, and Wall Stadium. In the early 60s, he drove an offy midget for a 4 car team, I believe in ARDC.

Al was one of the pioneers in "Funny Cars" in the late 60s when he owned and drove the nationally famous "Tickle me Pink" Dodge Charger. Al would be in his seventies now, if he's still alive.

Al was a great guy and had a best friend called "Herky", (I think his name was Hercules) As a 10 or 11 year old kid, I was lucky enough to travel with Al and the Raymer Ford, and I haven't seen Al since about 1961. There are a lot of great stories connected with that team and Al, (almost all of them concerning strange things going to or coming from the races rather than at the track) and it would be great to rehash them with Al, if he's still around. Anybody know???

Also, does anyone know what happened to the Raymer Ford #10 midget? The last I remember it was running in New England, with King Carpenter driving. That would have been around 1960

Jim Murrow    07/26/03 Jim Nise    11/19/04

As far as the Raymer Midget goes... My father bought it in January of 1960.  it was campaigned in ARDC until 1962 when it was sold to Bob Sheaffer. In 1960 Bob Hillis drove the car mostly, Johnny Mann and Sonny Saunders (Madonia) as well. In 1962 a Falcon was put under the hood in place of the V8-60. I do not know what Bob Shaeffer did with the car however. King Carpenter did not drive this car in that time frame, I think jim is confused with the CheckerBoard Ford #75 of that time frame. This car ran as number 71 while my father owned it and as #44 when bob Shaeffer owned it. I hope that helps.

Sorry to hear of Al Greaber's passing. I remember him driving the pink and
blue #41 Denk Offy, after his days with the Harry Hespell 4 car team.  Jim Nise

Al Graeber III     06/06/04
AL Graeber got out of racing in 72 after being burned bad in a fire with his 71 charger funny car and put his emphasis on his business Al Graeber's Speedway Engineering  in 74 he had a son (me) and he purchased a drag boat and put in one of his old 426 hemi's in it and used it as a pleasure boat for many years then in 79 he started grooming me in my racing career in quarter midgets building my first car in 86 he had a bad accident in his drag boat and got thrown for the boat and it crushed his knee which never healed was in a cast for a long time.   After that he did find the time to have another son in 86 (Daniel). 

In 88 he purchased a micro sprint for us to play with.  In late 91 he was diagnosed with colon cancer and he passed away 12/20/93 at age 61.

Myself, my mother and my brother miss him dearly.  I am trying to honor him by getting back into racing as I have been out of it for so long but hopefully I will make him proud again.  Anyone looking for more info or photos can email me at acgraeber@aol.com thanks    Al Graeber III  (lil AL)


Tex enright passed away 01/05/80 From cancer .This is his son Bob (one of the twins.)  Brother Bill and Jerry are active at Middletown and I Bob race at Fonda.   If you would like anymore information please contact me at
thetaz79@aol.com  Thanks for the memories.

Eugene Barry
The flagger at Orange County Fair Speedway is Tex Enright's son Jerry.  He is the Asst Flagman and his other son Billy is the Third Turn Cornerman.  I know that this is still true because I'm the backstretch flagman there.

Tom Berry    12/31/03
Sadly Tex passed away several years ago while living in the Middletown area.  Some people don't know that Tex was an accomplished midget and stock car driver before he became a starter. 

Bob Pye Bob Pye ran the yellow number 11 at Nazareth and Harmony Speedways. The last time I ever saw Pye was on night at Harmony he hit the frontstretch wall which was made of wood. The plank came through the car, went between Pye's legs and lifted him off the seat. He walked away from the car, straight through the pits and out the back gate. I believe he left the race car at the track and it was later junked by Chet Crane. Pye's car was different in the fact he sat in the middle and the steering wheel was cocked at a 45 degree angle to the right. Jim Young / RACESONGS  07/10/03 Scruff     03/05/04
The story of Bob is somewhat true. The part aout the guardrail going between Bob's legs and under his seat did happen,but at Harmony.  (Nazereth had concrete walls.) 
The part about Bob walking away and leaving his car behind, sounds like something Bob would do.
Myth (regarding leaving the car at the track) -   he took the car home, had to loosen the motor and pull the board out with a towtruck. The car was sold to George Amerman who raced it in 1969.  George later sold the car to Camel Banghart. Bob quit racing and was into shooting guns in competion.   Bob might be retired after working for Byram Twp. as head mech.  He still lives in Port Morris N.J.

