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Images below were all previously featured on 3 Wide's Message Vault as part of our "Wall Wednesday" feature.

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George Schaffer




Norm Chevalier



Billy Brice


George Clayton


Jenny Nichol


Fred Clayton & Carl Blue



Charlie Decker

Charlie Kremer Jr.


Jack Ely &?

Dave Hulse & Joe Kelly

Bill White


Jim Markey

Mike Springsteel

John Baker and Frank Biddle

Gil Hearne, Jim Hendrickson & Tony Siscone

Ray Rivira & Tony Cicconi

Donny Ling & Bob Cranmer

Donnie Ling & Kevin Eyres

John Ronca & Martin Truex Sr.

Steve Golembeski & Tony Cicconi

Donnie Ling & Ed Senkewicz

Tony Gentile, Alan Wohl & Larry Patterson


Bill McCarthy, Parker Bohn & ?

Bill Brice, Frank Myrunchuk, ? and Birdsall



Howard Harvey

Eddie Monch

Gary Shelley

Jim Sturtecky


Steve Springsteel

Charlie Kremer Jr.

Bob McCollough

Richie Massing








Pete LaVance (center)

Bill Brice & ?

Fred Clayton & Bob McCollough

Rick Bourguignon

Tommie Elliott

George Clayton & Don Stives

John Stephan

John Lawrence

Jerry Cramner

Charlie Jarzombek



Harold Dauncey


Don Stives



Charlie Jarzombek

Jim Hoffman

Kevin Eyres

Tom Baldwin

John Blewitt Jr.

Dennie D




Rich Cooper

John Stephan, Tom Michel, Jim Hendrickson & Joe Severage

Ed Giebel, Charlie Jarzombek, and Charlie Kremer Jr.

Gil Hearne, John Blewitt Jr and Jim Hendrickson

Jim Hendrickson & Charlie Kremer Jr.

Jim Hoffman & Kenny Cranmer

Jim Taylor & Harold Dauncey

Alan Brenner & Bill Kuzma

Bill Kuzma

Frank Reynolds & ?

Jack Ely & ?, Jon Mine

Bob Haberstick

?, JR Helberg, Dave Michel

Dave Michel

Jim Hawkes



Kevin Eyres & Tag O'Neil

Steve Rogers

Jim Willis

Bob Howard Jr & ?

Ken Wooley

Charlie Kremer Jr & Jack Hart

Parker Bohn




George Unfried






Doug French & Dennis O'Roarke



George Clayton


Johnny Luhrs, Jack Hart



Johnny Luhrs

Dick Brisboe

Ray Gastelu


Parker Bohn, Wally Campbell & Frankie Schneider


Charlie Kremer Jr

Joe Severage?
Jamie Tomaino & Ray Evenham

Dennis O'Roarke, Jim Blewett Jr.

Eddie Bohn & Vinnie Green





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