Tuesday Night in Black & White

Images below were all previously featured on 3 Wide's Message Vault in 2018 as part of our "Tuesday Night in Black & White" feature.

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Bob Rossell


Howie Cronce

Arnold Malsbury

? & Pat McBride

Paul Nulton

Al Tasnady - 1964 Modified Co-Champion Trophy from Flemington


Lou Inzeo (?)

Fred Fritsche

Jackie McLaughlin

Bud Tinglestadt & Roger McCluskey

Steve Kreinakker

Harry Moore

Al Tasnady

DickTobias & Freddy Adam

Budd Olsen


Jim Hurtubise

Jim Martz

Joe Hall

Pat Walgemuth

Otto Harwi

Trenton Speedway

Jim Martz & Jay Stong

Roger Ward & Jim McElreath

Toby Tobias & Kenny Brightbill

Stan Ploski


Trenton Speedway


Dick Lewis

Bob Wright

Les Farley (Sportsman), Paul Whiteman & Al Tasnady (Modified) 1963 Flemington Speedway Champions

Chuck Arnold (Thanks Larry J)


H.O. Racing



Al Horger? or Frank Eppolite?



Johnny Botz

Ron Goodrich

Sammy Beavers

Ace Lane, Connie Joyner & Tas

Larry Taylor

Don Zechman (Moe Harden's Dodge powered mod at Penn National - 1972?) (Thanks Charlie Miller & Larry J!)

Toby Tobias

Ronnie Guinther

Gary Butler & Glenn Fitzcharles

Steve Schroll, Red Coffin(?), ?

Budd Olsen & Jackie Evans


Rollie Beale

?, Freddy Adam, Dick Havens



Cadillac Pace Car


Lee McBride & Roger Laureno

Nick Schlaugh and Al Donato

Fran Hogue and Kenny Laureno

Joe Hall & Larry Kline

Bob Pickell, Charlie Shire & Frank Eppolite

Frank Mangone & Fred Kennedy

Newt Hartman, Chip Slocum & Richie Cass

Lew Hann & Jimmy Brenn

Eddie Lang

Bob Ayres & Rich Polenz

Hank Goranson

Stan Friedman

Oliver Butler

Harry Moore

Geoff Bodine

Dunseth Chevy

Mickey Shaw

Howie Cronce, Dick Ween, George Ault, Bruce Tinsley

John Blakely

Budd Olsen

Johnny Harroll

Dave Kelly

Bob Smith

Howie Cronce

Buzzie Board

Jack Kibblehouse


Russ (?), Freddy Adam, Dick Havens

Alex Cameron

Harry Cella

Ronnie Dunstan

USAC at Flemington

Bob Pickell

Rene Charland

Freddy Adam

Bob Seidel

Jim Hoffman

Bill Rafter

Al Michalchuk

Don Kreitz

Fred Orchard

Jim Godeke, Frankie Schneider, Dave Kneisel

Jeff Fleury

Gary Balough, Wayne Reutimann

Len Zito & Charlie Shier

Ken Wismer

George Ely

Glenn and Paul Fitzcharles

Ron Schwendenmann

Larry Taylor

Peppy Fernandez

Bert Brooks

?, Pat McBride

Al DeAngelo

Gil Hearne

?, Paul Rochelle, Don Stives or Midge Miller?

Dick Havens, Lee Taylor, & Dave Kneisel (?)

Nazareth Pits

Danny Mitchell

Ken Brenn Jr & Tom Hager

Ralph Lagori

Red Coffin (?) & Al Tasnady

Toby Tobias

Buzzie Reutimann

Maynard Troyer

Horace Drake

Freddy Adam

Lee Taylor


Lauden Potts

Bucky Barker

Roger McCluskey

Dick Havens, Carl Van Horn, Bill Wilson

Kenny Brightbill, Earl Derr, Bobby Hauer, John Kozak

Joe Poliacik

Lou Lazzaro & Roger Laureno

Buzzie Reutimann

Dom Buffalino & Chic Cossabone

Early East Windsor

Mark Hartman

Al DeAngelis and Wayne Zalmus

Gerald Chamberlain

Stan Ploski

Mike Grbac & Dick Havens

Newt Hartman

Al Tasnady

Mike Grbac & Stan Ploski

Glenn Fitzcharles

Fred Dmuchowski & Crew

Mike Grbac

Bob Pickell

Jud Larson

Larry Cannon?

Tom McAndrews


Ray Tilley & ?


Stan Ploski & Glenn Fitzcharles

Bob Pickell

Paul Fitzcharles

Packed Pit Stand at Bridgeport

Howie Cronce


Early East Windsor

Pee Wee Griffin

Early East Windsor

Early East Windsor

Pleasantville Awards Banquet





Pee Wee Griffin at Trenton



Jackie Hamilton

Bill  Force

Lee McBride

Stan Ploski & Glenn Fitzcharles

Steve Elias

Lee Osborn?

Larry Kline

Larry Kline

Gerald Chamberlain

Old Bridge

Lenny Martin

Oliver Butler

Will Cagle

Ed Lang Kenny Laureno

Augie Lieber


Jimmy Horton

? and maybe Bruce Walkup?


Keith Kauffman

Larry Taylor & Sammy Beavers

Walt Olsen

Johnny Haroll & Maynard

Maynard Forrette


Jack Voorhees

Billy Osmun

Larry Taylor, Bob Malzahn, ?

Frankie Schneider

Al Tasnady

Frankie Schneider

Frankie Schneider

Frankie Schneider

Frankie Schneider

Frankie Schneider

Frankie Schneider

Frankie Schneider and Wayne Reutimann

Phil Horner & Dom Buffalino
Dick Havens

Carl Van Horn

Steve Elias

Vineland Speedway






Bob Weisemeyer



Bill McCarthy

Bill Wimble

Bob Trout

Gary Winters

East Windsor

That's it for 2018!

We thank the photographers and providers for the original images posted above.

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