Motorsports 2009
Saturday, Jan 17th

Good crowd on hand on Saturday for Motorsports 2009

New Jersey Motorsports Park (Millville, NJ) had something for everyone...

Can Am, ARCA RE/MAX, AMA Superbike, F1 Karting, Vintage Events...  All here in New Jersey!  (Have you been there yet?)

Jason Dunn's #21J caught our eye

JLD Graphics (Custom Paint and Helmets) and Radical Design Group (Race Car, Truck Lettering, Logos) - Creativity at work here!

Art "La Liedl" say's be healthy in 2009... Eat lots of "La Yogurt" from sponsor Johanna Farms!

Radical Design Group booth was the place to be...  Cars, helmets, special guests... and...

...that's Jon Haegele smiling with his great looking #61 Sportsman, ready to go for 2009.

Tad Cox is all scaled up and ready to "set sail"...

New Egypt Speedway has announced that in 2009, the modifieds will be sporting sail panels.

Speaking of New Egypt there seemed to always be a crowd at their booth this year!

George Idell's #3i has plenty of "bling" with chrome inside and out in the New Egypt booth!

JJ Grasso's car say's "37", but his shirt say's "99".  Keep your eye on JJ in the Paladino #99 in 2009!

Tom Wycoff's #77W gives our site, and site sponsor Palmco Race Car repair some show exposure - Thanks Tom.

Possible team Hendrick driver controversy as Gordon and Johnson have issues in turn 1!

Cars with just the right amount of rake always catch our eye....

... and that was the case with Eric Marin's #214.  Check out the "Extreme Design" creation at Orange County in 2009.

One of today's most exciting drivers, Ryan Godown has got one sharp looking ride for 2009.

RACING RETURNS TO WALL SPEEDWAY IN 2009!  Mods, TQ's, 1/4's, Drifting...  and more.

... and the return of the Sunday Series means Karts, Legends, Micros, Bandoleros....  Go racing in 2009!

Toby Tobias explains the power under the hood...

NHRA's Top Fuel Pilot "rookie" Antron Brown from Chesterfield, NJ scored 2 victories in 2009.

Motorsports supporter and 3 Wide's Picture Vault site sponsor "Art's Radiator" was a busy place.

Vault Favorite Danny Hieber in the Nitro Fish #107. 

Outstanding vintage display included the #888 of Rene Charland, #2X of Eddie Flemke and others.

...All these fan's were lined up to see.....

...Trenton Legends Joe Severage, James Hylton, Gil Hearne, Bob Rossell, Ken Brenn Sr., Wally Dallenbach & Elton Hildreth.

Tom Holding's #16J Hildreth Coupe, Ray Shea's #7 Baldwin Coupe and the #888 driven by Rene Charland.

Jim Biehl's Herb Vail #7 Falcon made it's debut.

Gotta love those Falcons.

A young fan hops behind "The Gypsy" for a neat photo op.  

Thanks AARN Staff for a great show.

Here's a few of our "Sneak Peek Motorsports 2009 Set Up Photos from Thurs, Jan 15th
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