A Few Photos From New Egypt Speedway - Opening Night
April 7th, 2007

Whether Cold or Hot or somewhere in between, there's still no better place to be on a Saturday Night than at a local short track!

D04.07.07_NES_1.jpg (116223 bytes)
Surprised how many early birds were there considering it was between 35 and 40 degrees as they dropped the green on the first event!  Great to see the diehards didn't let the earlier predictions of snow and wind keep them away.  That's the rookie feature on the track with Vault photo contributor Wayne Bechtel in the former Gene DeVos #6.   Danny Bouc (related to 70's racer and engine builder Gary Bouc) in the red and white car on the outside, and Oliver Butler's grandson Bobby Butler in the orange colored racer directly behind the #6.  Danny Bouc would go on to take the win in this first Rookie event of 2007.

d04.07.07_NES__00.jpg (130576 bytes)
The sun starts to fall on opening night...  It's not Buzzie in the Double Nothing as Buzzie's dad used to say, but it is Gary Butler who many Vault Visitors will remember from his dominance of the Late Model class in the red #68 at Flemington back in the 80's.   Since then Gary has driven Mods, Sportsman and Superstock and is always competitive in whatever he drives.

D04.07.07_NES_005.jpg (137388 bytes)
Finishing second in the Rookie Feature meant running the consi... which unfortunate left Bobby Butler with a bent race car.  Discouraged, the grandson of Oliver Butler looked real fast and could use a few more sponsors to make a run at the Rookie Championship.

d04.07.07_NES_020.jpg (151320 bytes)
Brett Hearn looks on as the crew makes adjustments between the heat and the feature.   They  must have made the right ones because they were untouchable in the feature!

d04.07.07_NES_091.jpg (136678 bytes)
Hearn wasn't the only invader to NES as Billy Decker brought down his Modified and his Super Late Model

d04.07.07_NES_044.jpg (155411 bytes)
Matt Sheppard will be a welcome new face to New Egypt Speedway in 2007 and his 2nd place finish was just a sign of things to come.

d04.07.07_NES_044_Coz.jpg (140681 bytes)
Seems not too long ago that Cozze was in a little white #44 coupe and Horton was in his dad's #43 coupe.  Here Cozze's #44 and Horton's #42 sit pitside prior to the start of the modified feature.

D04.07.07_NES_047.jpg (130767 bytes)
There's nothing shy about Ken Carberry's Modified!  Can't help but think of Dick Haven's when I see a Carberry #47...

d04.07.07_NES_SKY.jpg (127042 bytes)
Its Saturday Night...  and whether it's the "In memory of Dad" written on the quarter of Ryan Godown's #747 in memory of his father Sam Godown, or that this is still a sport about individual teams competing against each other, I don't know but   there's something very American about dirt track stock car racing....  No franchises here, just families as evidenced here a little further down the pits you can see the #10 of Ryan's brother Brian Godown.  And there it is, The American Flag waving in the breeze, as it keeps watch on it all.

d04.07.07_NES_51M.jpg (106146 bytes)
The Michael Bros #51M gets some final tweaks for driver Keith Hoffman.  Keith had the fastest lap of all modifieds who competed in heat races as the #51M was very fast.   Here's a car # that's had quite a few drivers behind the wheel throughout the last 2 decades.

d04.07.07_NES_024.jpg (105342 bytes)
With sponsorship $'s from Oliver Communications Group, INC., look for the racing school teacher "The Educator" Mick Search to be in victory lane on at least a couple of occassions in 2007

d04.07.07_NES_024_1.jpg (121767 bytes)
Mick makes some last minute adjustments

d04.07.07_NES_CHE.jpg (104175 bytes)
After qualifying early in his Super Stock, Vault Favorite the surprisingly "Camera Shy" Big Al Cheney turned his attention to driving the Kart and making the rounds...   Working for tips in there were you Al???

d04.07.07_NES_K61.jpg (136398 bytes)
Super Stock driver Kenny Guyer is every bit what we all like about racing.  He's a guy who does it all himself... who works on a very limited budget....  A guy who on any given night can give the higher dollar cars a run for their money... And a guy who has taken the time to take us along for the ride as witnessed by our site's logo on the quarter panel of the K61. 

Any Vault Visitors looking to help out a current racer who has the spirit of what we're all about here in the Vault would really help this team out by buying fuel or a couple of pit admissions so Kenny could get a few guys to lend him a hand.  Any takers?  We'll be happy to get the $'s to Ken if you guys are able to help out... ( 3wide@optonline.net )

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