Tuesday Night in Black & White

Images below were all previously featured on 3 Wide's Message Vault in 2023 as part of our "Tuesday Night in Black & White" feature.

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Johnny Haroll OCFS

Buzzie OCFS

Budd Olsen

Dick Ivins

Sprints at Flemington

Sprints at Flemington

Dick Ivins

Sprints at Flemington

Sprints at Flemington

Jimmy Horton & Ken Johnson

Sprints at East Windsor

Sprints at East Windsor

Sprints at East Windsor

not sure (Bones Stevens?)

Charlie Kremer

Andy Horne

John Scarpati

Bruce Jones

Kenny Brightbill

Possibly George Idell Sr

Syracuse Sprints



Brian Kantner & Rich Yetter

Jimmy Horton

Toby Tobias

Jim Hurtubise at Indy

Gary Balough & Jimmy Horton


Paul Luft



Rich Leavell & Bubby Jones

Andy Horne

EWS Backstretch

Orange County

Trenton Turn 4

Trenton Dog Leg

Kenny Weld

Bruce Walkup

Ron Bouchard

Andy Horne

Smokey Snellbaker

Ray Tilley

Al Michalchuk & Wayne Reutimann at East Windsor

Johnny Parsons


Sam Sessions

#11 (?), Elvin Felty #46 and Kenny Brightbill #19

Ed Lynch & Sammy Beavers at Syracuse

Bobby Santos leads at Martinsville


Johnny Bryant & Ron Bouchard

Richie Evans at Martinsville


Mike Loescher

Al Keller in the Bohlander 88

Lou Johnson (center) & car owner Preston Niblett (left)


Bill Cummings (left) & Norris "Speedy" Reed (right)


Fred Jacquish

Formula V at Daytona?


Lee Taylor

Linda Vaughn


Ploski and Michalchuk




Gary Balough

Archie Myers and Bill Dubovick?

Jimmy Horton

Tom Green

Banjo Matthews (Melvin Joseph #49)


Gil Hearne

Jackie Moschera

Frankie Schneider

(Maryland Track?)

Dick Havens


Ed Farley, Al Tasnady, Paul Nulton

Red Walker


Wayne & Buzzie Reutimann

Leigh Earnshaw

Gary Balough (Syracuse April 1977)

Ed Delmolino & CD Coville

Elvin Felty

Joe Poliacik, Buzzie Reutimann, Kevin Collins, & Frankie Schneider

Lou Lazzaro

Barry Cone Harry Behrent


Rich Eurich, Buzzie Reutimann & Wayne Reutimann

Paul Radford at Trenton

Graeme Bolia at Trenton


Billy O, Bob Malzahn, Brett Hearn at OCFS 1978

Linda Vaughn at Trenton

Bugs Stevens


Don Diffendorf

Dom Buffalino #2B

Billy Osmun, Stan Ploski & Bob Pickell

Les Katona

Sprints at Flemington


Lee McBride

Bucky Barker

Billy Osmun

Stan Ploski

Bob Toreky

Stan Ploski

URC at Flemington

Trenton ROC

Trenton ROC

Lee McBride & Nate Strunk

Glenn Fitzcharles

Larry Taylor

Glenn Fitzcharles

Bob Pickell(?), Oliver Butler and Billy Osmun

Al Michalchuk


Johnny Strupp, Ray Hoffman, Myron Hoffman and Lou Moore

1st Turn at Flemington


Ray Hoffman

Ray Hoffman

Jan Opperman

Michalchuk Leads The Pack

Chip Cregar

Whip Mulligan


Al Tasnady at Harmony


Buzzie Reutimann and maybe Ed Farley?

Ken Brenn Jr & Bobby Pickell

Bob Pickell


Maynard Troyer



Jean Guy Chartrand

Johnny Haroll

Sonny Strupp

Injected Big Blocks

Bobby Bottcher

Don Kreitz, Johnny Harrol and Bobby Bottcher

OCFS - Turn 2


Oliver Butler

Mike Grbac & Budd Olson

Al Michalchuk

Mike Grbac, Sammy Beavers, Bobby Pickell and Jimmy Horton.

Maryland Track

Tim Sasaman &?

Lenny Martin

Trenton Indy Car

Richie Evans at Trenton



Ron Stashuk



Bob Pickell & Gary Balough


















That's it for 2023!

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