2007 Eastern Motorsports Press Association
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All Photos By Ace Lane - Please contact Ace for original high quality, high resolution photographs.

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Dinner Time....

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John John with Dr. Joseph Mattioli with Rose Mattioli seated

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James Hylton and Andy Belmont

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz19.jpg (110659 bytes)
Earl Krause reads off the Hall of Famers

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz20.jpg (96706 bytes)
Dr. Joseph Mattioli steps up to receive his award

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz21.jpg (108393 bytes)
Andy presents an award to NASCAR Legend James Hylton

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz22.jpg (118224 bytes)
Ernie Saxton presents award to the widow of writer Harry Blaze along with her daughter

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz23.jpg (121227 bytes)
Tim McCreadie accepts an award on his father Bob's behalf

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz24.jpg (116384 bytes)
Earl Krause and with Monte Dutton accepting an award on behalf of David Pearson

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz25.jpg (105779 bytes)
Jerry Reigle accepts an award from host Earl Krause
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All photos appearing on this page are provided by Ace Lane.  Ace  has the ability to print out high quality originals that are suitable for framing, so give Ace an email at:  acelane2@optonline.net

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