I was checking out the "whatever happened to" section and came across Clyde Suydam. Clyde is my wife's grandfather. The former driver of the 37V can be found every Saturday night at Hamlin Speedway in the Poconos. He is the "Tech Advisor" on three different Tobias Slingshots. The # 37 of George Drake, the # 39 of Roger Collins and my # 3. He still lives in Asbury, NJ. I would like to have seen what Clyde would have done in his racing career if he just had a little more money and help. He was a great racer at Flemington, Nazareth, Harmony and Middletown. Before he raced stock cars he also raced motorcycles. It is great ot sit down and talk to him about racing. He is a legend of the sport. Thanks Mark Burd

Don House One of the most potent asphalt Modifieds' of the late 1950s' in to the 1960s' was the Don House owned XL-1. Don was one of the many "invaiders" from Florida who would come up for the northern racing season.

Many a great drove Don House prepaired big block Ford race cars. Amoung those were; Joe Kelly (David Haupt), Tommie Elliott, Wally Dallenback, Don McTavish, Leroy Yarborough, Sammy Beavers, Lou Austin.

Terry Kelleher  07/01/03
Gary Balough? Whatever happened to Gary Balough? Richard Kelleher  06/26/03 3Wide  06/04/16: 
Got to meet Gary at the Nostalgia Night at OCFS.  Gary was signing autographs for his many fans.
Here's a few pictures from that night:

Click here for a few pics

Dennis    08/09/05
Here is an update that I found off the Federal Prison database.  He's in a minimum security prison in Pennsacola Florida with a scheduled release date of 2010.

Randy Sands    11/15/04
He (Gary) was at Hialeah Speedway last weekend looking at my outlaw modified and talking to my dad. Wish I knew it was Gary, would have been great to talk to a racing legend that I grew up watching race around Fla. short tracks........

From 3-Wide   08/01/04  
(Todd Lewis emailed me on 8/1/04? that Gary had just recently been arrested again on drug charges and was expected to be facing jail time as a result of the current troubles combined with his previous arrest.  I chose not to post it at the time as I wasn't sure if it had been confirmed.  Unfortunately, Todd was on the mark as the info has been confirmed.  What a shame...)


Jim Murrow:  06/29/03:   
I don’t know exactly what he’s doing right now, but, he raced down south in the 80s, and got into Winston Cup.  Then, he was convicted of drug charges and sent to prison. As Balough tells the story, when the arrest happened, he’d been signed to drive the #28 car for Harry Ranier.   Waddell Wilson was the crew chief, and Robert Yates built the motors. - Benny Parsons ended up in it.  I guess that was about 1981. Gary had won a national championship with NASCAR’s All-Pro circuit, where he won 14 out of 22 races, but that was after the conviction, and he was awaiting sentencing.
He came to Syracuse in 2000, and didn’t run well. In an interview he gave at the time, he said he had served 45Ĺ months in jail, and it had cost him his marriage, and his career in Winston Cup.
He said when he got out of jail, he took his 7-year-old car and went to Summerville, South Carolina, for a 200-lap All-Pro race, sat on the pole, and won the race, and he also said that in 1996 he drove Pee Wee Griffin’s Late Model, and won 67 out of 79 races in it.
I heard he was working with some late model, ARCA, and Busch teams over the last few years, as a consultant, crew chief, or whatever. I imagine he still drives a bit, too.


Jim Murrow:    07/01/03
One other thing I didn't mention, and probably should have is that, as far as I know, Gary didn't take any drugs. He was involved with several others in racing, in, as I understand it, importing the stuff. He said he did it to fund his racing.
Damn shame. He was a great talent, at the top of his game, and just about to get his big break.

Hoop Schaible Whatever happened to , (orange #95), and do you have any pictures of him or the car at Harmony or any speedway. 1964 / 1970 ? Larry Ehasz     05/30/03 J.R. Hoff    07/03/03
I saw that some of your viewers were interested in seeing pictures of Hoop and his orange #95. I have put some of his pictures on a web site located at:
J.R. Hoff (Hoop's nephew)

Rick Shrive   06/12/03
Hoop retired after the 1968 or 1969 season.  The "Mayor of Upper Black Eddy"continued working as a mason out of his cluttered garage,and I understand he is, sadly ,in poor health lately.   The famous #95 still sits in the garage,exactly as it came off the track from it's last race,but no one has seen it in years, as it is piled full of Hoop's many possessions.   I also would love to see some photos of this car.   I still have my "Go, Hoop, Go" button somewhere.

