A Few "Night Cap's" From New Egypt Speedway Saturday June 16th, 2007

NES_d06.16.07_1_301_UTI_Guys.jpg (147736 bytes)
Had quite a few of the area's future Automotive Technician's attend NES last night.  The student's all attend area high school automotive programs and enjoyed their night at the speedway.  Here's they are standing next to the beautiful Craig McCaughey #301 replica owned by Bob and Rich Caramella.  Thanks Rich for having the #301 on hand.

NES_d06.16.07_6_005_Wall.jpg (114379 bytes)
After the race, the quietest place in the pits was at the #5W as we're told people from Wall's #5W and Sheppard's #44 had a meeting in the tower after the race to make sure all got to see that unbelievable last lap one more time.  While the #44 crossed the line first, there's no doubt that it was one of the finest features that I've ever seen.   Both of these "new" New Egypt Speedway Modified driver's are giving the fans a real show!

NES_d06.16.07_5_044_Sheppard.jpg (117230 bytes)
Location of the transponder...  Some kind of trick suspension...  Matt Sheppard's got a lot of them at NES scratching their head trying to figure out what he's got that's making him so damn fast...  (You can't see it from this angle, but I did notice that he has a special seat in this car... It's specially designed for a driver with a big set which is exactly what it took last night for Matt to make some of the moves he made on his way from 17th to the front!)  There's just no laying back at New Egypt Speedway and Matt is making things really interesting this year.) 

NES_d06.16.07_2_Sheppard.jpg (118098 bytes)
Matt Sheppard

NES_d06.16.07_3_Quinlin.jpg (103678 bytes)
I had a Corvette one time with a telescopic steering column, but George Quinlan seems to be taking it to the extreme!  Actually, George uses the contraption to steer the #10 as it's being winched into the trailer.

NES_d06.16.07_4_Tanner.jpg (110134 bytes)
Tim Tanner Jr. has been running very strong as of late.  He was on the charge last night when mechanical problems set in.  Good to see some of the Modified driver's in the pits after the races saying hello to well wishers.

NES_d06.16.07_9_147.jpg (107523 bytes)
Racing... New Egypt... Taylor.  3 things that go well together!   Don't look now Lee, but somebody's in your car...

NES_d06.16.07_8_310.jpg (137803 bytes)
Bill Liedtka had an interesting night as he had everyone holding their breath after going in hard to the tire/wall at the top of the pit entrance in turn 3 during his heat race.  The red came out...  They announced he was ok...  and the next thing you know, he fired it up and rejoined the field.

NES_d06.16.07_z11_Cheney.jpg (128590 bytes)
Big Al was on rails last night!

NES_d06.16.07_z10_Hewitt.jpg (91487 bytes)
...A long day.  I was dropping stuff off at the speedway yesterday around 12:30 in the afternoon and saw the #17H of Jim Hewitt headed south on Rt. 539.  Some 11 hours later, there was the #17H loaded up after a hard day's work.  Jim runs possibly the last "street appearing bodied Super Stock" as this one at least looks like it started life as a Nova...

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