Phillipsburg Mall 2015
Pictures from March 7, 2015

Dirt Track Heroes Car Show at the Phillipsburg Mall

Special event t-shirt and program

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Crowd gathers for the Tribute to Gerald Chamberlain portion of the program.

Stan Ploski is interviewed by Steve and Ed Pados.  Personalities on the panel included Sammy Beavers, Jim Horton Sr, Ken Brenn Sr., Newt Harman and more.

80's racer Kevin Keating (#27K) offers his hand to "Coach" after a little on track "misunderstanding" more than 20 years ago.

Ace being Ace!

Bing Metz, Sammy Beavers, Ricky Rutt, Charlie Gunther, Nate Strunk, Newt Hartmann, Ken Brenn Sr., Phil Cox, Wyatt Jacobus, Vinnie Brown, Jim Horton Sr., (?), Steve Pados, Phil Meisner, Kevin Keeting, Steve Pados and Sean Corr.

Thanks Gerry....

These shows are all about seeing friends from the racing community, and catching up on old times.

Jay Aten, Lenny Swider and Tom Alfrey

Trouble on the frontstretch...

Up close action from Bob Hall's Tri-State Vintage Flemington display.

Ken Johnson racer on display at the Flemington Speedway Historical Society room.

Frankie Schneider sedan.

Tim Pitt's vintage asphalt racer.

Korey Inglin with his Quaker Steak & Lube, Giel's Automotive sponsored #127.

Sharp looking TSRS Sprinter

(It's easier to read the sponsors this way....)

As it say's on the nose piece, "Have No Fear... Manure Man is Here!"

Willie Osmun's ride for special shows.

Matt Janisch racer looks fast just sittin' there...

....I felt the same way about his dad's sportsman back in the mid 70's!

Racer and racecar letterer Rick Shive found a place for us on the right rear 1/4 - Thanks Rick.

Car owner Andrea Norcia gets her photo taken with show representatives after the Willie Osmun driven Black Horse Racing #81 was awarded best of show.

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