Tuesday Night in Black & White

Images below were all previously featured on 3 Wide's Message Vault in 2018 as part of our "Tuesday Night in Black & White" feature.

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Lloyd Ruby & Bobby Unser at Trenton

Larry McCoy

Danny Mitchell

Frankie Schneider

Newt Hartman

Joe Leonard at Trenton

Mike Mosely at Trenton

Jim MeElreath

Don Nordhorn

Lee Osborn

Gil Hearne

Billy Osmun

Sammy Beavers

Sammy Beavers

Norcia Black Horse Racing Team


Dom Buffalino #2B at Flemington

Orange County

Tom Hager


Rags Carter

Fritz Epright


Fred Dmuchowski & Family!

East Windsor

Jack Johnson


Newt Hartman

Doug Hoffman & Kenny Brightbill at Bridgeport

Art Lentini & JR Crause

Kenny Brightbill


Billy Pauch

Johnny Leach

East Windsor

Tony Feil

Roger McCluskey

Lynn Paxton

Bill Puterbaugh

Charlie Voorhees & Sammy Beavers

Giordano Towing at Trenton

Howie Cronce Leads the Pack at Flemington

Tom McAndrew

Jackie Evans & Bud Olsen at Reading

Rags Carter?

Johnny Grum

Dee Jones

Bill Koepfer

Mitch Smith

Bill Puterbaugh

Hank Rogers Jr.

Ralph Liguori

Johnny Rutherford

Swede Savage

George Hildebrand?

Ron Stashuk &  ?

Gordon Johncox

Gary Balough & Sammy Beavers

Joey Saldano

Frank Kelly

Chip Slocum & Jim Godeke

Kim Jamison, Mike Sickle, & ?

Sam Sessions

Smokey Snellbaker

Chubby Hower

Tex Enright

Airport at East Windsor

Danny Mitchell

Harry Taylor

Frank Kelly & Gary Boekout?

Unknown & Tom Comerford

John Scarpati

Lenny Martin & ?

Lenny Martin

Bob Ayres

Bob Rossell

Ray Liss

Mike Jablonski

Mike Jablonski

Buzzie Reutimann

Pete Cobb








We thank the photographers and providers for the original images posted above.
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