Tuesday Night in Black & White

Images below were all previously featured on 3 Wide's Message Vault in 2021 as part of our "Tuesday Night in Black & White" feature.

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Toby Tobias

Mike Grbac

Wilbur Force

Rusty Bowlby

Rob Green & Del Buss

Bob Dine & Kenny Brightbill

Meme Desantis

Tom Hager

Dover or Morristown?

Van Horn, W. Reutimann and Brightbill

Larry Myroncuk

Lee Kunzman

Lenny Martin

Joe Kelly

Don Stives

Dover or Morrisville?

Dusty Malsbury

Ron Goodrich

Flemington Mods

Bob Lineman

Grbac, Pauch & Coyle

First turn at Flemington



Jackie Evans & Al Tasnady

Kenny Weld


Bobby Bottcher

Budd Olsen

Meme Desantis at Bridgeport

TQ's at Flemington

TQ's at Flemington

George Snyder (Ziggy)


not sure...

Lee DeVault, Paul Rochelle, Ronnie Guinther, Craig McCaughey, Glenn Fitzcharles

Mini Stocks at Flemington

Ken Brenn, Al Michalchuk, ?, at East Windsor

Lenny Brown at Old Bridge

Lenny Brown at Old Bridge

Fire Under the Hood at Flemington

Tom Monninghoff

Buzzie at Syracuse

Buzzie at Syracuse

Meme Desantis and Jimmy Horton at East Windsor

Sports Cars at Old Bridge

Go Karts at Old Bridge

Lenny Brown's #102


Flemington Sportsman

Rags Carter

5 Wide


Boardwalk Hall

East Windsor - ?, Paul Rochelle(?), Midge Miller, Don Stives, or Dean Applegate?

Flemington Sportsman

Mini Stocks at Flemington

Sammy Beavers

Al Tasnady

Howie Cronce

Elton Hildreth & Walt Donald?

Lenny Brown

Larry Kline

Flemington Sportsman

Tom Green, Al Tasnady, others

Al Tasnady

Billy Pauch (?) or Meme Desantis (?) and Kenny Brightbill at East Windsor

Bob Rossell

Dutch Schaefer

Kevin Collins

Glenn Fitzcharles & Ronnie Guinther

Earl Haliquest(?)

Lenny Brown at Oldbridge

Chic Ronan

Flemington Sportsman

? and Tas

Jackie Wilson


Gary Balough

Charlie Shire (OCFS)


Chuck Booth (Reading)

Larry Dickson (Reading)

Andy Belmont at Flemington

Lenny Brown

Beader Kennedy

Budd Olsen

Roger McCluskey

Jimmy Horton and Mert Hulbert


Rollie Beale

Bobby Unser?


Joe Poliacek (sp?)

Dave Kneisel


Paul Fitzcharles at East Windsor

Charlie or Fritz Epright at Flemington

Dave Marburger

Lenny Brown & car owner Carl Gardella


Wayne Reutimann?

Wayne Reutimann

Reading (Harry Moore, Carl Van Horn, Bob Hauer, Dave Marburger?, Al Tasnady)

Steve Rohs

Bobby Bottcher

Flemington Sportsman

East Windsor 1977


Jan Opperman at Williams Grove


Flemington 1953

Hightstown 1953

Hank Gorenson & Charlie Shire at OCFS

Tighe Scott &  Jack Berteling at OCFS

Flemington Sportsman

Gerald Chamberlain & Buzzie Reutimann at OCFS

Don Stives & Ray Neary

Don Stives

Del Buss?

Chris Barger

Manny Zilli & Larry Bowers

Lenny Brown

Al Wardell at Manahawkin

Stan Ploski, Glenn Fitzcharles and maybe Ray Kozimore?

Buzzie Reutimann, Kevin Collins & Gary Balough

Gary Balough at Flemington

Sprints at Flemington

Will Cagle

Don Stives at East Windsor 1970

Gerald Chamberlain

Orange County

Gary Gallub

John Cannone(?) and Bobby Ayres(?)

Sammy Beavers and ?

Meme DeSantis or Billy Pauch and Glenn Fitzcharles

George Kostolansky & Joe Hall


Mini Stock Crash at Flemington

Jay Stong, Gerald Chamberlain & Stan Ploski

Buzzie Reutimann & Frankie Schneider

Bobby Adamson in Ken Brenn Midget

Tommy McConnell & Gerald Chamberlain

Kenny Brightbill & BobNixon

Flemington Sportsman


Billy Casella

Rollie Beale

Stan Ploski & Phil Meisner

Mark Hartman

Tom Carberry?

Backstretch at Trenton Speedway

Joe Leonard & Roger McCluskey?

Backstretch Crash at Trenton

Jackie McLaughlin

Bruce Hooper #08

Cook & Bauer?


Tom Bigelow

Karl Busson


Johnny Grum

Sonny Strupp

Chic Ronan & Leon Harrison

Dave Kelly

Frank Cozze, Earl Derr & Kenny Brightbill

Tommy Long, Gary Galub, Dave Kelly

Jan Opperman

Johnny Hubbard

Billy Pauch (or Meme Desantis) #99, Gerald Chamberlain #76, & Stan Ploski #27.

Stan Van Brunt & Lenny Martin

Don Stives

Alan Johnson

John Mahler, Joe Leonard, Gary Bettenhausen

Mike Grbac

Fred DeGroot

Wayne Weaver

not sure...

Mel Kenyon & Wally Dallenbach

Sammy Beavers

? & Brightbill at Flemington

? & Gary Balough

Jimmy Kirk


Jerry Willgus

Al Tasnady


Gerald Chamberlain & Tom Hager

Dick Simon & Gordon Johncock

Mario Andretti

Jim Malloy & Gary Bettenhausen at Trenton

Gary Bettenhausen

Mark Donahue

Wally Dallenbach

Roger McCluskey & Joe Leonard at Trenton

Mario Andretti

Gordon Johncock

Swede Savage & Gary Bettenhausen at Trenton

That's it for 2021!

We thank the photographers and providers for the original images posted above.

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