Jay Stong When I was young I was a big fan of Jay Stong. those old # 50, 505 cars were really sharp, can anyone tell me whats become of Jay?

Late 70's (East Windsor, Flemington, etc.)

Kevin B.  05/08/03

Craig Ray  RFRHS Historian   8/17/2016

Jay occasionally attends RFRHS reunions at the Reading Fair. Jay had a pretty decent driving career winning at Reading , East Windsor, Flemington, Grandview and Bridgeport. He did a fine job in the Council Harroll # 35.

Sherri Dornberger  02/24/05
Jay lives in Royerford Pa with his wife Barabra. One of their sons is running
the sportsman division at Bridgeport on Saturday's

Does anyone out there have any pictures of Fran Hoag in the 70s sportsman or modifieds thanks? Late 70's?  (East Windsor..) Kevin B  05/07/03 3-Wide     05/11/03    I ran into Fran working with the team on his son's URC Sprinter at New Egypt Speedway on Saturday, May 10th, 2003.   I asked Fran if he would forward us a picture of 2 so that he could be added to the Vault.
(Looking for info on a specific car):  The red Teo bodied R7 Hummer Motorsports The car was by Brett Hearn , Johnny Strupp and Bobby Hummer to name a few? Todd L 04/18/03 Bob Hummer Sr.    07/18/03:
I was the owner of the R7 Modifieds. I purchased My first car from Doug Olsen -OLSEN/B.O.S.S -, (the B.O.S.S. went for Bud Olsen Speed Supplies ) in 1986. We ran the 1987 season at Orange County Speedway, Middletown, N.Y. with Brett Hearn as My Driver and we went on to win the Championship that year with 17 feature wins in total at different tracks but most were at Middletown. Brett always said "The Car Has A Mind Of Its Own". Brett says it was by far the best handling race car he drove. I also purchased Billy Pauch’s # 126 from Glen Hyleman at the end of the 1987 race season that was also a Olsen car. Over the winter a very prominent businessman " John Joseph" contacted me and said he wanted to buy my race team because he owned a marina and construction company and could use a good tax write off and wanted to go racing in 1988 with first class equipment and said I owned the two best cars that were driven to championships by the two best drivers around. I told him they weren’t for sale but he made me an offer that my business sense told me to go for which instantly got me out of racing and into a new 911 and a new 928 Porsche. I got back in racing in 1989 and John Strupp drove for me at Flemington Speedway, In 1990 I purchased Two more Olsen cars and two enclosed tow units and now I had three cars. My son Bobby Hummer was My 1990 driver and I’m very proud to say he won His first ever race at Flemington Speedway the first time in the car. We ran one month at Flemington and then went to Middletown to finish the season where he was very competitive and had a few 2nd place finishes behind Brett Hearn. All in total I owned eight cars and they were all Olsen cars. The drivers that drove at one time on a steady basis were "BOBBY HUMMER", BRETT HEARN", JACK JOHNSON", and JOHNNY STRUPP". "JEFF HETZLER", "STAN PLOSKI", " NEWT HARTMAN", "JEFF ADAMS", DEAN GULICK" and "DAVE BLANEY" also had a ride(s) in the R7 at one point. Bobby Hearn always did my bodies and I was the first TEO customer. I have several photo albums filled with cherished racing memories of the Hummer motorsports beautiful racers that I’ll share copies of with anyone interested. I can be contacted at Realhummer@aol.com ---- Bob Hummer Sr.
The Huska Brothers Jaime and Casey (I think that was their names).... They used to run the 89 and 189 cars. I know the one brother had his arm severed in a work related accident and recovered to race again. Todd J    04/09/03 Brian Rozycki    12/212/03
Casey, was the brother that was injured. He nearly severed his arm in a work related accident and has recovered fully. He has since married and settled down to play soft ball . His brother Jamie now races cross country Moto cross in the east coast. Both Still live in Whitehoue NJ.  As a side note, their father Jim was a novice Champion at Harmony Speedway years ago...

Todd L     4/13/03    The Huska Brothers were Jamie and Casey and yes their car #'s were 189 and 89 I do remember one suffering a work injury but do not remember which one.

Pete Cobb All I can remember is that he had this gremlin light turquoise in color, and man did that thing sit low. Kevin B  04/07/03 Mrnconway8   12/26/06
Pete Cobb is still living out side Atlanta. He was helping his son Pete Jr
run some dirt with a lot of success.Same teal green #11.

