New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
 May 16th, 2009

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Billy walks the track during intermission...

The crew takes a look under the hood of the mid 60's Chevelle Outlaw Stock

Here's a cool looking mid 80's bodied Camaro ...

Last time out, P.J. Oliver's #13XXX was the feature winner

Pat Connaway's '78 Z28 Camaro waits for some new sneakers...

Steve Taylor and Mr. Bob Sr. in the pits of the Joe Reid #44 Camaro Outlaw Stock

Speaking of "Outlaw Stock", its good to see the ingenuity that goes into these cars... (Brian Ludwig's #94 78 Camaro.)

...stock rear frame rails with more reinforcement and a fuel cell... (and just a little extra inside weight)

...original Camaro floor pans and a complete roll cage to protect the driver... Nothing store bought here.

Great to see Willie O back in action - This time in his own #14...

Johnny McClelland's #44 gets the deluxe wash prior to finishing a career high 3rd in the modified feature.

Nice colors on the Rick "Lightning Bodies" Laubach #20, with lettering by Radical Design Group - (Looks good Jay Dugan!)

John Guarino has proven to be the real deal already in 2009 at New Egypt.  A mid race "restart" tangle ended a top 5 run...

In the end it was young Frank Cozze Jr. pulling the #44C into victory lane with his first modified feature event win!

... and look who was waiting to congratulate him in Victory Lane...

Frank Jr. and his grandfather Dick Cozze.

...not much needs to be said here...  Just a kid and his grand pop.

Veteran car owner Dick Cozze has stood in victory lane with many of his winning cars, and with some of the best chauffeurs ever...

Here's just one example from over 40 years ago.... (image from AARN - Bob Sweeten photo)

...but I doubt if he was ever any prouder than he was standing by the young man who was at the controls of the #44 on this night...

Congratulations to Frank Cozze Jr. on your first modified feature event win.

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