Phillipsburg Mall 2015
Pictures from March 1, 2015


Jim Housworth's Grandview racer.

Rick Shive shows off his new wheels for 2015

Jon Hagele's #61 TSRSS Sprinter

Frankie's Front.

Photographer Bob Yurko on the go.

Purple... #4...  Reminded me of Matt McMann's combination from back in the day.

Kuhl-lio has been found.

70's & 80's drivers Pete Madsen and Jay Aten

Mahoning Valley Flagman Bobby Stull shows a picture of his first sportsman racer.  The coupe came from a "Bobby Go Go" and the trailer from Freddy Sabatino.

Lot's of cool cars

Original Joe Poliacik racer and an original Harmony Speedway sign.

Jim Ramm stops by to check out some of the display items at Wyatt Jacobus' Tri State Vintage display.

Willie Osmun's Black Horse Racing #81

Remembering 70's & 80's racer, and long time crew member Skip Turyonas.


Wyatt Jacobus holds up Billy Osmun's last driving suit.  Willie Osmun (right) and "Green Stuff" driver Joe Poliacik.

Original open wheel car from 1932 in the Flemington Speedway Historical Society display

Stan Hawk's #17 modified

First time out of the barn in a long time... The #8 midget formerly owned by Paul Kuhl that was driven by Stan Ploski.


Pados Brothers interview the drivers on hand.

The show runs through March 7th - For more information and show schedule, click on the link below:

Click Here for a Few Show Pictures From Saturday 3/7
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