"Off Track" Pictures From New Egypt Speedway Saturday May 26th, 2007

d05.27.07_NES_004.jpg (128227 bytes)
....Looks familiar...This time it's grandson Clay Butler in the red #4.  (Many will remember Oliver Butler wheeling the Silliman #4 in the early 70's.)

d05.27.07_NES_64.jpg (126771 bytes)
Looks familiar too!  Can't look at this one and not think of Ken Johnson...   Rookie campaigner Joe Baumann got the #64 upside down during the Rookie Feature but got the sunny side back up in short order. 

d05.27.07_NES_175.jpg (133375 bytes)
Mike Brannigan has been doing a great job since hopping into the Tony P owned #175.   Mike is the grandson of Jim Brigg's who was the owner/driver of the #X-15 back in the 70's and 80's.  Not sure but I think Mike used to trade paint with us at Go Kart Speedway in Berlin, NJ!

d05.27.07_NES_A_1_Truck.jpg (125674 bytes)
Speaking of Go Kart Speedway, we didn't see Rob Pierce anywhere around as he was probably at Bridgeport, but the fine folks from A-1 Racing Products were on hand in a big way.   (Bridgeport Sportsman racer, 3 Wide's Picture Vault original Tech Support Specialist and now A-1 Racing Products Specialist Rob Pierce has helped out a lot of people along the way.  Thanks Rob!

d05.27.07_NES_Carberryjr.jpg (111882 bytes)
Young Tom Carberry Jr. prepares for his Sportsman Heat race.

d05.27.07_NES_Everything.jpg (132717 bytes)
There was something for everyone at New Egypt as Modifieds, Super Late Models, SS Sprints and 600 Micros are seen in the lower pit area.

d05.27.07_NES_Hendershot.jpg (108390 bytes)
Bob Hendershot got his #80 Sportsman qualified through the heat and then followed it up with a solid 12th place finish in the feature.

d05.27.07_NES_Hendershots.jpg (89556 bytes)
Speaking of the Hendershots, it was great to see Don Hendershot back where he belongs, working with his son Mike shown above, and his son Bob in the photo above this one!

d05.27.07_NES_Rechris.jpg (112032 bytes)
Sportsman driver Chris Bennett ...Next time you're talking to somebody from SJDR, ask them about "RECHRIS!" 

d05.27.07_NES_Roveda.jpg (109523 bytes)
Spider Ensinger and Team Roveda prior to Super Late Model action.

d05.27.07_NES_Whitehouse.jpg (103415 bytes)
Long time Ford supporter Al Whitehouse has been seen under the hood of Rocco Infante's #JRI....  The same #JRI that's won 2 Sportsman Features!

d05.27.07_NES_Williams.jpg (99529 bytes)
Looking just as he did in 1975, Johnny William's "Cold Drink's Here" has been heard by local race fans for over 40 years!

d05.27.07_NES_Jesse_Stu.jpg (107797 bytes)
Stop by "The Vault" in the picnic area on your next visit to New Egypt.   Stu Popick enjoys the night by working with his clay sculptures and showing just exactly how he does it...  Inside the Vault you'll find photos, pictorials, programs and other items of interest to us old guys!
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