Pumpkin Run 2012

The show must go on...    Just days after hurricane Sandy hit the coast, car and racing enthusiasts came out in numbers for Pumpkin Run 2012

The #659 roars to life... with a sound all its own...

...and with the signature flame.

Plenty to look at outside..

...and inside too.  The doors were open on the brand new South Jersey Racing Museum.

Great combination of "hard parts" including tires...

... engines...

... carbs, injectors...

uniforms... trophies...

... and tons of photos and articles, all well organized by track and by driver.

Curator Russ Dodge chats with Will Cagle

Will and Barbara Cagle with Russ Dodge

Statewide sheet metal.

...and here's a Statewide hood too.

'37 Chevy shell

Outdoor doors.

Couple of coupes...

Tiny V8 "fires up"

...low rider


Bike Junction

There something very "American" about the Pumpkin Run...

The colors of autumn

A "Mercer" named for Mercer County NJ

I still have a thing for '66 & '67 Chevy II/Nova's...

...and also for '71 Monte Carlo's.... Especially those with a big block under the hood!

Redneck Limo?

....not on fire (yet!)

"Does it got a Hemi in it?"

Cool color on this Chevelle

Gotta love the fastback Torino's

Super cool Mack Flatbed

Tractor Power

Fans line the tractor pull lane


Give him a call for some custom chainsaw art.

Cedar shingles

Hit and miss engines... Working history!

...Here's another one from the early 1900's

Back to the racecars

A couple of mid 60's racers

I found this one in the woods...

Models on display in the museum.

Will and Barbara Cagle say hello to Dirt/Asphalt 60's & 70's racer Bob Rossell.

Here's a picture of Barbara and Will on display at the museum

Will brought up some amazing items from Florida to be on permanent display at the museum including trophies, a helmet & uniform and more.

A little while later, Billy Pauch stopped by and talked racing with Will.

Harry Fleming (right), Will Cagle, Buffy Swanson, Bob Rossell and Billy Pauch

Bob Rossell, Billy Pauch and Tony Siscone talk about "asphalt racing".

Rat Roddin'

Bone stock Olds Toronado

...love the colors.

Cool ride on a cool day

... I think it's an Anglia... (V8 powered!)

Joe Henshaw get's ready to take the #97 back to the trailer

Grand National heads for the exit

Looks like Sheriff Roscoe has those Duke boys in his sights...

...another great day at the Pumpkin Run!

Thanks Harry, Ralph and Rick Brochard, and those that put in the effort to get the grounds ready for this year's show.  See you next year!

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