Photo ID # I06.12.12_RU2_UNK_FLA_2012V_1
Car #: #RU21
Driver (s) : Dick June
Location: Florida
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Carl Kurtz
Photo provided by: Wayne Weaver
Comments: I'm told that this car was built, owned and raced by Dick June who just recently passed away.  The car is now owned by Carl Kurtz and from what I understand is for sale.
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07.21.16 Gene S

I bought this car and have been showing it in various vintage events from Michigan to Florida Indiana to New Jersey.. I have met several people that knew Dick June, or related to him. Others can recall the RU 21 number on various cars raced in the middle N.Y. area. I have kept it as 'era' correct as I could. It is a fan favorite everywhere it goes.  Gene

07.23.16 3Wide I'm sure it's a lot of effort to get the RU21 from place to place, but I'm sure folks enjoy seeing it, and I'm thinking you're having fun showing it too!  Here's a great piece found on  written by Pastor Dudley Balmer:

As written by Pastor Dudley Balmer:  "When I was 5 years old my dad took me to Pittsburgh's Heidelberg Raceway for my first racing experience. During a red flag period, I like many other kids, ran to the fence to get a closer look at the cars. As I looked into the car of Lee “Smokey” Stover, he looked up and waved. That wave was from a real race driver and it was just for me. That night began a relationship that has kept me in the sport in some capacity since that night in 1950. From a kid hitch hiking to the races, to a crew member, to driver, to racing pastor, the love affair has persisted. Now a vintage modified has perhaps began a similar journey for another youngster over a half a century later.

The Taunton Children's Home ( worth a Google search itself ) located here in Gulf Co. Florida is a special place and home to some very special young people. This home has become very important to Nancy and I and is now our weekly place of worship. Community church services are held in the gymnasium each Sunday morning for the local area. During interaction with the youngsters, we informed them of a friend of ours bringing an old race car south from Ohio to Speedweek activities in February. Their immediate reaction was, can we see it? Sure enough, in early February vintage race car restorer, racer and enthusiast Gene Steele of Pemberville. Ohio rolled into our driveway with car in tow.

For the next ten days our motorhome would serve as Gene's motel room before his heading east for Daytona area race activities. With little persuasion from me, on a chilly Sunday afternoon, the 35 ft trailer containing the RU21 vintage Chevy modified race car rolled into the children's home parking lot. One by one the youngsters appeared all vying for their chance to climb into the old race car for their ride around the expansive grounds. Soon it was several at a time. Even house parent Lisa Combs had a turn while holding one of the smaller kids.

During the festivities it was difficult to determine whether it was the kids or owner/driver Gene Steele that was having the most fun. Screaming laughter could be heard above the roar of the engine as every kid got their turn in the car. Earlier, Ms Diana Taunton had said that the excitement of the impending ride in the race car made several of the kids unable to concentrate on their lunch. One might think that a ride around the grounds in an old race car was no big deal, but to a little kid over a half a century ago, that would have been unimaginable.

After all these years I still remember that wave of the driver parked next to the fence during my first time at the races. These are special little folks growing up at a very special place. They are provided with many activities and opportunities but the ride in the old RU21 will certainly be remembered for a long time to come. Who knows if one of these youngsters might one day be taking the checkered flag at a World Of Outlaws show or be sponsoring a national race car team. Certainly our racing relationship has to begin somewhere.

Our thanks go to Gene for his time and effort to bring the car to the children's home and to the Taunton family for allowing us the chance to provide a unique memory for the kids."

 *Above written by Pastor Dudley Balmer - Full text can be found at