Barbara K.  02/08/06
Pete has been living on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia for at least 15 years.

Jerry      2/17/04       
What I remember about the Gremlin was mid-way thru a feature the rotors on his car would start glowing big-time!   Whatever did happen to him? - drive any other cars?

Elvin Felty What ever happened to Electrifyin Elvin Felty the former driver of the Black Horse 81 and the Tabloid Graphics 86 (Elvin ran the 86 as a team car to Chip Slocum's 8T6 for Ray Carroll in the 80's). Todd L    03/17/03 Mike   03/26/04 
Elvin now   works for the PA Turnpike Commision
Dirk Adriaanse What ever happened to Dirk Adriaanse who campaigned the 44a and $ sign at Flemington? Dirk was pretty quick and I think he may have won some features Todd L    03/17/03
Joe Inglin Jr. What ever happened to Joe Inglin Jr.  He ran Late Models at Flemington in the 80's in a # 11 and also an orange #127 Todd L    03/08/03 Tom Berry    12/31/03
I ran into Joe Inglin this summer at Hamlin Speedway where his teenage son was driving in the Slingshot division. 
Dick Durica What ever happened to Dick Durica he used to run a Coors sponsored car # 1 at Flemington in the 80's and the car was owned by Gene Gilligan. Since the square was paved I havent seen Dick's name any where. Todd L  03/03/03 Todd J    03/04/03
A few years back I found a Durica Racing site online... I was sure that it mentioned Dick, but went there today and didn't see his name mentioned other then racing in NY, PA, and NJ. Here is his boys' site, along with a IMCA profile. Todd J
Jerry Camp I remember him from the late 60's or early 70's at Pleasantville in a blue #9a 3-Wide   03/03/03 Tuckahoe Tom    03/09/03
I thought I could help with Jerry Camp driver of the #9a at P-ville etc. Jerry is going through medical treatments and is the victim of a very bad stroke a few years back that nearly claimed his life. I go to church with his wife and know his daughter and son in law very well and could ask any questions anyone has. Johnny Wyers who runs a limited sprint at B-port is his son in law.


3-Wide    03/03/03
(I know that Todd J and Rodie Joe have some first hand info and hope they will help out here!)


Tuckahoe Tom    03/09/03
I thought I could help with Jerry Camp driver of the #9a at P-ville etc. Jerry is going through medical treatments and is the victim of a very bad stroke a few years back that nearly claimed his life. I go to church with his wife and know his daughter and son in law very well and could ask any questions anyone has. Johnny Wyers who runs a limited sprint at B-port is his son in law.

Jerry Tamarchio Whatever happened to Jerry Tomarchio ?   Used to run Onka's 12 (12T when there were 2 cars) , and Tommy Mutchler's 74 at EWS . The last I saw Jerry was when he was helping Art Adams on the 14 whats he up to now? Todd L    02/02/03: Mark Marotta  12/16/04
He is still cutting hair at his shop in Pennington NJ .Goes to NES a few times a yr. Enjoys his boat at the Jersey shore during the summer. Hunting in the fall, snowmobiling in the winter. He would like to find a ride and get back into racing.
Paul Richards Whatever happened to Paul Richards?  I think the last that I remember hearing of him, he was wheeling a Gary Spotts #2s at EWS.  They had a chopped down body, sort of in line with the Onka #12... Todd J    01/27/03 RJJKSHIVE     05/13/03
Paul Richards is racing Micros at Borgers Speedway.

3-Wide     02/03/03
I don't know what happenned to Paul, but I remember when he first started running at Flemington in a little #49r sportsman.  I think the back of the car had a little miner dude carrying a pick and I could never figure out why.  Then one day it hit me.   If you said his number real quick, (kind of like if you were from South Philly), it sounded more like 49'er, as in "Miner Forty-Niner", instead of 49r


Todd L     02/02/03
I remember Paul in the 2s also and he was supposed to be the original driver of the X that Horton ran at EWS but only ran it once or twice. I think there was another driver in the 2s after Paul but I forget who it was. Other driver in the 2s may have been Doug Manmiller but I am not 100% sure any help on this?

