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Photo ID # 04.24.03_111_McL_FLM_0060_1
Car #: #111
Driver (s) : Jackie McLaughlin
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1960
Photographer: Ace Lane   ( www.acelanephotography.com )
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: This 1960, Ace Lane photo taken at Flemington, shows Jackie McLaughlin with the first Maul Brother's # 111. The car was built by Neal Williams in Vineland, N.J. for the Maul Brothers. Neal fielded the red # 44's driven by Al Tasnady to many victories in the northeast. Tas took this Gold colored car to Daytona in February, 1960 and competed on the big track carrying the number 44. The car first ran up north at Alcyon Speedway in Pitman in the Spring carrying the number 111 on the sides but still had the big # 44 on the roof, which had been required to run Daytona. Elton Hildreth drove the car at Alcyon with limited success. Jackie McLaughlin went to Elton's shop and asked Elton if he could have the ride. Elton had is own # 16-J and told Jack he could drive the car.

Jackie got in the car an set the stock car world upside down. If I recall he won Alcyon, Flemington and Nazareth the first weekend. Jackie had a "rocket ship" with the car.

Jackie, being handsome and very social, would not bring the car back home sometimes until mid-week. At the end of the season, the owners replaced Jackie with his brother -in-law, Budd Olsen. While Budd was successful with the later "Maul Missiles", Jackie set the standard. Before his untimely death in 1964, Jackie had established a tremendous record for wins per starts. Jackie's other real strong rides which followed the #111, were Lucky Jordan's # 2 and Budd Olsen's # 83, in which he lost his life. (Comments from Russ Dodge)

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04/28/03 Jim Murrow OK Russ, I wrote some comments about this car under the Alcyon picture. I may have been wrong. You say that Neal Williams built this car. Maybe he did. Neal , as you say, fielded the 44 car for Al Tasanady for many years. ( before "Tas", Ralph Smith drove Neal's 44 car) Jackie, however, did build one of the 111 cars in his 2 car garage, in the backyard of his grandmother's house in Therofare, NJ, and I spent hours over there with him when he built it over the winter. That may have been the one after this one, though. (Memory isn't as good as it used to be!) Elton Hildreth also used to drive his own # 717 at Alcyon, before building the # 16-J pavement car he later drove. It, like the 16-J, was painted black and orange.  Thanks for the great photo.
05/01/03 Russ Dodge It's ironic that the discussion centers around Neal Williams built cars. The black # 717 coach the Elton drove in 1957 was built and owned by Neal Williams. The car was driven before Elton by Dick Werchan of Vineland, N.J. The very first # 717 built by Neal was all orange with a black # 717 and had Laird's Special on the side as a joke. Laird's apple jack was the beverage of choice by Neal and the boys at that time. Probably one of the most pristine cars ever built was a black # 717 coupe. I'll post in the 50's section. It was built with the intention of having a young Jackie Lynch as the driver. Thanks, Russ Dodge