New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
 August 8th, 2009
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Life in the pits...  The sun tries to peek through the overcast sky as teams get their cars ready for qualifying...

Neat to see Tommy Carberry Jr and his dad both qualifiy in the 2nd modified heat.

Billy Pauch was running some test laps in the back of the modified consi, and our watch unofficially said that he was flyin''...

The #37 of Bryan Kuhl was stylin' and profiling' with its raised white letters and blacked out sponges....  Cool car.

Kim Cooke, (former Super Stock Ace, now Crew Chief on Marty Derr's #1), has a laugh with Super Stock driver Charlie "Gus" Gunner.

"Young Gun" driver's Brian Papiez, Frank Cozze Jr, Johnny Guarino, Bryan Kuhl, Mark Forte Jr, Ryan Forte & Ryan Simmons (all standing) with the next generation of "Young Guns".

King Kamehameha was on hand for "Cruise Night"...

Modified Driver Rich Rutski and Gary Butler (still healing from a shoulder injury from his flip at Accord a few week's back).  Gary say's the new car's ready, but it'll be a while yet...

Marc Herman got the #3 qualified early in the evening...

...which gave the crew of the #3 plenty of time to play before the feature.

Rich Steele got caught up in a heat race incident...

...and George Idell and Rob Stump helped get the #55 feature ready.

On the job, it's Mark Blackwell of:
metalfabbanner.JPG (86349 bytes)

"Bicycle Racecar Built for Two"

Concern in the Papiez' Pit as the team tries to get the "power" back into the "powerplant"... a chance to say hello to Scott Kania...

Scottie and his paintbrush has been responsible for some of the sharpest looking modifieds for over 30 years...

...and here's Scott in victory lane in his very sharp "Scottie Design & Lettering" #71 from the mid 80's at Flemington Speedway.

... a top 5 last week...  a 6th place finish this week... maybe there really is something to this "talking to your tires" thing ...

Mike Hendershot's #80 and Brad Freeman's #111 are ready for feature time...

Richie Pratt's been a solid mid season addition to the very tough modified division at New Egypt.  Look for Richie to be in victory lane before the curtain closes on 2009...

Vault favorite Kenny Guyer brought the #K61 (and our site's logo) home to a 10th place finish in the Super Stock feature.

Marty's Place's "Marty Derr" led the Super Stock Feature up until a late race caution...  Stop by Marty's Place for good food and drink (Hamilton, NJ) and good racing stories!

Marty's Place Bar & Grill

1600 Hamilton Ave - Hamilton, NJ
Right around the corner from the old Trenton Fairgrounds
Here's the link:


"Nice Guys Finish...................

FIRST!  Stong running John Micek crossed the line 2nd to Jon Haegele, but the dry surface added little to in the weight department and Jon came up light giving the win to John.

....It's been fun for us all to watch Frank Cozze behind the wheel of the Michael Brother's #51M since steeping in a few week's back...

...and it look's like it's been fun for Frank too!  Here Frank and his sister share a laugh in victory lane.

Good thing it was "Cruise Night" at New Egypt Speedway, otherwise these 2 would have some explaining to do... Nice shirt Bill!

Todd Cray is on one heck of a roll in the Super Stock Division, and we appreciate that he always takes the time to sign "just one more" autograph...

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