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Images below were all previously featured on 3 Wide's Message Vault as part of our "Wall Wednesday" feature.

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Art Filbrumn

Bob McCollough, George Clayton, Herm Versnell


Tommie Elliot #5, Dan McLaughlin #38

?, ? & Al Wardell?



?, Gil Hearne & Jerry Allen



Bob Rossell

JJ Jensen

Jim Taylor

Bob Haberstick


Frank Van Arsdale

Jim Willis

John Therkildsen

Carl Schletwieg

Mark Rondeau

Ted Alt



Ron Narducci, ? Pee Wee Griffin, Jerry Cook, Charlie Kremer Jr., &?

Tommie Elliott, Don Stives, Charlie Krermer Jr, Parker Bohn

Mel Cain

Pete Cobb




Charlie Decker

Don Stives

Art Filbrun



?, & Jack Hart



Pee Wee Griffin

Johnny Luhrs






Chubby Hower?

Jamie Tomaino & Rick Sendzik

Vinnie Green & Frank Biddle

Eddie Brunhoezel & Tony Siscone

Tommy Comerford

Lenny Boyd & Charlie Kremmer Jr.

Tony Ferrante & Ed Lilly

Tommy Comerford & John Blewett Jr.

Doug Wolcott & Russ Stauffer

Jerry Cramner & Tony Siscone


Chaz Okerson



Charlie Kremer Jr.

Sal Moschella Sr.

Steve Rogers

Bill Stevens

Bob Cramer

Rick Mauriello

Tony Cicconi

Joe Hurley, Jack Ely & Bernie Oelander

Charlie Wark, Rich Ely & John Kapp

Bob McCurdy & ?

DJ D'onafrio

#12 Joe Hurley, #68 DJ D'onafrio, Don Samarco

Jim Hendrickson, GeorgeTet

Chubby Hower

John Blewitt Jr


Rod Spaulding

Jim Hoffman

John Ruggeiro



Maynard Troyer

Maynard Troyer

Dan McLaughlin

Bill Chevalier

Harry McConnell


Bob Finger

Jack Hart, Parker Bohn, others


Tom McCann

Tom McCann & Sonny McCurdy

Herbie Tillmann

Ron Bouchard

Artie Tappan

Lenny Boyd

Bob Park

Moose Hewitt

Mike Dee

Alan Wohl

URC at Wall

Dutch Schaffer

Ed "Dutch" Schaeffer in the #4 (Thanks 310Fig8)

Banner Night at Wall

Banner Night at Wall

Parker Bohn


Wally Dallenbach

George Clayton and Artie Filbrunn (Thanks wallneewvet)

John Luhrs, Charlie Kremer, Norm Janwich (Thanks wallneewvet)

Dan McLaughlin (Thanks Steve Cameron)

Charlie Kremer, Jim Hoffmann, Tommy Elliott, Richie Massing, Don Stumpf (Thanks wallneewvet)

Gil Hearne

Joe Kelly

Tommie Elliott

Dan McLauglin

Mike Rubino #21, Vern Chevalier#51, Bill Brice #28 Tommy Elliott (Thanks wallneewvet)

Charlie Kremer

Joe Serverage, Parker Bohn, ?

Rich Massing

Bob Rossell



Rod Cunliffe, El Herbert, Tony Siscone

Charlie Jarzombek 

Jim Hendrickson & Don Cranmer

?, Jim Sturtecky,?, ?, Bill Garrett, Karl Stoye


? & Gil Hearne


Jerry Cranmer, ?, Don Stives, ?, ?, Maynard Troyer, Sonny Rostien, Tom Michel





Frank Reynolds & ?

George Clayton & Tom Green


Bill Brice, Pat Kealey



Charlie Muscatell


Bob Bodinet?

Tommie Elliott

Dick Lewis

Ray Evernham

Tim Arre & John Lawrence

Ken Masker

?, Parker Bohn & Gil Hearne's car (not sure of driver)

Gil Hearne's car (not sure of driver)


Charlie Decker, ?, Bob Rossell


Al Whitehouse #51, George Clayton #66

Tom Hughes, Bob Paterson, Bpb Shultz, Pat Paterson, Bob Rossell, Gary Shelley
Ed Leip

Loose Wheel at Wall



Jim Hoffman, Don Stives

Tony Siscone &Tim Erre

George Clayton?
      more on the way...

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