Parker Bohn I would like to know to Parker Bohn. He was thrilling to watch,racing the Tom Skinner #659 GMC powered Chevy coupe at Wall Stadium. Also, is the car still with us? I don't know when he started racing,but I assume it was in the early 50's. The first I saw him was around 1970-72.


littlebitmaxima  01/27/03 Jerry    10/01/04
Parker Bohn III's Grand Father is actually the Parker Bohn that ran the 659 - not his dad.  This is just word that I had got from him on a visit from him down here to a Brunswick Bowling Alley here in Delaware.


Eric P.  02/03/03
Someone asked about the whereabouts of Parker Bohn (Jr.) who drove the 659.  Isn't he the father of Parker Bohn III, the professional bowler?  They both hail from Freehold, N.J., so that seems to make sense.


Bill Force    02/19/03
Answer to the persons/person who inquired. Parker is still living in Freehold on his farm. His son Eddie is still running dirt mods at New Egypt. As for the 659 coupe. One is still under restoration in Tom Skinner's shop in Hammonton. One of the coupes that was sold to Johnny Lyons, that Tony Siscone drove at the AC Speedway, was later owned by Tom Eppolite.It was supposed to be restored but there is not much left of it today. The 659 VEGA also driven by Parker was sold many years ago to a furniture dealer in the Medford, NJ area. Two years ago it was purchased by Charlie Santilli of Hammonton . He and Tom Skinner went over the car which was in immaculate original condition, put the GMC,6CYL. in it and it ran at GSVSCC vintage events since then. Charlie also owns the Tom Skinner, Modified that Eddie Bohn drove to the Wall Stadium modified championship a few years ago. Henry Doerr was the first driver to drive a Tom Skinner 659 Coupe.

Jimmy Hauser Whatever happen to Jimmy Hauser who use to run in the modified division at Orange County?   He ran a black and green #2.  He ran in the ninty's. Tom DiMarcello  01/20/03 08/22/03   Scott Hanley
Jimmy Hauser, driver of the HB2. The last time I saw Jimmy,( approx.6 mos) he was working for Hauser Brother Mechanical Contractors.


01/26/03   Todd L
Real high class operation #HB2 was a visitor to EWS for open comp shows and I too was wondering where he vanished to.

Tighe Scott Whatever happened to tighe scott/Driver of the no.28 Scotty's fashions Gremlin John Slaski Jr 01/14/03 01/20/03   3-Wide  
I don't know about recently, but I remember back in the late 70's that Tighe almost won the Daytona 500.  It may have even been the year they show where Donnie Allison and Cale Yarborough got together coming down the backstretch resulting in a fist fight between Cale and Donnie's brother Bobby,  who stopped the following lap to let him know what was on his mind...   Tighe ran top 5 all day and had a bad pit stop near the end that took set him back a bit.  I think he drove an orange or white #30 and it may have had "russsss" on the 1/4 panel.


Bill Hanna  01/27/03
Tighe Scott still resides in Pen Argyl, PA and is the CEO (I Believe) of the family business. Scotty's Fashions. They still have a large plant right in the center of town. The year that Tighe almost won the Daytona 500 is 1978, the race was won by Bobby Allison, and Tighe finished 11th after a poor pitstop at the end. He drove a car for Walter Ballard and it was a white #30 Oldsmobile, and indeed Russssss was probably on the quarter panel and it was a division of Scotty's Fashions. Carl Van Horn also had a memerable ride in this ride sometime in the 70's at Pocono Raceway as well as I recall (23rd in 1975). This is back when locals sometimes got a shot at a Winston Cup ride when they appeared locally. I also remember Kenny Brightbill driving for Junie Donleavy at Dover, Brightbill recorded a 10th place finish at Pocono in 1974.

Clarence Williamson (Whatever happened to) Clarence Williamson - a farmer in Hunterdon County who raced during the 60's at Flemington and Harmony in a white coach #45X John Fahey 01/08/03

Rocky    12.27.13

Clarence is my Father. He raced in the 50's and 60's, retiring around '68. He and I continued to go to the races until the middle '80s. Dad passed away September 30, 2001. He loved telling stories of his capers with guys like Jimmy Wismer, Lloyd McBride, Sammy Beavers, And other "bad" boys like them. He did all that work on his cars, loved his slant six engines, but loved the comradeship he had with all the other drivers. Incidentally, my Mother, Alice Williamson, won the very 1st Powder Puff Derby at Flemington Speedway, which Dad had to take a LOT of ribbing for.

