A Visit to Fleming's
May 2012
Photos From 3Wide

On our way in...

Our "tour guide" Russ Dodge checks in with Harry.

New space to display more cars and more memorabilia!

a real barn find....

The car was driven at Bridgeport by Rich Hall back in the 80's... 

Here's what the car looked like when it was new in the pits at Bridgeport

It's been sitting, but it's all there (except the roof).

 and it's as straight as an arrow.

There's a Pinto bodied asphalt racer under there awaiting restoration

Here's a former Tom Mauser/Rod Cunliff driven car that's being restored right now.

Here's what it looked like a few years back at the Wall Swap Meet

... and the picture on the trunk shows what it looked like before as the #45

This Chevy Sedan is for sale - Call Harry for details... Would make a great sedan modified bodied vintage car....

and this shell is available also.. Think this one is a Ford

"The Dodge Boys"

Too far gone???  Sure could have been a cool little hot rod...

D  E  S  O  T  O

Fifty's Fins?


Henry J "Rocket"

Fill'er up... PLEASE!

This one confused us a little, but we finally decided that this was a late 60's Rambler

(Here's a pic from Yahoo Images that shows what it could'a/should'a looked like...)

grazing trucks

Have a cold one...

give'em props

truck woodworking

Airplane Engine?

"Racing Friday Night at Vineland Speedway"

Memories of Wildwood

...time to find Harry

... found him!

Ralph Broschard's 6 cyl 57 Chevy.... Is that the "Keep on Truckin" dude on the trunk?

A few autographs from the 2010 Pumpkin Run

made out of wood

Tom Skinner is remembered here...
100_0001 (Small).JPG (90492 bytes)
Picture of the late Tom Skinner with Charlie Santilli and the beautiful #659 during the 2005 Pumpkin Run.  (Photo By:Wayne Weaver)

What a treat... On our way out, we bumped into John Lyons and Tony Siscone

Here's one with John and Tony from a few years back at Pleasantville....

And here's Tony in the former Skinner #659 GMC 6 cyl - This time, campaigned as the #65 (with 2 more cylinders!)

Tony behind the wheel

An amazing place.  ...Takes you back to something we all miss. 
Thank you Harry Fleming and Ralph Broschard for opening the doors for us, and thanks Russ Dodge for the invitation and the tour.

2010 Pumpkin Run Photos
2011 Pumpkin Run Photos

Hope to see everybody at the 2012 Pumpkin Run - Saturday Nov 3rd, 2012

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