2007 Eastern Motorsports Press Association
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All Photos By Ace Lane - Please contact Ace for original high quality, high resolution photographs.

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz36.jpg (107870 bytes)
Chris Budihas and Bob Yurko

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz38.jpg (109715 bytes)
Chris with awards

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz39.jpg (95023 bytes)
David Moulthrop receives his first place award

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz40.jpg (133856 bytes)
Tim McCreadie and girlfriend and Alan Johnson and wife

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz41.jpg (141796 bytes)
Kevin Kovac, Tim McCreadie, Alan Johnson and Tom Skivinski from DIRT

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz42.jpg (118653 bytes)
Tim and Alan

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz44.jpg (126370 bytes)
The Mattioli Family

d02.07_ACE_EMPA_zz45.jpg (133326 bytes)
Alan, Chris and Tim
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All photos appearing on this page are provided by Ace Lane.  Ace  has the ability to print out high quality originals that are suitable for framing, so give Ace an email at:  acelane2@optonline.net

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