Kyle Kania    04.29.10

I race karts with a Lloyd and Matt Williamson. Lloyd is the son of
Clarence, and Matt is his grand son. The one photo on the vault has a picture of Clarence at Harmony, with Bobby Stull in the photo....
Danny Klockner Ran #55 sportsman in 70's & #20 & A modified at Flem, EWS & Bridgeport Todd 12/29/02: 

Hey just curious any pics of Danny Klockner in the 55 from the 70's at local  tracks  it was a coupe  and very quick. also any pics of Danny in the A car at the port I remember he destroyed the A in the late 80's any pics of Danny anywhere

3-Wide   12/30/02
It's not real recent, but  the last time I saw Danny, he was working at Trenton Mack.   I crewed with the Barry Schenk/Billy Schenk "A" cars in the late 80's when Danny was the driver.  Danny was a great driver to crew for as he always made you aware of how much he appreciated everyone's efforts in getting the car out there week after week.  Danny had some real strong runs at Bridgeport in the Big Block.


Paula 02/01/03
We heard through the grapevine there was a site out there looking for info on Dan. Who Are You? And who is Todd? Tell Todd that Dan did not total the A car. Dan got hit from behind by Toby Tobias and lauched over Roger Loreno, then flipped. The very next week after the crash, Dan came back and finished 2nd place in the same car, behind cozy. Todd must be confused and thinking of when Al Michaelchuck drove the A car and flipped, taking down light poles before landing in the parking lot. That was before Dan drove for Big B. They continued to run, in spite of losing their best motor, and were competitive the rest of the year.


3-Wide 02/01/03
Todd is a contributor to the site and like most fans, is interested in how Danny is doing. (I continue to get requests for pictures of his beautiful #55 Sportsman Coupe, which we now have posted in the "70's" section).   I used to crew on the A car when Danny drove it (tell him Rocky says hello), and was there on opening night at Bridgeport around 1989 or 89 when Danny was involved in a flip. It tore the brand new body up pretty well, but it really didn't hurt the car much beyond that if I recall. I was also there the a year or 2 before when Al Michalchuk flipped down the frontstretch after a car #20 (making his first start on dirt from what I understand), on the initial start of the heat race, lost control of his car and came from the bottom of the track straight up across the front of Al. Al went up over his front tire and took off and landed between the guardrail and the parking lot fence just outside of the entrance to turn one.
Danny had some great drives in the A car, and whether he finished well or not, Danny always was the best to crew for. As I said earlier, Danny always showed his appreciation for the crew and always had a smile..


Todd L    02/09/03
I am only 30 and when Danny rolled the A,  I was not old enough to be in the pits and from first glance it was not apparent that the only damage was sheet metal. I remember the 55 well, as the site says it was the first car I clearly recall, I always enjoyed watching Danny run and used to see him from time to time at local tracks with the 704

(Owner) Joe Critelli

Owned the $ that ran at Flemington in the mid 80's Todd Lewis  12/26/02

Wondering what former car owner Joe Critelli is up to now.  He owned the $ that was driven by Stan Ploski and Dirk Adriaanse to name a few

fwsia    01/12/03
In response to the person asking about a prior owner of the $ car. He should be able to get some info from the current driver, Chris Wasson. He drives the $ out of the Supreme Welding shop in Chatham NJ. I know his grandfather is on his pit crew and I'm sure he could help. It could just be that Chris's grandfather is the person he is looking for.

Whitey Kidd Jr.

1980's & early 90's at Flemington Todd Lewis  12/26/02

Wondering what happened to Whitey Kidd Jr. Whitey ran at Flemington in a # 95 the last one I remember was a black car may have been a Tobias. Whitey is Originally from Staten Island, NY. He campaigned in the mid 80's to early 90's. I seem to also remember his father owned a #125 driven in the early 80s by Roger Laureno.

Randy Ross    07/31/03

One of his old crew members "Chief" was at New Egypt for Series race last years .Whitey (Sr.) still runs Whitey's Welding on Statin Island he is now retired from NYPD or NYFD don't remember which. Whitey Jr. also raced for a while. Great bunch of guys many a late night partying after the races.


