New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
 April 25th, 2009

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Team #2B Jr takes a break on an absolutely picture perfect night with temps in the high 70's and nothing but blue sky for miles...

"Jesse James" McLaughlin gets set for a very early Super Stock feature event. does Nick "Cadillac" Vasquez

Here's the Precise Landscape Services, Inc. sponsored #131 of Bobby Sandt Jr.  Precise Landscape is operated by Sprint car racer Jeff Mueller.

John McClelland's Modified #44...

Mike Krachun's Modified #17k

Brian Roemer has made it 2 in a row in rookie competition.

No, Jon Haegele didn't have some trick set up on the right rear... He was just getting it ready for the trailer!

Keith Hoffman relaxes prior to the start of the modified feature.

... I figure if I follow Ace around long enough, eventually, I'll figure out this picture taken thing...

Bill Bauer heads out for the Super Stock Feature.  (He'd later have contact with the #119 of Rob Ormsbee while battling for the lead with Ormsbee then spinning in turn 2.  Track officials put the #87 to the rear for over aggressive driving which put him right along side of the #119.  While under yellow, the #119 drilled the #87 resulting in Ormsbee being parked for the rest of the night, plus an additional event (in 2 weeks).  Bauer stayed on the track and was able to work his way through the pack and went on to finish 4th.)

"Camp Cozze!"  That's SS Sprint driver Rick Cozze working on the cars of brother Frank and nephew Frank Jr.

Frank Cozze's Modified #44 - Site sponsor "Easton Auto Salvage" rides along under the #.

Well, like the old saying say's, "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight."  (Instead, bring 2 guns!)

Modified driver John Guarino from Nanuet, NY, wasted no time in finding the fast way around the newly configured surface.

Ron Jon's crew gets the "Sod Hot Rod" ready for the feature event.

Sunset at NES...  Dom Buffalino talks with John Dixon as last minute changes for the feature are discussed.

Some "blue" fuel is put in the blue car #M40 of Mark Forte Jr. from where else, "Blue" Anchor, NJ

Speaking of fueling up...  seems every time I stop by to say hello to the Tom Carberry team...

...the crew is eating!  I thought that they were eating cake, but it turns out that it was...

"Seefood".   (Good group of guys over there with the #23 & #47 racecars.)

A good size crowd gives a wave as the Super Stock feature is about to start.

After spinning early, Todd Cray's crew got him out of the pits without losing a lap, and it didn't take Todd long to get back to the front!  Evening sponsor "Cradle Rock Developers, did the honors in victory lane.  That's sportsman driver Mike Lyons with the CraddleRock sign.
A Todd Cray win always means lots of kids (big and small) in victory lane!

Billy Pauch invites a few youngsters for a victory lane moment they'll always remember.

...and then Billy hung around and signed shirts and programs for well wisher's in the 4th turn victory lane area.

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