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Photo ID # 03.29.03_013_GRE_ALL_0060_1
Car #: #13
Driver (s) : Tom Green
Location: Allentown, PA
Date: 1965
Photographer: John Fahey
Photo provided by: John Fahey
Comments: Picture taken at Allentown, PA.  
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03/30/03 3-Wide I'm not sure, but I think Bill Singer told me that Artic Ice Cream in Ewing is owned by Tom Green???
03/31/03 Mark Yaple Correct! Tommy makes the best ice cream in the industry!
04/06/03 Kevin Newman Tom always brought plenty of ice cream for everybody!
04/18/03 Todd L Some years ago Tom Green indirectly gave me the best experience at a NASCAR race that one could have, Tom had given garage passes for Pocono to a friend of mine and my friend took me in the garage with him. While in the garage I met Harry Gant, Darrell Waltrip, Richard Childress and many others.


03/04/04 Jerry Great to know Tom owns Artic Ice Cream!   I work around the corner at Colonial Cadillac for 8 yrs!   Never knew it!    Gotta stop in now to talk to him about the #22 Sedan he ran at wall!    Former Bob Rossell car?  Still remember my eyes burning as a kid when they ran alcohol!
03/04/04 3-Wide If you stop in there right around lunch time you might fine Bill Singer in there as well - If so, tell him everyone from the Vault sends there regards!
12/02/04 Jerry H any pics out there of the green machine 22 sedan that ran at wall?
 10.13.13 Ed

I lived down the street from Tom Fodor’s welding shop. I used to go down after school and help Freddy Brian after he was done work. He worked in the back of the shop on the 13. He sold the 13 to Tom Fodor during his divorce so his wife wouldn’t get any money from it. Great group of guys and great cars, too.