Bruce Driver

1980's & 90's at Flemington Photo Nutt  12/26/02

#8 Blue dirt sportsman & #8 Flemington asphalt mod. I read about him getting a ride from somebody from Childress team on the very tough NASCAR Featherlite tour. But never heard about him again. Saw him in the pits at NES too. Does anyone know where he is or what he is doing now? Today's article in Trentonian news paper (12/26/02) made me think of him. "NASCAR seeks Tiger Woods of racing"

Todd Lewis    04/11/04 
Bruce Driver has recently been tapped by SCORE Motorsports which is owned by Hermie Sadler and Bryant Stith to drive a NASCAR Late Model at South Boston Speedway in Virginia in his first two starts driving the # 02 Bruce has finishes of 21st and 20th . Its not a great start but I am sure Bruce will improve upon it through the rest of the season.  Bruce Driver and SCORE's partnership is part of the NASCAR Diversity Program, One of Ace Lane's sons is also a member of the diversity program as well.

Todd  L.  12/27/02
Bruce is living in Mercer County, NJ and still running the Featherlite series in a # 81 which at one time was partially owned by Don Hawk (former DEI employee) and also at one time was sponsored by Pennzoil the sponsorship was found by Dale Earnhardt himself after watching Bruce at Flemington.

Charlie Voorhees 1970's/East Windsor and Flemington grtwhtbuffalo - 12/13/02

Charlie Voorhees?? #705, Sportsman, Flemington Speedway, 1970's. Pretty-strong racer. Always a clean racer, always a clean/straight car. Color scheme was very close to the Norcia #81 cars of the day

Dolleen -  12/14/04
Hey, about that #705 Charlie Voorhees, He is in the Spotswood area. I've known him since the late 60,s. He's doin good. Unfortunatly not racing anymore but still keeping busy.   It was a nice surprise to be directed to this website and come to be the mystery driver in the 70's section!    I guess it'd be hard for anyone to forget Charlie once they've met him.   Even rightside up!!


3-Wide   - 07/30/03
I was talking to a fellow at the Outlaw show at NES and he tells me that Charlie is living in the Spotswood, NJ area and that he too remembers Charlie as one of the most exciting drivers in his #705 Coupe and also a #705 Mustang bodied car.


Tim Weber - 12/24/02
In the "where are they now" section, I noticed there was an article on Charlie Voorhees and his 705. The car was garaged in Milltown, made up from discarded 81 parts and was co owned by a guy named Ray.(can't think of his last name) Charlie was a longhaired 5'4" 200lbs of solid muscle, a Viet Nam vet that would race cleanly but not take any crap from anyone. He's the first guy I ever worked in the pits for at EWS, as my cousin Duane Swanson already was on the crew and got me aboard. I later helped out Glen Reebe(45) and Ken Laureno (777) that same season. The key to the 705 # was that it was Charlie's draft induction #, the # on the ammo truck he drove, and his # on the MIA list when his entire convoy got blown up with Charlie being the only survivor. He then came to realize that upside down, 705 spells "SOL".

Al Michalchuk 1970's & 1980's at Flemington,  East Windsor (Bridgeport) grtwhtbuffalo   - 12/13/02

Always remember him as a strong runner back in the early-mid 70's.

3-Wide - 12/16/02
Al is involved in horsepower of a different type nowadays.  I know that Al, (always the fabricator), recently completed a restoration of an antique "One Horse Sleigh" which he and his wife enjoy riding in while being pulled by one of his horses in the snow..

Charlie Marty

1970's - Flemington Jim - 12/08/02

May have driven a Ray Liss Built Gremlin.  Looking for info - Thanks

Eddie Mumford

70's & 80's at Bridgeport, EWS, etc Mike Rogie, 12/04/02

As a kid, I was big fan of Eddie Mumford when he drove the white pinto (i think) bodied Z-8 at East Windsor and Bridgeport. He would always run away with his heat and then break in the feature and load up and leave. When I got older I saw he was a hotshoe at Grandview, in their Hall of Fame, in the early 70's and won some big SBM races at Reading too. Just never heard his name or much of him after he stopped racing.

3-Wide - 08/19/06
I got a chance to talk with Eddie on Aug 19th, 2006.  He currently owns a body shop outside of Phila that he rents out.  He's got some great stories from East Windsor, Reading, Grandview, Bridgeport... 

