New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
September 5th, 2009

New Crate Sportsman...

...with driver Joe Inglin Jr. behind the wheel.  This guy could really get around Flemington!!!

Getting ready for the heat race

Rookie Ryan Simmons credits John Romano with helping him with more than just what's under the hood... Ryan has turned into a real steady runner.

No longer a rookie, Marty Derr brings the #T1 back in after turning some pretty quick laps.

NJ Racing Weather's Bill Paulmenn had the #99 modified on hand for the first time in 2009

That's Bill heading out for his heat race action minutes later.

Clay Butler gets ready to hop behind the wheel of the Pondish #6B

Checking the tire pressures on Harris Cohen's #36 SS Sprinter

Tim Damiani had his #44 Sprint on hand.

Veteran Modified driver Doug Ostwald

Like seeing that name "Rochelle" whenever I'm at a dirt track!

Didn't get the info on this one, (Might be Dean Smith) but glad to see a few new cars in the pits...

Hard to tell from this angle, but I think that's Dan Bigg's Sprinter with Dan talking to a visiting John Wyers in the trailer.

SS Sprinter of Frank Smith

Shawn McCaughey in the family familiar number "3 0 1"...

Frank Cozze heads out for modified action n the Michael Bros #51M.

I guess ome people are just camera shy....

Tommy Carberry in the IZZI Trucking / Integrity Auto Body sponsored #28

John Guarano has been making things exciting at New Egypt Speedway.. Definitely a young gun to watch...

Sun begins to set as John Milozar heads out to the track from the pits in his #32C

Checking things out before sending the #61 out for the Crate Sportsman Feature.

John Wyers in victory lane after the Sprint feature.

Jon Haegele get congratulations from dad on his way up the ramp...

The Radical Design's "designed" #61 is really one great looking car...  Nice job Jay Dugan!

With as many times as this guy wins... it's a good thing he's not afraid of heights!

Outstanding team effort...  Congratulations Jon Haegele

Pretty sure these kids were all with the New Egypt Pop Warner Football League...  Having fun at the racetrack....

Larry Bubeck climbs out of the #31 after winning the Super Stock feature.

Modified driver Doug Ostwald (left) joins the "Bubeck's" in victory lane.  That's Larry's son "Jason" in the driver's suit who finished 5th in the event.

Larry wanted to make sure that Medford Speed & Machine (609-801-0808) gets all the credit for making the power under the hood!

Son "Tommy" Carberry was the first to greet his dad "Tom" on his modified feature event win.

Here's Tom and the Carberry Crew after a well deserved win

Team 23 pushes Tom out of victory lane and over to the tech area while Kyle (on left with hat) does the directing...

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