New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos

October 3rd, 2009
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John Mathew Romano tries out the seat in the #84

The car is painted to match John Romano's EWS Sportsman car and was put together by Steve Davis, Wegner Motorsports and Jeff from Central Jersey Signs.

Who knows... maybe one day John Mathew will give this racing thing a try...  Thanks to all the great folks for making this car a reality.

Modified veterans Jimmy Horton and Chic Cossabone...

Modified driver Ron Jon Koczon with a few of his little "big" fans.

Willie Osmun, John McClelland, Billy Pauch and Frank Cozze Jr. talk shop prior to drawing for positions behind the flagstand.

P.J. Oliver accepts the "Most Popular Outlaw Stock Driver" award from PDI's Steve Barrick

Crate Sportsman driver John Micek accepts his "Most Popular Driver" award.  Not only that, but if they had one, he'd when the "Nicest Guy Award" too!

Fan favorite Bob Drayton seemed surprised that he was named "Most Popular Modified Driver"... (Just listen to the fans Bob... They know!)

Ryan Godown often shows bravery on the track, as well as here in this off track photo!  A couple of the Section 6'ers leave no doubt who they're rooting for....

Chrissy Dzingleski & Race Director John Mc present a radiator and tank provided by Art's Radiator to drawing winner Rich Steele.  All proceeds given to "Racing for Romano."

Thanks Art, Freddy D and John Mc... Great idea, for a great cause.

Time to draw for starting spots...  Billy choses a fan to do the "choosing..."

...she hands Billy the frisbee...  6th - Not Bad!

...and she get's an autographed souvenier too!

Invader Stewart Friesen draws the pole

Jeff "Struuuuuuuunk" get's interviewed by track annoucer Nick Leach

Track owner Bill Miscoski decides to do the pickin' for 2009 Modified Champ Rick Laubach...

Getting the "B4" ready "before" feature time!

The lights of the trailers brighten up the pits as the crew readies the #14 for their feature.

Tim Apgar' looking pretty relaxed prior to the start of the sportsman feature.

Remember, it 'aint cool if your chrome don't shine!  Nice work by Jeff Stunk's team on the #41.

Speaking of clean machine's, Jon Haegele's #61 Crate Sportsman (skinned by Jay Dugan of Radical Designs in Hamilton, NJ) is possibly the best looking car in the pits!

Consistent runner Chad Barney is always a top runner come feature time in the Sportsman division.

Ryan Watt always finds the fast way around NES...

Sportsman racer Will Dupree heads out for action in the Carl Bettinger Built #2D.  Carl is one of the few who still builds his own chassis from end to end...

Duane Howard was lightning quick all night in the "Alex's Lemonade Stand" #4...  Fun to watch this guy get around at New Egypt...

Mike Butler (Oliver's Grandson) heads back out...

Remember... S.O.B.  (small on bottom... small on bottom... small on bottom...)  Don't tell me I'm the only one whoever put the gears in upside down!

Rich Ricci Jr made the trip down in the family familiar #406

P.J. Oliver climbs out of the #13xXx after winning the Outlaw Stock feature event

That's "Rocktoberfest" sponsor Tom "Hairband" Hamill of "Hamill Flooring" in victory lane...  Tom's a great sponsor of local short track racing - Thanks Tom!

Here's the Oliver Communications #13xXx crew with P.J. in victory lane.

... Looks like the Section 6'ers have a favorite in the Outlaw Stock division too...  Could green face paint be in their future???

Great moment for P.J. and his dad.  Congratulations guys.

"... and he's cute too"....  Their words, not mine!

After some earlier season tough luck, 2009 Most Popular Sportsman Driver Mike Howardson brought the #17H to victory lane!

We made sure to get Mike's Sponsor ($$$ his wallet $$$) some exposure...  If anyone wants to help out a great sportsman racer, hook up with the #17H for 2010...

Billy Pauch get's win #10 for the year... Here Billy let's everyone know that the engine in the #1 is for sale... so bring your cash and prepare to go fast.

Billy with night sponsors from Hamill Flooring along with Heather and Chrissy.  Check out Billy's hat... - Kinda reminded us of one from a few years back...

Above photo of Billy Pauch from the late 70's provided to us by Photographer Bob Yurko

Speaking of great photographer's, usually behind the lens, here's Photographer Bobby Armbruster in victory lane with Billy.

Super Stock feature winner Rob Ormsbee was on rails!

Congratulations to 2009 Crate Sportsman Champion Jon Haegele!

Shannon Mongeau's 4th place feature finish was enough to earn him the 2009 Outlaw Stock Championship.

Not only did Rocco Infante win the 2009 Sportsman Championship, but he also side-stepped the dreaded victory water bath!

Todd Cray had a heck of a year in the Super Stock division and the entire crew celebrates his 2009 Championship.

Track Announcer Nick Leach and his godson Zach in the #99 NickMobile!

Popular Sportsman driver Jack Swain finished 5th in his feature, but his son took first place in the "Let's Run Around The Track After the Races 500!"

With the races over, track management treated all to an after track party with a live band...

...and a barbeque for all!

Thank you to owner's Fred Vahlsing and Bill Miscoski, and the entire staff of New Egypt Speedway on a great 2009! 

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