Told us that after running his sportsman heat one night at EWS, the Norcia guys wanted to put a Big Block in the car...  Then Jimmy Horton wanted to buy the car without the motor...  it was that fast. (Only weighed about 2000lbs...  He also told us about the time that somebody tried to go around the OUTSIDE of him at EWS and ended up catching the wall instead.  As they returned to the pits, the upset driver and crew gave Ed their opinion of things and Ed told him, "What in the heck were you doing trying to pass me on the outside?"  (For those who remember Ed's driving style, he usually didn't leave a whole lot between him and the wall!)  The next week, Ed was leading and waved this same driver around him and let him go on for the win.  The upset driver confronted him afterwards and said, "What did you do that for?"   Ed told him that the guy thought Ed had wrecked him earlier and this was Ed's way of saying that he didn't need a win or the $'s so bad that he'd wreck anybody.  The other driver was a little agrevated because it was no fun to win if Ed was waving him around!

Ed told us about the time that he had nitrous on the Orange Krate at EWS.  (Swears he was just experimenting with it and never really did get to where he benifited from it because it carried the car into the corner further than he wanted, and he was already having enough trouble getting through the corner..)  Said one time he was lined up to go out for the feature and the Tech Inspector (Eddie said he had a limp and wore glasses) came over to the line and asked him if he had nitrous in the fire extinguisher...  Ed denied it at first, and the Tech Inspector knew it was in there so he just kept telling Ed, "Ed, I can't let you run with that in there... take the extinquisher out..."   After a discussion, they told him to disconnect it...  Ed suggested leaving it all intact, and got them to setting for just pulling the lever to release the charge so that he didn't have to disconnect everything.  A few minutes later when he went to start it up, the Nitrous had not dissapated as much as he had planned and well, you guessed it... as Ed said, it "Sounded like an atom bomb!"

Ed also had a story about Reading...  He went out there and won... got protested...   won the protest, but Lindy would only give him half of his winnings (the win paid $400) because even though he was legal, Lindy  claimed he had to keep the lights on so long because of the protest that he was going to have to use the other half of Eddie's winnings to pay the electric bill... Ed got $200 instead of $400 with a legal car...

Ed told us about the time at Grandview where he came up light... (Same car weighed more on the Reading scale, so while Ed's car might have been legal, the scale said it wasn't.)   Ed decide to fill a 5 gallon jug with water and strap it to the back of his seat, and borrowed a chain/block from a friends trailer and put that in the car too.  Well, the water all leaked out, but the weight of the chain block was good enough... They made weight after the feature.  Only problem... they forgot to put the borrowed chain back on the car on the trailer and on the way out, his friends car came off the trailer...

Ed said that at Bridgeport they'd put him to the rear a lot for jumping so he got to where he'd lay back a little so that they wouldn't penalize him, but that he'd still try to have the lead by the time they got to turn 3.

A lot of ingenuity went into his cars, but it was he white Pinto that was his fastest.   Said it said on it "Sandy's Mink" because his wife's name was Sandy and, well, after spending money on the racecar... that was her mink!

Great Stories from one of our favorites here in the Vault.  Ed turned 70 this year... Sounded to us like he's could still get it done out there!


Tuckahoe Tom    03/09/03
I saw Eddie Mumford mentioned. My memories of Eddie were in the Sportsman division at the Port racing Chic Cossaboone in the 7A. Eddie always had a orange marker light on the lid of his car so the crew could find him in the dust.




Dave Kelly

Sprints, Modifieds, 70's, 80's & 90's RBubba/Wed, 4 Dec 2002

Craig Ray  RFRHS Historian   8/17/2016

Dave still lives in Fl. Dave was inducted into the 2016 Reading Fairgrounds " Home of Champions" 

BM22TM22    03/24/05
Dave and his wife WANDA live in Ormond Beach , FL, sat with them at the sprints at Volusia and was at their house SUPER BOWL Sunday watching the Eagles loose!!!! Dave spends a lot of time on the golf course.


Ew12e   01/22/05
I grew up in the garage by the Mack Truck plant in Macungie, PA.  I am still good friends with his two sons. Dave now lives in Florida.


3-Wide - 12/09/02
Just read in last weeks Area Auto Racing News that Dave was being inducted into the Hall of Fame along with Stan Ploski and others.

3-Wide - 12/09/02
Just saw a picture of Dave enjoying himself on vacation in this weeks Area Auto Racing News.

Jack Powell 1955 - 65/Wall Stadium and Oldbridge, NJ Ken

Manny Zilli

1980?/Flemington, NJ Joe -  12/01/02 Frank Miller   01/09/04
Manny Zilly retired from PECO about 5 years ago.He lives in Plumbsteadville, PA.   His son Keith works for a glass CO and is a Billy Pauch fan.  He attends quite a few races a year where Billy is racing.

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